Date: Wed Oct 21 1998 01:17
Liberty (@ Just checking) ID#263379:
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To see if slimebags like GunRunningSore are Taking it to K2 like they're supposed to instead of making cowardly personal attack posts on K1 in defiance of Bart's etiqette rules.

But as long as I'm here......

Following are the fair, balanced, gentlemanly, open minded, and objective comments of the omnipotent Gold analysts, F* Word. ( I say F* word, because so many of his posts were signed F* the Unpronounceable ...thus I want to give him the reverence he so desires when he takes on the self appointed mantle of having an unpronounceable name...something only God had previously laid claim to )

Comments in parenthesis, are, unfortunately, the work of my own hand...LGB. All other comments are those of the F* word fellow

Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 00:03
farfel ( it a glee club for gold? ) ID#340302:
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A certain poster ( Hmmmm, I thought this guy F* word claims he always calls other posters by their Kitco name out of respect? ) recently disparaged this forum as evolving into nothing more than a glee club for gold. The central is imperative to hear the opposing point of view, i.e., the derogatory perspective of gold's
value, in order to achieve balance and proper perspective. ( Hmmm, I disagree with the characterization here, the FACTUAL perspective would be a lot more accurate. The actual history of performance, current prospects for future performance. As a GoldBug, AND a believer in the achievements of the age, I can't imagine having an Anti Gold view any more than an Anti US economy view )

Personally, I do not believe that Kitco's strong bias in favor of gold ( or silver ) is a a bad thing. ( Any strong bias will prevent good judgment, not only in matters Gold investment related, but in ALL areas of life ) .....Why? Because today, we live in a world in which gold is disparaged routinely in virtually all mainstream media...or it is
ignored completely. ( I see, if phony propagandizing and bias exists in the mainstream media, then the proper response is to eliminate truth, objectivity, and honest evaluation in other forums... )

What is so wrong about the tendentious nature of this forum then? Why is it perfectly acceptable for a media outlet such as CNBC to blast its frequent, total, chauvinistic support of the supremacy of equities and bonds and the irrelevance of gold in a modern economy ...yet somehow various Kitcoites feel it is imperative for this forum to present a fair balance between goldbugs and their pro-equities/anti-gold poster antagonists...and the
very same Kitcoites become oh-so indignant if they perceive the argumentation is balancing too far in favor of gold ( Obviously this guy doesn't read major peer stock forums such as the SI thread, where bearish, objective, and balanced sentiments abound in huge measure )

What is wrong with having another strong mouthpiece for gold such as the Kitco Forum in this paper-pyramid-economy-is-OK-by-me world? God only knows the World Gold Council is doing a miserable job of propagandizing ( Glad the F* fellow realizes EXACTLY what it is he's trying to push here...propagandizing ) gold's merits. So, what crime exists in allowing a preponderance of goldbug intellectuals
to present their views over a non-mainstream internet site such as this and offer some token resistance to the mountain of anti-gold nonsense out there? ( Perhaps the crime that exists in such a that some of us still have a love for truth, honesty, facts, and reality in making a judgment as to both sides of any it economic, Gold related, political, spiritual, socio-economic......I know, we're stupid ideologues and all for holding this view...yet it persists...... )

Balance...schmalance. ( F* word... this should be your mantra for all time )

I welcome anti-gold exponents to post on this forum...I beg them to do so. ( Uh huh ) However, be warned...there are those here ( myself included ) who will dispute your anti-gold logic until it crumbles into the nonsensical gibberish it really is. ( Funny that those who look at both the up AND down side of Gold are called anti....where have we seen this kind of thinking before? )

If that should happen and you run away, crying to mama, then do not blame us!! Furthermore, let no other Kitcoites scold those of us who take no prisoners in such argumentation either. The pro-gold/anti-gold schism is not a mere is nothing less than a cultural war. Despite the ostensible appearance of pandemic ( You sure you know what this means? ) prosperity, this country is at war with itself. Anyone who would deny this is viewing the world through blinders. ( This guy have a messianic leader complex or what? Gold is beautiful and has some noble metallurgical properties, and a rich history of societal valuation....but it's not exactly the spiritual be all and end all of the Universe... )

There are many in this world and on this forum who have built their houses upon foundations of gold and silver...who clothe their families out of the fabrics of gold and silver...who feed their families from plates of gold and ( not in the last 2 decades they haven't..... )

...when you come on this forum and declare that these metals are effectively worthless...or headed to the dustbin of history...then you might as well be a rapist who breaks into my home. I will shoot you...I will kill you...I will rip off your ears and gleefully watch you bleed to death on my floor. ( Now we finally see the true nature of the gentlemanly F* person ...and how open and objective a guy he is when it comes to Gold analysis....yes we can assess the worth of all his words in this very telling context )


( Final LGB the words Orwell, fascist, fanatic, free speech, objectivity, balance, propaganda ,or frightening have any meaning in this man's vast vocabulary? )

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