Date: Mon Oct 12 1998 11:03
LGB (@Fstain) ID#269409:
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Morning said;

Do you still buy Loral even in the face of an impending tech crash?

Well...yes I guess I do. In fact I do believe I announced as much on K1 Thursday. Moved a huge pile of 401K sideline money into it. The stock promptly rose 14% the following day...and continues to show strength today. See it was oversold and.... well, never mind, you wouldn't understand.

Stain you said;

Do you dress up in different wigs, depending on whether or not you are LGB, LIBERTY, BUGal, or REALISTIC?

Actually stain, I post from one handle at work, and 2 handles at home. See I have two different account providers and....never mind, you wouldn't understand. Anyone with a tiny modicum of functional neurons would be able to tell the differences between my style, and Realistic's excellent posts.

Stain you said;

....How long have you suffered from your sad syndrome of mental dysfunction?

Sanity you mean? Well see, most of the populace doesn't have half the listings in the DSM attributable to their personality pathology's like yourself and.... never wouldn't understand.

Stain you said;

What does Mr. Schwartz say about all this?

Seems to be quite pleased with my work as well he should, it being excellent work and all. See the way that creative salaried professionals function...never mind,..... you wouldn't understand.

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