Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 23:45
RJ (test2) ID#409281:

Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 23:44
RJ (test) ID#409281:

Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 07:59
Realistic (@farfel - The gold short squeeze ***new***) ID#410194:
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Can you tell us what actions you took in preparation for the GOLD SHORT SQUEEZE that you said would occur the following Monday? That Monday, Gold finished down and it was the beginning of a slide that lasted 18 weeks ( ! ) which drove Gold prices down to new lows!

Also, why is it that once again, the opposite of what you predicted happened?

Please let us know, thanks!

Date: Fri Apr 24 1998 14:32
farfel ( @ALL...This is NOT euphemistic.... ) ID#340302:



Date: Wed Oct 14 1998 02:34
farfel (@REALISTIC/LBUGAl/RJERKY...I sure remain flattered...) ID#341227:
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..that you have noted my each and every word over the past year.

It's good to know that I remain one of your gurus, that you have taken the time to herald my each and every word. Likewise, you extoll every word pronounced by Puetz, another one of your gurus ( I know, you'll deny it...but anybody who hates Puetz the way you do must surely have been under his influence, lost money at some time, and scapegoats him today. The blame rests with you,'re the one who made the bad trades, NOT Puetz! )

Why don't you do the same with Greenspan and Rubin? Why don't you send them regular E-Mails noting the contradictions, inaccuracies and mistakes of their various prognostications. After all, at the beginning of the year, Greenspan ( champion of the Great Bull Market ) was stating that economic global contagion would not adversely affect America and would only present deflationary benefits. Then, last month, he spun on a dime and declared that America could not hope to be an oasis of prosperity and that global economic contagion would definitely cause problems in this country.

What a contradiction! Greenspan, one of your BULL idols who you worship like you worship GOD...yes, he acutally made a major error in prognostication. Why don't you go and hound him, you little fascist twerp? Go ahead. YOu obviously have nothing better to do with your day.

Fortunately, under the handle, Realistic, you never make any forecasts. So, in your own mind, you remain the embodiment of perfection. Of course, even if you made erroneous forecasts, there is nobody on this forum who would bother to look up your dreary, dull words. They are of no interest to anybody.

That's probably because you are one huge intellectual cipher, with nary an original thought in your head.



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