Date: Sat Aug 08 1998 04:01
Grizz (Grizz here) ID#424394:
I duplicate my handle in the subject line - just in case.
More importantly,
Jujube sunk back into nether nether land after that brief rally.
He is acting like Silver and, to a lesser extent, Gold.
That is another reason we all better root for his health
- His health may be supernaturally in sympathy with Gold & Silver.

Physically he seems to be hanging in there.

We haven't heard a peep from them varmints.
But getting all these defenses in place was good practice.
When the Y2K refugees try coming up here we'll be ready for 'em.

Date: Sat Aug 08 1998 03:55
(Grizz here) ID#199190:
I notice that many posts are missing the author's handle.
Used to be just the first post that one made.
Now it seems almost every other one.
Great for being anonymous!

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