Date: Sun Sep 13 1998 01:46
farfel (@LBUGal...thanks for the compliments....) ID#17077:
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...As one of Kitco's more prolific posters, I appreciate your compliments regarding my brainpower.

It was really unnecessary.




Date: Sun Sep 13 1998 01:32
BUGal ( @Miro.... Kitco is such an excellent collection of minds ) ID#206235:
Copyright 1998 BUGal/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Miro, I appreciated your comments to me earlier re my Clinton rants. As you know, I've not been one of those
chatting him up much here in the past....he's ALWAYS made me sick though. Generally I try and remain
somewhat satirical and tongue in cheek when making harsh criticims but this Clinton truly makes my blood boil
like few can.

One of the things I appreciate about Kitco, is that it is not composed of the average idiotic man on the street
mindset. There is a collective brilliance here that doesn't tolerate fraud for long. I Notice that virtually everyone
here has Clinton pegged as the phony he is. Few people here are fooled by this worthless straming lump called

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