Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 16:21
farfel (BREAKING NEWS....CLINTON & YELTSIN TO MEET...) ID#17077: discuss Economic solutions to the market difficulties facing their two nations.

I have an exclusive preview of the discussions to be held between THE TWO LAME DUCKS.




Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 04:12
crazytimes (Farfel) ID#342376:
Your humanity at least shows. Be well, keep posting. I hope you're right too. I'm probably going down, aka 404'd. It was worth it......

Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 04:07
farfel (Tonight, GOLD SHORTS post their usual round of smirky comments....) ID#17077:
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...unfortunately, they still haven't figured it out yet...if gold REALLY goes down the toilet, the whole global economic system goes down the toilet.

Gold is the future prognosticator for the entire economic system. If gold is falling tonight like a rock, then what do they think? DO they think their precious equities and bonds will remain immune? Do they really believe Coke will trade at 60 and the 30 year bond will trade at 99 if gold collapses?

Gold shorts...pray that gold turns up...pray that it turns up....or else watch the entire paper system burn tomorrow. All your 401K's and your pension funds and whatever. If major American corporations tank tomorrow, their bonds will follow. And after the corporate bonds, the government bonds will follow. Eventually, they will burn up...but maybe, with some luck, there will be enough time for you to get out of your paper and get some real gold before all hell breaks loose.

Do you really believe gold can collapse to 190 ( a la Armstrong ) and the world economic system will remain intact?

Utter nonsense.

Sheer absurdity.

It's impossible.

And I didn't have to study Econ at Yale for four years to figure that one out.



Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 03:43
farfel (@CRAZYTIMES...I love you, man...) ID#17077:
...I am not a saint and not without blemishes.

However, thank you for standing up for me on K-1 against the same old tyrants.



Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 03:35
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...will it be enough? They're exhausting ALL their resources, aren't they?

Remember where their resources come from? All those BULL investment profits in the stock and bond markets.

But if gold is down this hard tonight...and if most market analysts regard gold as a future indicator, then what a market crash is coming tomorrow. So much for all those equities and bond markets dollars supporting the great gold short.

Do you all remember what LIMIT-UP is for gold?

Do you have enough gold yet?

Do you really have enough?

Do you?

Whooooooaaaa, baby!



Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 03:25
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...Klinton and his European buddies are sending a fierce message to Russia today. If you want to transact in gold, then we are going to make gold worthless.

You best transact in AMERICAN DOLLARS and not upset the global applecart!!

America is your Lord and Master and you are Our Slaves. Just as America is the Lord and Master of every nation in the world. Do NOT rebel, Russia or America will punish you! America will destroy your gold alternative currency even if it has to bankrupt its entire gold mining industry in doing so.

America will preserve the global status quo at any cost. To hell with those who stand in its way!




Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 03:16
farfel (RE: RUSSIAN GOLD...Can you just imagine the fright...) ID#17077:
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... when the Klinton, Rubin, and Greenspan conspiracy learned of Russia's intentions to mint gold coinage?

Has Russia conned the entire world? They've leased gold and filled up their coffers with American Dollars to tide them through this economic crisis....

Now, if Russia reverts to communism and installs a new totalitarian regime, the new politicans might renege on these gold loans. Meanwhile, they can take the very same gold reserves still in their possession and mint gold coinage. It's a double whammy...on the one hand, a gold backed currency should restore international faith in the Ruble. Moreover, it should pave the way toward gold backed currencies as alternatives to the US dollar.

And in the end, they have all those gold loan US Dollars enabling continued purchase of imports.

Shrewd, very shrewd.



Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 03:01
farfel (Hats off to TANTALUS REX for explaining lucidly....) ID#17077: the Central Banks maniuplate the price of gold lower WITHOUT changing the real inventory of available gold in the market.

That is why the entire gold market is becoming subject to a real short squeeze once a powerful purchasing consortium decides the time is ripe to buy gold AND TAKE DELIVERY.

You know the time is here.

It will be a true revelation.




Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 02:58
farfel (MAVERICK is one of my favorite posters on K-1 today...) ID#17077:
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...he recognizes that, with every country in the world converting to US dollars, the ultimate effect will be sectoral hyper-inflations inside the US. ALl these foreign-owned dollars represent claims upon US assets.

I spoke with a man from Tokyo today who is looking for a house in the USA. He is afraid of developing economic conditions back in Japan. Hence, he recently moved here, sold most of his yen, converted them to dollars and is house-hunting here in L.A. Multiply this flight capital by a factor of a million and you will see the hyper-inflationary possibilities. Foreigners will come to this country ( if push comes to shove ) in droves, their suitcases loaded with dollars speaking metaphorically. The flight capital effect is extremely inflationary.

With developing sectoral inflations, the bond market is about to get walloped it. That is the crime of a corrupt American media and politicians exhorting the masses to put their flight money into the bond market...

Gold is the only form of genuine wealth protection as the world experiences pandemic currency crises. The US dollar is not and will not be immune forever.



Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 02:46
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...gotta keep that yellow stuff down or the great flight to safety in Bonds will end with a great thud.

But Russia has set the ball in motion... a country most likely to return to communism is saying to the world, in effect, To hell with your hallowed Amercian hell with Yeltsin...we're gonna get rid of all these gangsters raping our country and go back to what we were. Certainly, we were no worse off than before. And if you wish to deal with us or trade with us, you better approach us with gold in your hands, not that superabundant US paper.

The times they are a changing.



Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 02:40
farfel (RUSSIAN GOLD COINS...a harbinger of things to come...) ID#17077:
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Debt instruments for worldwide exchange are about to undergo a radical revolution. Thanks to Russia.

August 27, 1998

Report: Russia May Mint Gold Rubles


Filed at 10:25 p.m. EDT

By The Associated Press

MOSCOW ( AP ) -- Russia's Central Bank is considering
minting a batch of gold coins worth a total of $127 million in an
attempt to help restore confidence in the ruble, a news
report said Thursday.

The Association of Russian banks, which proposed the idea,
has already secured support from members of the government and both
houses of parliament, Dmitry Ignatyev, a department head with the
association, told the Interfax news agency.

If the Central Bank agrees, the coins would be in
circulation within two weeks, Ignatyev said. The value of individual
coins would be set by the Central Bank. The Central Bank has suspended
all currency trading since Tuesday amid the latest economic
crisis, as confidence in the ruble has nose-dived.

Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 01:37
farfel (@JUJUBE...hey, I thought you shot yourself, kid...) ID#17077:
...what are you...the resurrection of Jesus Christ?




Date: Fri Aug 28 1998 01:32
farfel (@JUJUBE...He's Back?) ID#17077:
....Mr. Multiple Personality? Mr.'s your thingie, your fumpy, your jujube, your indeedy?

How ya doing, Kid?

No hard feelings, huh?



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