Date: Wed Sep 02 1998 16:50
TYoung (F*...THOUGHTS...) ID#317193:
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Perhaps YOUR time is also spent more productively discussing gold and not RJ. Let it go. You gave him enough ammunition before, time to call a halt. Be above all this.

Besides, RJ is very good on calling gold's direction...short term especially so. Don't have to like his words to listen to some good calls. Some not so good, too. Then again, nobody is perfect.

Gold...short term tomorrow tells a tale...I expect gold down early and will wait to see if a positive gain is in by the close. Never know, it might bolt all day or dump all day but seems that the short covering may be over for a while unless a bigger move comes through.

Long term we wait. Maybe til after the first of the year...depends on if a currency crisis really hits the US$.

Any cogent THOUGHTS?


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