Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 13:39
Realistic (@farfel - IMPORTANT ***new***) ID#410194:
Copyright © 1998 Realistic/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Farfel, you stated on April 17th that is was definitely not a good time to be long Bonds and short Gold.

Do you realize that the exact opposite produced huge profits?

Can you share with us how do you make such forecasts? What do you base your predictions on?

Thanks for your time.

ON APRIL 17th......Bonds were at 121, then skyrocketed to as high as 135 in the following months, today bonds are at 127-128!!!!

ON APRIL 17th......Gold was at 310, then plunged to as low as 275 in the following months, today Gold is at 296-297!!!!

Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 13:31
farfel ( The Hashimoto's just around the bend, yes? ) ID#340302:
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Oh, does appear Mr. Hashimoto is mad...and he ain't gonna take it any longer. WHOA!!!! WHOOOAAA!!!! WHHOAAAAA!!!

No, this is definitely not the time to be long treasuries and short gold.
Not at all.



Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 10:12
Realistic (@farfel - meaning of bullish ***new***) ID#410194:
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Can you explain to us what do you mean by extremely bullish and definitely in a new paradigm?

No I'm just asking for these very important clarifications because when you made such statements last April 16th, Gold dived close to $30 ( !! ) in the following weeks.

Thanks for your time.

Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 14:54
farfel ( F*'s Evaluation of the GOLD market... ) ID#340302:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

GOLD is looking EXTREMELY BULLISH. We are definitely in a NEW GOLD PARADIGM and that was confirmed finally today. Gold moved upward slightly in the face of a very strong dollar and weak mark and yen.

Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 09:55
Realistic (@farfel - The bond market) ID#410194:
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In the midst of a healthy correction from panicky record levels of around 135 ( !!! ) , bonds are still a full 10 points ( ! ) above levels of last March.

8 months ago, bonds were around 118.00.

People who invested in bonds around March and April of this year, have been part of one of the most amazing bull market of the board this year.

What are your friends thinking of this huge move Farfel?

Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 22:03

I warned many friends to avoid this Wall Street propagandistic fact, I went down on my knees with some of them and BEGGED THEM not to place any monies in bonds. I categorically predicted the current bearish scenario now unfolding in the bond market; it will only exacerbate as the TORRENT of newly printed money ( printed in the aftermath of the October crash in order to maintain liquidity ) begins to hammer bonds even further over the short-term..

Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 09:53
Realistic (@farfel - The gold market) ID#410194:
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Do you still buy more when Gold goes down like lately? Do you still don't care and buy more? Any news about the promised Gold short squeeze?

Please let us know, thanks.

Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 19:30
farfel ( ) ID#340302:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
...while I was down at the unemployment office, I got into a lengthy chat with all the fellas standing in line. Drunk as I was, I still managed to explain quite coherently my favorable opinions on gold as an investment asset.

By the time I finished, an amazing thing happened. All the guys were chanting...some weird, sing-song slogan...I think it went something like this...


Now, I can't predict what the cumulative purchasing power of some 30 unemployment cheques will have on the price of gold but every little bit counts, don't you think?



Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 09:51
Realistic (@farfel - New lows in gold) ID#410194:
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Back in April, you said that Gold wouldn't retest it's lows....

Not only Gold retested its lows but went further down another $25!

Given your past predictions of a bear market in bonds ( the opposite happened ) , a collapse in the stock market in spring ( that didn't happen either, and again the opposite occured with new highs ) and an upcoming so-called short squeeze in Gold that never materialized either, can you tell us what systems and line of thinking you are using when predicting markets and when investing money so that we could all avoid predicting the same way, therefore increasing our chances to be the right side of the markets?


Date: Mon Apr 13 1998 21:19
farfel ( @JTF...I do not believe gold will retest its lows... ) ID#340302:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
...for one fundamental reason...

...if gold were to fall below 300 again, then it would probably indicate the resumption of the gold bear. In other words, I believe such a downward move would prove psychologically devastating to gold longs and I would expect there would be huge capitulation, taking the metal down to 200 or less over a relatively short period of time. Since I fervently believe we are a gold bull...given the amazing strength of gold recently in the face of a spate of continuous daily negatives and Wall Street maneuvres attacking the metal...therefore I cannot foresee the scenario allowing for such a severe retraction.

On the other hand, I see increasing evidence of an imminent BUY PANIC developing just around the corner for both gold and silver.



Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 09:46
Realistic (@farfel - The stock market) ID#410194:
Farfel, can you tell us when will the market collapse as it certainly didnt do so last Spring as you announced it will.


Date: Sat Mar 07 1998 17:50
Once the American stock market collapses ( along with the Dollar ) , there will be significant instablility in the world financial markets. The net effect: essential commodities will revalue themselves upward ( in U.S. dollar terms ) in an astounding slingshot effect

Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 03:06
farfel (RJ...still psychotic as ever...) ID#341227:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved are a nutcase, just like Little Green Booger.

I still enjoy reading your posts, full of youthful arrogance, narcissism, and misanthropy.

WHy don't you drop the Jujube crap and post under your real name, RJ of MONEX? No guts, that's why.

Isn't it awful that you warned me and I chose to ignore your divine injunction? Isn't it just a crime?

I despise your anti-American rant, your support of this false Bull market
that will ultimately destroy the savings of so many grandmothers and innocents to your benefit.

I resent your constant racist attacks, your usage of a defamatory term for Jews ( Jujube ) over and over again.

Your presumption of knowing these metals markets is so pathetic. Calling for Plat to be over 400 at this time? What happened? How many investors have been harmed by your misguided, misinformed advice?

Calling for gold to never break 300 this year? What happened? Gold broke through that impenetrable barrier while you were probably shorting it into the ground.

Don't presume to imagine you can intimidate me! Don't presume to ever think you can con me!



Date: Tue Oct 13 1998 02:34
Copyright © 1998 Jujube__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

The F scab wrote the following ( I think to PH ) :

I shall join you at USA Gold or at golden-eagle for future discussions and leave here once and for all. Yes, I know, I have threatened to do so in the past, ultimately returning again. However, I am more encouraged to depart now since I know Kosares and Vronsky have stated categorically they will not put up with such LGBISTIC / RJUJUBE nonsense.

To which I can only offer the tried and true advice once again about avoiding the hazards inherent in allowing the egress portal to forcefully strike him in the posterior during his hasty retreat.

Goodbye, we all love you, now go away.

Rest assured that should you revert to your sniping ways, a myriad of posts will rain from up on high and the heavens above will seem to conspire against you. You forget, you are always the one to blow it first. Ultimately you are one of the most easily baitable fellows I have ever come across. Got three passwords on one site and four on the other site. I could get thrown of daily and keep coming back. I have unlimited e-mail addresses. A man so convinced of his own cleverness should realize the path of least resistance is to leave my name out of it. If not, I predict you will be thrown off those sites before I or my friends are. This is a waste of effort to test, but the key of it is in your own hands. Just remember that I am better at this than you and you cannot win the battle I have planned for you.

Also remember that I am very naive, truly, I have NO idea. I will do so with remarkable, carefree abandon, convinced that there will never be any negative repercussions to my continuous assault.

You also denigrate the Kitco forum and suggest that:

Still, it seems to make more sense to get free quotes off Yahoo! or Bloomberg than Kitco. What is the point of coming here if it takes forever to load data...and forever to post material? It's an enormous waste of time. I believe that if he does not quickly remedy the problem, then a competitive site will arise shortly.

Those folks are already trying to compete with Bart, and they suck so far. A bunch of F spots waiving pom poms, you fit right in.

You wrote:

They are so full of shit! Whatever makes some jackass think that if they served in the Armed Forces, somehow that makes them a great patriot? How patriotic was Calley at My Lai?

So, Fgrub -

This is the same line of thinking that give birth to your racist thinking, is it not? This general lumping together, as a class, of all people of a type, for the simple reason that you do not like one or two people of the same ilk? I am sure that the men and women that died for your country and your right to live your life, and buy your gold, are deeply appreciative that you lump them all together with a murdering wanker. You have always had a strongly anti-American bent to you ramblings and your contempt and hate for our great nation is evident for all to see.

As the bumper sticker said, Love it or leave. This goes for Kitco too, paly. You have the right to hate America, that is what make this country great - its tolerance of USA hating jerks like you. And, while I do believe you are one of the silliest folks I have ever come across, filled as you are with self import and boasting of a second class education with a bunch of pious liberals, I will stand up for your right to be as foolish as you like in front of the whole world. Unless, of course, you choose to bring my name into it, in which case my friends and I should be able to dice you up like that scrambled eggs and ham breakfast the have at Denny's. Been at least a decade since I had one of those, but the picture is clear: Little figurative chunks of Fworm bits that go squish beneath our Reebock's and we grind them into the pavement.

I am pleased you have decided to join the adoring masses at the other sites, you are useless here because nobody reads you. You can now be useless there with many more people reading you. Some will rise up to call you on the load of crap you pass off as knowledge. I predict you will think they are all myself, or LGB, or Realistic. Maybe there names will be tYoung, hENRYd, and ph, or maybe even bART or LEFRAF. You will think that the same folks ( you imagine to be only one person ) have followed you, and are now continuing the exposition of your constant boneheaded proclamations. This thought will be foremost in your mind whenever a critical and logical thinker challenges your absurd conclusions.

This is an amusing thought. No matter who calls you on your crap, you will always ultimately think it is I who am doing it. This is the best kind of justice….. The kind that keeps on giving. Who knows, I could pop in from time to time to assure myself that you are not continuing the crusade against me or my friends. I told you before to leave my name out of it. I have posted nothing to you for at least a month. Why do you feel the need to bring my name into it once again? This is not wise, but wisdom has never oozed out of your pours, has it?

I will waste no time in pointing out the multitude of ridiculous boners contained altogether within your vapid pronouncements of the last few days. I have tired of that game…… for now. But I would not hesitate to rouse myself in righteous and noble spirit to once again piss a thunderous jihad all over you. This is an easy thing for me, and a practice not without some merits. It is not all that easy coming up with new ways to put you down, so the brain is stretched and the imagination kneaded so that I may again sally forth to smite the infidel with a deftness of aplomb rarely seen in these parts.

So, unless you want a new generation of readers to be aware of your maniacal rantings, your market blunders, and your complete and constant WRONGNESS of these markets, leave me out of it.

Let it go.

Go away….. And stay away……
Nobody likes you here.
Not even those whom you think do.
You are an embarrassment, but you have no shame.
So take your shameless, worthless posterior elsewhere

And remember my warning about the egress portal

Oh, and………



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