Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:50
RETIRED SOLDIER (@ Rob Noel,Farfel @ others who post multiple times same post) ID#347235:
Please stop this most of us comprehend a literate message the first time it is published, those that cna't ( such as yourselves apparently ) no amount of posting will help.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:26
sam (oris) ID#286279:
I was thinking vodka shot-to-vodka shot, I may not win, but I don’t need any training for this. Combat beer can shooting is a different story, I am a poor pistol shot. May I use 9mm?

Took a long time to log on. Good night!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:25
HighRise (robnoel__A) ID#401460:

Thanks a lot, that was really a great post.

One more time please.

A lot of Gold info tonight.

Maybe more on NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, tomorrow. They seem to have access to who ever sets the price of Gold and where?

GOLD @ 307.70 + 5.90

Good Night All


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:22
Pete (Challenge-Welcome to the Kitco land of idiocy!) ID#222231:
Marry Donald Trump and your worries, fears and insecurity will disappear forever. Please buy SSC as an alternative to Donald!

Bono fortuno

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:20
TYoung (robnoel-idiot insurance) ID#17796:
I know I qualify, anybody else? Tom P.S. taking posting lessons lately? ( joke )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:20
james2__A (difficulty getting in) ID#252197:
Bart, is the darkside messin with this site. I

would suggest that you add some kind of booster.

I have a feeling that kicomm will be the most

popular site in the world by year end.

I can just see it; Tomorrow night my guest will

be Bart Kitner of Kitco fame.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:16
RJ (..... .!... .....) ID#411259:
Copyright © 1998 RJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

After reading over my last, it occurred to me:

People ranting about 30K gold. Japan will collapse ( with 1 trillion in foreign assets and reserves, and zero external debt ) . YK2 will cause planes to drop from the skies. The collected sages here, who perhaps in another situation are entirely rational, follow blindly a prankster with a hole through his story a mile wide.

I post numbers which prove that gold has been an abysmal store of value and a horrible buy and hold investment. The silence screams. The same automatons blink and blindly spout assurances that do not obey any mathematics on Gods Earth.

Who needs this?

I will be gone for a time, yes?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:16
Fred (ABM Challenge) ID#341234:
Personally, I think gold is a great place for some money right now because it is so cheap. Demand is far above supply at these prices; this condition cannot last forever. I like cash also. The stock market has been great over the last 10 years, but it is starting to scare me. I do not mind parking part of my portfolio at 5% for the next 2 years.

Welcome to the group. I usually lurk but post once in a while. I really respect a woman who knows how to handle money.
- Fred Filskov

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:05
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:04
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:04
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:03
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:01
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:01
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:01
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 23:00
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:57
robnoel__A (Common guys,get a grip,Euro is a question? Japan ready to fold,Russia a basket case,Africa o well) ID#411112:

you really need a reason to buy gold,this is not a tough question.........BUY GOLD AND LOTS OF IT....this is not an's idiot insurance....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:55
A.Goose (Lurkers please add your data to this table.) ID#20135:
Copyright © 1998 A.Goose/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
We need data from Japan, Indonesia, ..., South Korea, ... Australia

Send the price of salt in your local currency to:

( )

Include price per unit weight, country and city. Help us build an alternate currency table to validate usdollar vs other currencies.

Thanks in advance.

1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 1.3509 NZ$
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 1.0607 NZ$
1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 3.423 Rand
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 2.500 Rand
1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 1.027 NLG
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 0.756 NLG
1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 1.626 SFr
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 1.20 SFr

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:51
(challenge) ID#192116:
Copyright © 1998 /Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Hello everyone,

I am new on this forum but have been lurking for a few weeks.

First of all I want to express my impression that I am a woman crashing
a male forum. Are there any other women in the house?

Second of all I would like to give everyone a challenge.

There are many posters ( and experts ) who are forecasting a fall in the Dow with the acompanying deflation. Now this can happen, but it
can also be avoided.

The challenge is - where is the best place to be economically, career-wise, business wise if there was a recession; where is the best place to be economically, businesswise and careerwise if there is NO recession - and lastly to pinpont the overlap of the two which should be
the best place to be no matter what happens to the economy.

Thank you


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:46
RJ (..... ? .....) ID#411259:
Copyright © 1998 RJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

When discussing the current state between GSC and me, recall that it was the following post, directed at me which began this back and forth. GSC has been spouting off here for 2 years. I'm sorry I don't have the stuff from Feb 97 in which he declares gold will not again fall below $400.

When GSC came back to us in his newest incarnation as the OLDEN GOLDEN GUY, I had zero problem with him. I made not posts at all to this fellow and he posts this:

Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 20:59

OLD GOLD ( Congratulations Bulls! ) ID#238295:

Copyright © 1998 OLD GOLD/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Well those loudmouthed shorts I talked about did get a lesson they won't soon forget. And even sooner than I thought. Me -- I made a nice six figure killing this week in the PM funds and the move is just beginning.

RJ: When are we going to hit that $285 target you have been pushing for weeks? Your record is very food, but you got overconfident and arrogant. Likewise for EB and Selby -- our most dedicated and fanatical gold shorts whose hatred of the yellow rivals that of Andy Smith.

But let me congratulate the dedicated bulls on this site who kept the faith during the darkest days of the gold bear when all hope seemed gone and the shorts were taunting us daily with calls for $250 and even $150 ( POORBOYS ) People like Vronsky, Preacher, and Farfel. People like DA. People like Golden Cheesehead. .

Me again:

I don't know why he should pick me to insult. When I point out that his record on these thingies is not without stain, he again calls me to battle. I suggested he let it go. The ball is in his court. I will stand by my words, he however, will fall by his.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:46

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:45
RJ (..... ? .....) ID#411259:
Copyright © 1998 RJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

When discussing the current state between GSC and me, recall that it was the following post, directed at me which began this back and forth. GSC has been spouting off here for 2 years. I'm sorry I don't have the stuff from Feb 97 in which he declares gold will not again fall below $400.

When GSC came back to us in his newest incarnation as the OLDEN GOLDEN GUY, I had zero problem with him. I made not posts at all to this fellow and he posts this:

Date: Fri Apr 03 1998 20:59

OLD GOLD ( Congratulations Bulls! ) ID#238295:

Copyright © 1998 OLD GOLD/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Well those loudmouthed shorts I talked about did get a lesson they won't soon forget. And even sooner than I thought. Me -- I made a nice six figure killing this week in the PM funds and the move is just beginning.

RJ: When are we going to hit that $285 target you have been pushing for weeks? Your record is very food, but you got overconfident and arrogant. Likewise for EB and Selby -- our most dedicated and fanatical gold shorts whose hatred of the yellow rivals that of Andy Smith.

But let me congratulate the dedicated bulls on this site who kept the faith during the darkest days of the gold bear when all hope seemed gone and the shorts were taunting us daily with calls for $250 and even $150 ( POORBOYS ) People like Vronsky, Preacher, and Farfel. People like DA. People like Golden Cheesehead. .

Me again:

I don't know why he should pick me to insult. When I point out that his record on these thingies is not without stain, he again calls me to battle. I suggested he let it go. The ball is in his court. I will stand by my words, he however, will fall by his.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:38
Ted (More empty promises from JAPAN) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:38
Leland (As Guessed, Japan is Selling Its US Banking Operations-Raising Capital) ID#316193:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:35
AZAU (Jim C) ID#254274:
Jim C: see my earlier post today about your suggestion of the US CB selling gold to contain the run up. That would have to be conducted in utmost secrecy, otherwise it would only fuel the fire. ROR reacted to my post saying it would never happen. I tend to agree, since gold experts and others are keenly watching the market right now, and it would be very difficult to pull off, even with secrecy and collusion from other CB's, who presumably would be the buyer. But the options for US are getting thinner, which is why we need to keep our minds open to all possibilities.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:35
Ted (More empty promises from JAPAN) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:35
zeke (Farfel--Battle Mountain Gold) ID#25255:
F*, you pulled my chain with the BMG comment. I'm currently some 40k long in this bad boy--also in the black. What's your call for the near term?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:33
themissinglink (ANOTHER) ID#373403:
Copyright © 1998 themissinglink/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I get the following from your messages.

The Middle East is fed up with U.S. interventions

The U.S. cannot keep the price of oil up.

Therefore the higher cost North American oil will not be drilled for.
Cheap to drill for Middle East oil will gain tremendous market share and with it's monopoly will be able to reprice oil in gold instead of U.S. dollars.

Gold will become money with oils' backing.

The global real and financial assets divided by the global supply of gold will be the new price of gold, $30,000.

As money, people will not buy gold, they will work for it. The per capita income of an industrialized country might be one ounce of gold. Five ounces of gold will by the average American home. One ounce of gold will buy a Jeep Cherokee without the sports package.

As a goldsmith, I will either be out of work or will become the new breed of financial advisor.

I hope platinum stays humble because I hate working with silver.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:32
Preacher (zeke, Market Comments) ID#227290:
Copyright © 1998 Preacher/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Here's a repost from Friday night. I had forgotten what I had written; been busy on other things this weekend.

To all:
Last night I wrote that we wouldn't know what would happen tomorrow until tomorrow, but I
was leaning toward some explosive action because of the outside day formation on the daily
charts of both gold and silver. I'd say today qualifies as explosive action.
In gold, here are the numbers I have. First, this is ten straight closes above the 100-day MA.
The 200-day MA sits at $308.64. Today's high was $308.50. The close was $307.95. Gold is
very close to its 200-day MA.
Last October, gold reached its 200-day MA at mid-week, but by week's end it had fallen off it
by a good bit. This is the first time in two years or so that gold has closed the week very near to
its 200-day MA. I'm looking for it to move above it next week, although there are no guarantees
it will be Monday.
In the XAU, going back to last Nov. 6, there was a downside gap still open on the daily chart
around the 84 level. Last week, the XAU moved into that gap and then fell back. Today, it
gapped open above it, which sort of makes the entire chart since last Nov. 6 a huge island in an
island reversal. It may be that today's upside gap never gets filled and that this is a
breakaway gap which means big things are in store for gold stock investors.
Normally, when the 200-day MA is broken, after an initial run higher, a retest of the line is made.
We should see a pullback to this area at some point. If the XAU passes the test, then the next
resistance level should be around 110.
What's very encouraging to me is something that Old Gold mentioned last night: the reaction of
gold to the latest collapse in Asia. Each time before when Asian markets crumbled, gold
crumbled right along with it. This time gold is reacting differently. If someone can explain this, I'd
love to hear it.
Also, something that's been a concern to me is that since January, gold and the yield on the
30-yr. T-bond has been moving in tandem. And since the yield had penetrated its 100-day MA
but not its 200-day MA, like gold, and then had fallen back, I guess I've been a little worried
that gold would follow suit.
But it hasn't. In fact, the T- bond yield fell sharply today and this week. But gold has now started
moving in the opposite direction. Again, if someone can explain this, I'd like to hear it.
The action in Coeur d'Alene, Hecla, and Sunshine tell me that silver is to move much higher.
And, although I haven't thought they would do so this time, in the past, the South African gold
stocks have been upside leaders in legitimate gold upmoves. It seems they have assumed that
leadership role this time as well. And despite my personal grudges, I see what I see, whether I
like it or not.
The Vancouver Stock Exchange Index has hit a new high for the year. The average VSE stock
has not participated in the excitement yet. But some of the larger ones with for-real gold
deposits, like Francisco Gold, have done very well. I'm still holding onto my opinion, until proven
wrong, that once gold climbs convincingly above its 200-day MA, the exploration stocks in
Vancouver will catch fire. And nothing burns like the VSE, both up and down.
So things look good tonight. Let's not get carried away just yet. But like I said last night, good
times are almost here.
The Preacher

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:26
Ted (that sinkin feelin(again)....June gold is at its low for the night----) ID#330175:
309.70 down .60......lets turn this ship around,huh...don't wanta ride me doggie stock again!----there's always stop-loss orders ( I'm close,huh ) ......I fi had to but any North Ameriksn 'major' I'd currently buy NEM ( but I don't jack-sh!T,huh....stoopid comstruction worker ( Joe six ( or 12 ) pack....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:25
Ted (that sinkin feelin(again)....June gold is at its low for the night----) ID#330175:
309.70 down .60......lets turn this ship around,huh...don't wanta ride me doggie stock again!----there's always stop-loss orders ( I'm close,huh ) ......I fi had to but any North Ameriksn 'major' I'd currently buy NEM ( but I don't jack-sh!T,huh....stoopid comstruction worker ( Joe six ( or 12 ) pack....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:25
Pete (Cherokee, ENUFF) ID#222231:
Of course , spelling should be done correctly. Never said it should'nt. I think that unless we are saints ( perfect ) , all can make mistakes typing, slipping at the ivories, or temporary brain disengagement. Why make such a big deal from occasional slips. Even you did, and I know you are one intelligent dude, yes.
I promise you that I shall return to the cave immediately, never again to see the daylight and remorsefully do pennance. BUY SSC IMMEIATELY, I NEED REINFORCEMENTS! ( OR CAN YOU GET ME SOME PEYOTE? )


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:21
EJ (OLD GOLD: yes, this speculation about gold confiscation) ID#45173:
Copyright © 1998 EJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
is way out there. What I'm trying to do to stretch the credibility of $30k gold to see if there's any there there. You make good points about a worldwide currency based on gold. If the EEC has taken 7 years to get a few European countries together on the Euro in comparatively good times, countries that have a common interest in a common currency, how do you get dozens of competing nations to agree on a common currency, let alone a gold-based currency, what with such an unequal distribution of gold reserves.

Nothing suprises me about AG. Yes, he was once a fan of a return to a gold standard, but he was also once a defender of Michael Keating as an investor with a continuous record of success and of Reagan's cut taxes, increase spending, and balance the budget economic platform when Reagan was first running for President. He has earned his current fame by doing... nothing. He has not raised or lowered rates except once, and then so little no one noticed. As Johnathan Chait said, is true that we would have had the exact same monetary policies over the last year if, instead of Greenspan, the Fed had been run by a turley sandwich.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:20
farfel (@JIM C...overexuberance in the gold market? Are you kidding?) ID#340302:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
The volumes in the market are absurdly low...there is hardly any significant professional or small investor participation to date.

The gold market is so far far away from overexuberance that it is just a joke...too many goldbugs burned over the last two years keeps most gold investors investing like little old grannies.

However, I will provide you with a reasonably accurate barometer...when you see a company like Battle Mountain Gold trading about 6 million shares a day ( currently trades at best around 1.5 mil ) , then we will see the first signs of some populist interest in the gold market.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:20
tolerant1 (EJ - gold will never get to $30,000 in an actual count of individual dollar) ID#31868:
Copyright © 1998 tolerant1/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
bills. They will simply revalue that which has no value. Simple really. It is not your money when they can do that now is it? It is a piece of paper that everyone trusts, currently, that feeling can change overnight.

Oh, as I have said before, the hard right in this country has not even made a peep yet, wait, and watch. There will be fireworks in the US when they attack the Moms and Dads of the very, very quiet, up until now, silent majority. The dirtbags in the District of Columbia have had a free ride while times have fattened the wallets of Americans.

When these same silent people wake up and their way of life is threatened. Well, I think it will be better to be out sailing for a while or very far away from the major urban and nearby areas.

Stop thinking so hard about the specifics as to what is happening right now. Look deeper into the core of the problems. The dirtbags in the District of Columbia have raped the richest nation the world has ever seen, and left her broke.

Government employees will be spit upon in the streets this time around. Watch and wait and see the animosity grow and then explode. The government will not be able to say, we need to protect you, all of you, from yourselves. Ah yeah. Flux and chaos, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:16
Nick@C (NJ) ID#393224:
G'day. Did you get that gold and other futures URL

I also find it easier to find my often used URLs by renaming them--if you use Netscape go to 'bookmarks/edit/bookmark properties'--then give it whatever name you like that you will remember--makes it a lot easier to find later using 'find in bookmarks'. Cheers, Nick.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:16
zeke (@PREACHER) ID#25255:
Preacher, if you're out there please give us your call on the PM markets for tomorrow and the week. I'm putting in orders now and would like confirmation on PM stocks, esp. SA. Please, your advice is indespensible.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:12
jim c (Over exuberance.) ID#69280:
Good evening all. We must not get overjoyed at this current rally in gold prices. Don't forget that at this time last year, the price was considerably higher. Also, what is to prevent the U.S. central banks from unloading some of their gold holdings to prevent the U.S. dollar from losing ground to gold? I believe they hold 221 million ozs. Please correct me if I'm wrong. INMHO

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:11
ALBERICH__A (@farfel (21:15 pm)You got it right!!!) ID#254112:
Those CBs which are weak enough or maybe managed by dummies, they sell and the strong ones buy. Those which buy at these bargain prices can be congratulated. Their's is the future!

Alberich the Dwarf

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:06
Suspicious (OldGold / Greenspan) ID#285121:
I figure Greenspan got a pretty good spanking for his irrational exuberance speach and decided to keep his job, and drink from the well. Storm Clouds out of Asia is as far as he can go for a warning now.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:05
sharefin (Profits taken are profits banked.) ID#284255:
Caution will be required soon.

The way gold is behaving leads me to believe that a market crash could be close at hand.

Three months ago gold shares were down on their luck and many thought that in the event of a crash that they would fall minimally.
But now with their prices climbing they will have the potential to fall a greater percentage in the event of a crash.

Lihir before @ $1.30 could not go down much more.
But now @ $2.25 and climbing fast it has the potential to fall a long way.

Enough said.
Today our OZ market industrials have lept to new highs and have establish a new upleg.
I would hazard a guess that this is the final blowoff leg and the correction we have all waited for is nigh at hand.

There will be great short term profits to be made on this last parabolic climb, but those left holding pieces of paper will learn to regret their lack of caution.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:04
oris (Suspicious\Statement from the Kremlin, reg.your post) ID#242258:
Copyright © 1998 oris/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Dear Suspicious,

Your idea that we move gold market is interesting,
but we know nothing about it. We deny any involvement
in this matter and all our North Fleet is still in
Harbor of Myrmansk ( to tell you the truth our fleet
is based in Severomorsk, which is 50 miles from
Myrmansk, but you know, we can not tell you the truth )
waiting for the orders...

If we did something wrong, please accept our sincere
appologies.We will contact you again as soon as all
responsible for this crime are caught and shot to death
w/o trial, as usual. If you have any other suspicions,
please let us know.

On behalf of the fired Russian government
Oris, First Deputy of Kremlin Sheriff's Department

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:04
Ted (For whatever it means) ID#330175:
U.S. Dollar weakening on Globex market....YEN just popped ( up for a change ) ....June gold still down .10 @ 310.20....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 22:00
cherokee__A () ID#344308:


there is wine spectator too---

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:59
JP (Oil Price Collapse) ID#253153:
I predict that OPEC will collapse soon and the price of OIL will decline below $8 per barrel or perhaps lower. The reason being, the runaway deflationary phase we have entered to in 1998.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:57
OLD GOLD () ID#238295:
Copyright © 1998 OLD GOLD/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Gold bulls should not be worrying about confiscation at this stage. If this ever occurs, it will be at prices far higher than current quotes --probably above the $850 record. Let's worry about getting to $400 first.

AG's recent comments support the idea expressed here some time ago by OLDMAN that Alan takes his orders from Rubin. He has lost any credibility he ever had as a serious economist. He has become a cheerleader for the biggest bubble in world history. Really sad that this one time proponent of a gold standard should have fallen so far. But power and wealth do corrupt don't they.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:56
Delphi (@farfel, 21:15) ID#258129:
Copyright © 1998 Delphi/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Both countries [Portugal and Netherlands] are in horrible financial shape...their industrial production is a joke... - where do you get such a strange information about Netherlands? Holland is OK, much better than most of other European countries. Holland was OK for EMU according to Maastricht Treaty without any accountancy tricks, like we saw in most of other countries. Inflation about 2.5% a year. State deficit 1.4% of GDP. Unemployment - bit more then 5%, possibility to import labor after 2000 is under discussion. Social security - you can not even compare it with USA - everyone has medical insurance, unemployment and minimum wages much higher, etc. Regarding industrial production - have ever heard about Royal Dutch Shell ( biggest European company and one of the major oil market players ) , or Akzo - Nobel ( biggest European chemistry company ) , or may be about Unilever, Philips, etc. For your information - they are all Dutch. I think, you need to check your data better before post it.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:56
EJ (tolerant1 and panda) ID#45173:
which do you thing is unreal, a government gold standard based on a market value of $30k in current US$ or government nationalization and confiscation of gold at $30k? The US government will confiscate gold if it's deemed to be in the national interest. It's been done before and it's unwise to believe it will never be done again. The whole question fascinates me because if you tell someone now that this once happened in the US they won't believe you.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:55
cherokee__A (@----they're-bitin-on-all-sides----with-out-bait------damn---now-they're-jumpin-in-the-boat--) ID#344308:


you did'nt have to are in the net...
and the beat goes on.....!; ) look at you...
you're doing exactly what you purported to abhor...har..dee...har...har..
the test has proved my does need to be correct!
as pete attests....thank you.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:54
trader ed (S&P 500 futures and elliott waves) ID#373349:
Copyright © 1998 trader ed/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
The S&P 500 futures chart looks as if it has just about reached a temporary top. It will start down, perhaps as early as Monday, April 6 on a decline of approximately 5% to the area of 1070 to 1080. This is the first of the larger corrective waves down.
It is my belief, from reading the chart, that although we may get new highs in the S&P, they will be as a part of the corrective wave process, not as a part of the major trend. I think that the major trend for the rest of this year will be down.
What will be the effect on Bill Clinton's poll results if we do indeed have a major move down?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:51
BillD (I don't think you can beat) ID#261269:
DBC futures display at:

for gold, silver and many other commodies....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:50
Fred (To: Another (Jim?)) ID#341234:
I am a novice in the gold market, but from what I have learned, you sound exactly like James Dines. He predicts a global currency collapse and a world gold standard.

You say that with gold as money, it would not be produced ( counterfeited ) unless sanctioned like the printing of cash. No one country can claim ownership of gold. Therefore, there would have to be an international agreement behind gold as a currency. The governments of the world would have to agree to take control of mining or figure out a way to separate monetary gold from public gold. Maybe some day the governments of the world will come together with a common currency. For now, the European Union is probably the closest thing we are going to get.

My question is, even if you believe there will be a global currency collapse, what makes you think the world will come together with an new gold standard? I do not think most governments are willing to give up control of their own currency. And I still do not see how this has very much bearing on oil. I doubt the U.S. will allow itself to be ‘forced’ into a gold standard by the Middle East. Unless, of course, they would otherwise have to give up their sport utility vehicles!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:50
Ted (Studio.R........Meet ya @ the BLUE NOTE tonight) ID#330175:
I'll be the strange dude dressed in a dark trench coat,lurkin in the corner.....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:49
oris (Sam & Hardcase) ID#242258:
Guys, your sense of humor is so good, I can
nearly drink it w/o pickles...

Hardcase, you are right. Nobody can outdrink me
over here, except myself, but if I'll try to do it,
I may be a loser...By the way, what did you do in
Cambodia? If top secret, don't tell...I don't ask.

Sam, shot-to-shot combat is something that requires
a lot of training and special mindset. You better start
preparing yourself right right now, because when we meet,
there will be no coming back...Give me a call when you

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:48
Junior (Previous post was taken from Bloomberg ) ID#248180:
Bloomberg reported the previous post

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:48
sharefin (Aussie gold stocks flying) ID#284255:
Aussie gold index up 69 to 1288

Lihir up .25 to 2.25
Normandy up .10 to 1.75
Newcrest up .29 to 2.84
Acacia up .07 to 2.09
Resolute up .06 to 1.39
Plutonic up .35 to 5.75

For current gold price - June contract
Type in gcm8 and set chart to all sessions

Currently @ $310.20

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:47
panda (But, seriously now...) ID#30116:
At these price levels for gold, I don't think that there is much to worry about in the way of gold mine nationalization.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:47
Junior (@ANOTHER & OPEC - Please Comment on the following.) ID#248180:
Ex-Saudi Oil Minister Says OPEC Close to Collapse Amid Slump
Ahmed Saki Yamani, Saudi Arabia's former oil minister, told German weekly magazine Der Spiegel that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was close to a collapse amid a slump in oil prices. ``All that is missing is the finishing stroke,'' he said, while adding OPEC hadn't fully recovered from the decline in oil prices 12 years ago. Yamani also told the magazine that last week's decision to cut oil production by 2 percent of world supply wasn't enough and should have been three or four times higher.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:45
OLD GOLD () ID#238295:
Sharefin: Thanks for the KITCO search engine URL mate!

Glad to see Glenn get aboard the train. Must be getting lonely for RJ.

No one really knows what gold will do next week. My hunch is one more strong up day and then a reaction -- how severe is anybody's guess. But I still maintain with great conviction that the gold bear is dead. Those trying to revive the corpse are doomed to fail.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:43
BillD (oops...theThailand number was Friday, April 3...) ID#261269:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:43
panda (Reality check, anyone?) ID#30116:
If the governments took over the mines and 'controlled the flow of gold', what would happen to the industrial, medical, and jewelry uses of this metal? Hmmmm, damn! They're coming after the jewelry too!!!! :- ) )

Now, if things got that 'interesting', what would you rather own? Steel, copper, and lead ( I know you can figure that one out ) , or the funny yellow stuff? Then again, if you owned the base metals, perhaps you could keep some of the precious metals too?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:41
tolerant1 (Gold confiscation, nationalization of gold properties,) ID#31868:
my goodness. Just because the District of Columbia whores bark, you would listen. They destroy the richest country in the world, rob you blind and you would put up with this. Sheesh!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:35
BillD (S. Korea and Thailand taking it on the chin again...) ID#261269:
Down 2% and 2.5% respectively...Go Gold and Silver ( &SSC )


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:34
geoffs (Hong Kong ( GOLD)& Aussie Shares) ID#432157:

Please keep posting values for all to see and enjoy----OH My Precious Go GO ---GOLD

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:32
EJ (ANOTHER: In the USA these events will produce) ID#45173:
nationalization of gold production and government confiscation of gold. Perhaps silver, which is tied histprically to the price gold, is a better investment for Americans. Your thoughts? Thx.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:32
HighRise (Current Gold Price?) ID#401460:

Here we are again - no chart or quotes.
Does anyone have a site for current gold quotes - in US$?



Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:31
vronsky (NIKKEI SLIDING AGAIN) ID#426220:

The Nikkei opened higher, rising to more than 1%, but in recent moments
it is selling off AGAIN - and is now flat at 15524. Many Nippon monetary and market experts feel the sushi will hit the fan if 15000 is taken out decisively. G-o-l-d--E-a-g-l-e will post an insightful analysis sometime tonight: DOW 9000 AND THE ASIAN SHOCK.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:30
NJ (Nick@C ) ID#20748:
Is there any Aussie site that updates POG like EBN used to before it became MSNBC Europe.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:30
farfel (...some more BAD NEWS for gold shorts...) ID#340302:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
...if the Valley retail outlet I purchase much of my PM supply is any indicator, then watch out!

For the past month, it has been dead as a doorknob in the joint. Today, there was actually a line...they were actually taking numbers. I haven't seen that phenomenon in ages...certainly not since '93 anyway.

This, in spite of the fact that the media continually trumpets the total absence of inflation in the country ( so why should anybody buy hard assets, right? ) there is absolutely no evidence of any notable small investor participation in the gold market yet.

Interesting, hmmmmm?


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:28
sharefin (Questions and more questions?) ID#284255:

When any commodity becomes money, the free market is not allowed to produce such without laws to govern that production. As any person, worldwide can produce dollars and sell them as a business, it is against the law. In the time to come, it will be this way with gold also.

The true value of gold, as a monetary currency, in today's current US$ values, is over $30,000. If all currencies were destroyed, and gold only was used, this value would be higher. However, currencies will be used in the future, as today, only their value in trade will change. They will no longer be held as reserves, without gold at their side!

By this I take it that you see in the future
That governments will hold all gold and that it will not be traded.
That governments will hold all gold mines and that they will not be traded.

Is this what you allude to?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:24

Tokyo GOLD is UP 19Yen/gram at 1,330Yen - a many month high for the noble metal.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:22
Ted (June Gold---it's a 'tug-a-war' t'nite) ID#330175:
Down .10 @ 310.20 ( back on a little uptrend t'nite.... )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:17
Delphi () ID#258129:
Oil is much more commodity than Gold, isn’t it? And it’s ( oil ) importance will decline in years to come, don't You think?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:15
farfel (@SPOCK...still worried about future CB gold sales) ID#340302:
Copyright © 1998 farfel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
...Portugual and Netherlands contemplating gold sales

WHO CARES? It is all one big yawn.

Why does this thought worry you so much

Both countries are in horrible financial shape...their industrial production is a they may decide to liquidate some gold to shore up their finances.


Because they will simply sell their gold to stronger central banks...that is what HAS BEEN going on, IS going on, and WILL CONTINUE in the future. The strong central banks are now in full gold accumulation mode in preparation for the great currency wars about to unfold this year. Public media announcements of these incestuous sales for the past two years have been designed solely to create negative psychology in the market. Pure the price down, then re-accumulate. It is that simple.

Are you so naive that you cannot see this?

If you are, great! Because ( sing it after me ) ...



Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:14
Donald__A (Companies with Korean affiliations having severe problems.) ID#26793:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:07
Isure (Gold in Japan up 1.5%) ID#368244:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 21:04
chas (Hatt re Claimstaker) ID#342282:
I know how you feel. I've been watching too. A former employee emailed me and gave them a good reputation. It looks good, especially for 25 cents. If you have some specific questions, maybe I can help. If you don't have their website I can give it to you. Charlie

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:50
Allen(USA) (Arden, Shek, All) ID#255190:
Copyright © 1998 Allen(USA)/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Arden, I really can't buy the ENTIRE tonnage at COMEX in one purchase. It would be like taking the last buffalo wing on the platter. Manners, you know. I'll think it over though, OK? Thanks.

Shek, if it matters mark me down as a 5 on a scale of 1 to 4 for Y2K effect. I'm an extremist and so feel the need to over max your scale by one. *- )


Well I'm feeling pretty GOOD about myself therse days since Colin Seymor copied one of my posts on his page. Anybody want an autograph? No, really, please form a line. Everybody will get one. Just please be patient! I suppose I should be doim a betr job of speling since so mamy pepl wil bee lokng at meye wrods, eh? It will be tough shouldering tis heavy lod but I'l tri to duh mi bes.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:49
Allen(USA) (Arden, Shek, All) ID#255190:
Copyright © 1998 Allen(USA)/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Arden, I really can't buy the ENTIRE tonnage at COMEX in one purchase. It would be like taking the last buffalo wing on the platter. Manners, you know. I'll think it over though, OK? Thanks.

Shek, if it matters mark me down as a 5 on a scale of 1 to 4 for Y2K effect. I'm an extremist and so feel the need to over max your scale by one. *- )


Well I'm feeling pretty GOOD about myself therse days since Colin Seymor copied one of my posts on his page. Anybody want an autograph? No, really, please form a line. Everybody will get one. Just please be patient! I suppose I should be doim a betr job of speling since so mamy pepl wil bee lokng at meye wrods, eh? It will be tough shouldering tis heavy lod but I'l tri to duh mi bes.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:18
Nick@C (Aussie gold shares) ID#393224:
Up nearly 5% after 15 minutes.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:12
MoReGoLd (@Gold Monday) ID#348129:
Asia is fine but the real indicator will be London open, and then as always the action on the Comex. We need a $10. dollar day and then many skeptics will be taken out.
Mainstream media is starting to bash AU a little less.
Gold stocks on the TSE are very pricey, but nowhere near where they'll
be at $350 Gold.......

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:10
spenc (resource stock advisory) ID#233181:
is anyone familiar with the news letter that Ron Struthers of Ontario Canada puts out called Resource Stock Advisory? Im looking for good info on mining companies for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodiu

Im starting to purchase a couple of minig stock and want comprehesive info them and others. Any newsletter recommendations?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:08
Ted ( I scroll back in time-------------------) ID#330175:
Copyright © 1998 Ted/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I wouldn't move to YOUR area for ALL the money in the world---I would hire Dr.Kevorkian I pass on your offer ( ugh ) ....Believe it or not but I have a brother who works ( ? ) for the federal Gov'ment ( I've seen enuf!!... ) ---your idea of liberal-conservative is did ya vote for,lets say dickie Gephardt or geo Bush ( senior or junior ) ---big diff ( haha ) ...they're all a JOKE!...we'd have ta split hair ta find a true difference...My idea ( duh ) of liberal-conservative is Life-style!!...and that makes YOU the conservative,huh!....and me the liberal-radical duuuuude---YOU are 'the system' barrister!..don't get MOI started about my opinion ( very low,eh ) of lawyers...

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:06
Copyright © 1998 ANOTHER/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:20

oris ( Fred ) ID#238422:

Is it possible that gold will rise to $30,000/oz in the period of nearest 10 years?

If you say to yourself: Yes, it's possible! then ask yourself a question: But why? But how?.

To All:

This question, is asked much! To this I also add what price is money?

Many look to gold and say, at $30,000, every mine would produce so much that the price will not last, and with cost to produce below $1,000, all persons would mine gold! I say, you look at gold and see only a commodity. As world oil currency, it will not be this way. To offer the question:

Your US$, it does cost only one cent or less to produce. It is also a paper commodity, yes? Does the world go into the paper dollar business because it can be sold for a dollar and produced for one cent? I ask the Mr. Sharfin, who would buy or who could afford this dollar at such a price? Would not every person sell these paper dollars as they are priced so far above production cost? No. And the world, today, does produce these paper pieces as to no end, yet all persons hold dollars for value! Even reserves!

When any commodity becomes money, the free market is not allowed to produce such without laws to govern that production. As any person, worldwide can produce dollars and sell them as a business, it is against the law. In the time to come, it will be this way with gold also.

The true value of gold, as a monetary currency, in today's current US$ values, is over $30,000. If all currencies were destroyed, and gold only was used, this value would be higher. However, currencies will be used in the future, as today, only their value in trade will change. They will no longer be held as reserves, without gold at their side!

The time is not that far away for all to learn this, we watch these changes together, yes?

Thank you

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 20:05
Donald__A (UK pound at 9 year high, Brits can't compete at this level, demand defacto devaluation) ID#26793:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:59
Spock (ANOTHER and $US30,000 Gold) ID#210114:
Fodder!! Get a Grip!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:58
Spock (Farfel and CB Sales) ID#210114:
Copyright © 1998 Spock/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
To Farfel and others: I added a caveat to my statement about the higher POG. I just wanted to point out that another CB sale could derail our bull. There are still rumours about Dutch and Portuguese sales.

Of course if the sales were made to other CB it wouldn't matter, but if it were on the open market our bull could be castrated.

Hoping for a close above $US310 by the end of the week. Anything higher would be quite bullish. On the other hand, if the POG slides back to $US305, that would be if not bearish then certainly discouraging.

Live Long and Prosper.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:57
zeke (STOP IT !) ID#25255:
How can I buy more Monday if you guys keep pushing the price up. We buy on dips, remember. I say, Cease and least 'til noon?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:56
mapleman (ON PINS AND NEEDLES) ID#348127:


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:56
Ted (Arden and Cape Breton 'heat-wave') ID#330175:
Hi Arden: Must be 80 degrees....inside ( the wood furnace is blowin out some hot heat- ( ( ( feel like I 'm in the Tropics er somethin,huh ) ) ) ~~~~~GO GOLD

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:55
Shek (Dow) ID#287279:
Copyright © 1998 Shek/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
MARY DEIBEL: How long will stocks keep going up?
Copyright © 1998
Copyright © 1998 Scripps Howard
Check out's 1998 income tax filing guide.
Market Indices | Dow Jones Industrials | Internet Stocks | Most Active |
Gainers | Losers
( April 4, 1998 3:31 p.m. EST ) -- The bull market
that began its current stampede eight years ago saw the Dow Jones
Industrial Average charge through the 9,000 mark Friday before falling
to a still robust 8,983, leaving market experts and almost 100 million
Americans invested in the market wondering how long it will last.

The answer is: Nobody knows.

Leading bull Ralph Acampora, known for his forecast of a 7,000 Dow
in July 1995 some 19 months before it happened, this week revised
his forecast for a 10,000 Dow and predicts Wall Street will see it
before the end of 1998.

The current environment of low interest rates and low inflation plus a
quality rally makes us proud to be known as raging bulls once again,
Acampora says.

But other bullish experts are having second thoughts: Deutsche
Morgan Grenfell's Edward Yardeni, for instance, who once predicted a
10,000 Dow by 2000 and a 15,000 Dow by 2005, is sounding more
cautious these days.

He says that the market may not have seen its top, but that he still
believes that the days are numbered for this mature bull market.

What's driving a bull that may be more than a little long in the tooth?
Record flows of money to mutual funds, for one.

The Investment Company Institute, the mutual fund trade association,
reports investors have put $38.9 billion into stock mutual funds the
two months of 1998 after pouring in a record $321 billion last year.

Hugh Johnson, chief investment strategist at First Albany Corp., says
the current mood of a market awash in money looking to be invested
reminds him of the late 1960s, when the markets got giddy with

Johnson says today's mutual fund managers are fully invested
because the one thing they don't want is to hold cash, so they close
their eyes, hold their noses and buy a stock like Coca-Cola at 45
times earnings, knowing that the only thing worse is to not buy
Coca-Cola at 45 times earnings. Where it ends nobody knows.

Consider investor Warren Buffett: Even though he helped launch this
year's rise in the Dow with comments about sound valuations of most
stocks, the Nebraska billionaire rattled markets by disclosing that his
company, Berkshire Hathaway, had sold Coca-Cola and bought silver

The moral professional investors drew from Buffett's decision is that
the time has come to pay close attention to individual stocks and
whether they're too overvalued for the investor's tolerance for risk.

More than a few experts see reason for caution ahead in the overall
market, which traces its current bullishness all the way back to 1982
despite occasional corrections and setbacks.

The latest warning signs include:

-- An overvalued market. With stock prices running on average at 24
times earnings, stocks are more expensive than at any time since

-- An earnings slowdown. Most corporations are downplaying profits
expectations by 1999 after three years of double-digit profit scores,
even though only the technology and energy sectors have showed
disappointing earnings in 1998.

Two reasons for the squeeze on profits: lack of pricing power by U.S.
firms, faced with competition from home and abroad, and tight U.S.
labor markets. They're finally translating into higher wages after years
of stagnation in the face of corporate reorganizations and downsizings
that prompted wage stagnation due to worker insecurity.

-- Millennium bug. The Year 2000 computer fix is going to impose a
major price tag on every U.S. company that depends on computers
and a steeper price tag for companies that are caught unprepared.

How long will the bull market last? Who knows? says Hugh Johnson.
I only hope when the bear arrives, he arrives gradually and doesn't
come crashing in.

Mary Deibel is a reporter for Scripps Howard News Service.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:52
glenn (GO GOLD!!) ID#376309:
If this keeps up maybe we can open above the 200 day moving average in gold monday. We need a open above $312.00 and I think we can do it!!!

I'm long now! Go Gold!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:51
Ted (ROR......................and yer ?) ID#330175:
yeah,It probably would be a good idea for ya ta post under the GSC handle---good idea bro....----GO GOLD----GO ABX ( arf arf ) .....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:50
Ted (ROR......................and yer ?) ID#330175:
yeah,It probably would be a good idea for ya ta post under the GSC handle---good idea bro....----GO GOLD----GO ABX ( arf arf ) .....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:49
arden (@ Ted) ID#201238:
Your cold fingers are faster than my warm ones here in the desert.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:47
arden (gold up stocks down) ID#201238:
Gold up .60 on Globex. HK stocks down over one percent.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:46
Ted (June Gold................................) ID#330175:
UP .60 @ 310.90------keep goin doggie!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:45
Fred (Tom Young - Welcome to cut & paste!) ID#341234:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:37
sam (HARDCASE) ID#286279:
Thanks for the good advice, but if I ever meet oris, I will attempt to go shot-to-shot with him, there is no alternative.

If gold is money, how can it have a price?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:32
Midas__A (Does anyone know whether Gold has started now trading for Monday in Asia) ID#340459:
and current POG, Thanks.....

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:30
scarface (sharefin) ID#284246:

Thanks a lot, mate!


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:24
ForkLift__A () ID#331205:
Oracle of Alberta essay on Another. Good writing at this site, but way heavy on
the graphics for the bandwidth challenged.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:21
sharefin (SP500 Options) ID#284255:
This site is also good and is semi-live during the day.
It also shows what the other buyers are buying and what they are paying for them.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:19
fiveliter (Stephane-13:55) ID#341312:
Copyright © 1998 fiveliter/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Nothing strange about it. Excellent site! Can't read most of it due to the language barrier but the graphs say it all. I spent some time correlating the 1920's Dow to the 1990's Dow and came up with Dow peak of 9700-9800 in mid '98 followed by a long bear market ending in early '02 at about Dow 1500-2000. The triple tops of 325 in early 1929 compared to the triple tops of 8300 in mid '98 are uncanny! No wonder they never show this kind of stuff on tv! I can't wait to trade some $2000 gold for Dow 1750. It's amazing that people just don't get buy low, sell high. I should know. I've bought high and sold low with several stocks. Doh! ;- )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:19
arden (No, A. Goose, you can't buy gold at Comex price) ID#201238:
Copyright © 1998 arden/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
After thinking about your question the other night I would like to pass along the following. I have both sold and purchased gold based upon Comex prices through a very large refiner ( JM ) . As a producer, I would deliver the dore to the refinery where it was weighed, melted and a dip sample of molten metal taken for assay. This result was reported to me where I has the choice of having the metal refined and credited to my account or selling to the refiner. If I chose to sell to the refiner, their representative would call their metal trading department to establish a price while I was on the other telephone. I could actually hear the conversation. The rep would get a price, then ask me if it was ok, if I said yes, we would fix the price of the transaction at that very moment. For the record, this price was always within ten cents per ounce of the Comex current contract price ( which I was checking with my commodity broker on my other phone! ) . But this did not mean I sold at the Comex price, only set the price from which the assaying and refining costs were deducted. Depending upon quantity, I would receive at least 99% of the price in dollars wired into my account.

On the other side of the transaction, I have purchased gold or had gold delivered to me from my account. If the gold was from my account, the refiner would charge me the assaying and refining fee plus the fabrication fee and send me these beautiful gold ingots. If I wanted to buy directly from the refiner, they would again call their trading department to confirm a price from Comex trading to which their shipping and fabrication costs were added. I would send them a check, then they would ship me the gold.

In the sellers case, we could obtain 99% of the comex price, in the buyers case, we paid 102% to 103% of comex price.

I don't know what the real cost of those who exercised Comex contracts is, but I would venture it is less than 101% of the comex price, except that, you do not get a four 9's product with a refiner or coinage mint reputation to guarantee quality.

A. Goose, no you can't buy or sell at Comex prices. They are used as a reference point for both parties to the transaction. You can use Comex contracts to hedge your transaction prior to completion and that is what some of the Comex volume is.

All of this said, for fifty million dollars this entire eligible gold stocks on Comex could be taken away which might catalyze this situation!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:11
sharefin (SP500 options) ID#284255:
Scroll down to Current Option Prices by Name
And find S&P 500 Index

BBL Gone to paint gold on my kitchen walls so they shine like silver.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:02
HARDCASE (Re: oris to Sam) ID#400214:
Sam, remember oris is from Russia and they don't always tell you everthing......

He forgot to say that you drink all the Vodka first, then fall over backwards without breaking the bottle ( something only Russians are good at ) and while looking to see if the bottle is empty, compare the label and the sky.

Also some advise.... Never try to: Out drink, out cuss, or butt heads with a Russian from Moscow. I learned that in Cambodia and oris just reminded me of it.

{:O )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 19:01
scarface (S&P 500 options) ID#284246:
Copyright © 1998 scarface/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Sorry if this bit isn't directly related to the metals:

Can someone advise where I can get quotes of S&P500 PUT options. I'm considering hopping in with a small bet targetting this spring and the coming autumn.

For the metals:

Will be selling gold close to $320, which I read as the completion of a bear market retracement and will be looking for a strong bear market failure which may take a while to develope ( i.e trouble getting down to $280 ish followed by a solid turnaround ) . When I see this happenning, I'll be hopping in boots an' all.

If I'm wrong and gold races past 320 without even stopping for breath - oh well never mind - I'll be sort of hedged as I have a physical silver holding which I'll be increasing in the next day or two.



Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:57
TYoung (Fred-to easy!) ID#17796:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:56
Jack (Getting this from German Contacts ) ID#252127:

IPO's are a big thing there, other stocks going bonkers. Local bankers concerned about a shearing of the lambs.
Probably their market manipulators are counting on Japanese investment flows to Europe.
The poor Japanese, they work hard and then get taken for a ride.
Best that they buy gold and silver and to make Golden Cheeseheads day.........Lihir ADR's.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:56
TYoung (Test) ID#17796:
Test testy testosterone. This is from the land of word processing. Tom

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:54
sharefin (Kitco retrieval system) ID#284255:
Old Gold

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:52
arden (Gold is the world's strongest currency) ID#201238:
After reviewing Capt. Bill's great weekly chart, it occurred to me that gold is now the strongest currency in the world recently. Makes me think there is much more involved in this rally than a little short covering.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:49
sam (oris) ID#286279:
Thanks oris. I thought blue sky had some definition peculiar to gold stocks; guess not.

BTW Instructions for use as viewer were not included with TP jar. I have been eating the pickles ( with vodka of course ) then studying the PEPPERS that remain floating around in the bottom. That's how is saw the little gold rocket ship.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:45
sharefin (Ratio chart & email chatter) ID#284255:
On the ratio - Buy the peaks and sell the troughs.

INVESTECH FINANCIAL UPDATE, Saturday March 4th, 1998
The U.S. and European markets soared again this week, as Japan's Nikkei tumbled 1200pts and the Chairman of Sony said their economy was on the verge of collapse. Emerging markets tumbled back to 6-week lows. Gold jumped to $308/oz, and our recent gold stock additions were among this week's best performers.
There are a couple good articles on this current financial bubble in the March 28th issue of the Economist... they are worth reading. Based on underlying fundamentals, it COULD be said that Germany's in an even bigger bubble than the U.S. Regardless, it is a bubble looking for a pin; and the unwinding will likely be global event.
As for that pin, it's hard to imagine how Wall Street is shaking off the dismal earnings reports and downgrades that have dominated the news. Perhaps it's telling us that because it's a financial bubble - it will require a financial pin, either from the Fed or from new events in Japan.
On that monetary front, our MEP Monetary Model remains frozen ( positive ) along with Fed policy; and our Bond Yield Momentum inched up another 1/10th point on the late-week bond rally. There were no surprises this week from the FOMC's decision not to raise rates, or from previous minutes showing a 12:0 vote not to raise rates. That news fuels an arrogant complacency in those who believe only the Fed can pull the trigger to pop the bubble or start a bear market. In any case, the mania continues, and monetary conditions are still supportive. We advise NOT standing in the way.
Note that in spite of this week's push toward 9000, our Negative Leadership Composite actually slipped a notch and our Bellwether Divergence Index tumbled another 3pts - down to 6.6 from 19.9 at the start of the year. This long-leading gauge suggests that IF bonds roll over again, then the party's over. Also note from the strange dichotomy department... Consumer Confidence slipped a tad this week, but the real news is that the current conditions component reached record highs while the spread with future expectations plunged to the 2nd most negative level in its 30yr history. It was lower only in the depths of the biggest bear market of the past 50 years - during the Arab oil embargo and Watergate scandal of 1973-74. Is this the result of a party today, for tomorrow we pay attitude. Who knows?... but it is a classic recession flag.
LONG-TERM INVESTORS, as advised on last weekend's update, we added a 4% position in both Franco-Nevada Gold and Euro-Nevada Gold on Monday's open. Both are showing nice gains.
MUTUAL FUND INVESTORS, also as advised, we added an 8% position in American Century Global Gold Fund ( formerly Benham Global Gold ) on last Monday's close. In spite of solid gains, we're tempering a more aggressive stance with the renewed danger coming out of Japan and Asia.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:33
Shlomo (Greenspan & Debt) ID#288399:
Sorry if this has already been addressed. What does anyone think of AG's comment that he doesn't worry about ( the consumer ) debt ( levels ) , except that he's paid to worry? What's this, AG's new paradigm to the max Another sign of a top? The central banker gone hubris-sed? Does he know something about gold we don't?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:30
OLD GOLD () ID#238295:
Voyeur professor: Thanks for bringing some sanity to the site! I am in the moderate bull camp with price objectives of $350 or so this year and perhaps $450 by late 1999.

BTW, can anyone post instructions for using the KITCO search engine, assuming it still exists? Thanks!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:28
oris (Sam) ID#238422:
Blue Sky - it's this thing, which you may see if you
lay on your back outside your house with your eyes directed
90 degrees perpendicular to the surface of the earth, and
this thing is called blue, if it has the same color as
UN flag or label on 100 proof Smirnoff Vodka Bottle.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:22
Suspicious (I figure Slick went to Africa to change his luck !) ID#285121:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:20
Poorboys (Piggy Heaven) ID#224149:
Eb ---No Pork Bellies in your Life ---Missing the American Pastime --Right next to Baseball -

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:20
Open-Loop (Premiums on Eagles really going up) ID#65118:
Called my broker on fri to *BUY SOME MORE* and the premiums are up about
3 bucks. Anyone else seen this

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:18
Suspicious (Timing of Friday's surge ! ) ID#285121:
If you take note of the graph to the left you will see that the surge in the POG took place right after the Russian market opened. Let's see who is buying tonite.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:15
ROR (TED Post #330175 @ 4:16 EDT) ID#35767:
I am posting as ROR and not WW would like me to post as George S. Cole perhaps?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:11
oris (Hardcase) ID#238422:
Sure, good enough. Thanks.

As to the subject of dirty talking, I was born and raised
in the capital of the USSR, beautiful city called Moscow.
So, if we decide to compete with each other who can talk
more dirty, I believe I'm gonna be the winner....
P.S. The last paragraph is a friendly joke, please
don't be upset with me...

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:10
DBog (Testing) ID#267298:
Test Test Test

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:09
TYoung (Fred-kindness becomes you) ID#17796:
Thanks. Tom

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:09
EJ (TYoung: post your email address and I'll be glad to walk you ) ID#45173:
through cut and paste offline.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:08
TYoung (EJ) ID#17796:
It's the cut and paste thingy I've never done. Tom ( red faced! )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:05
WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ANOTHER AND the OLD GOLD ( alias GSC ) v RJ battle. ROUND 1 to RJ for those former posts of GSC. What will GS do for a comeback? any bets TED ole Boy!? Its almost 70 here today move to Virginia we'd help ya find a place ta live. cheeers!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:05
Fred (To: TYoung) ID#341234:
To use your word processor to post:
1. Write you message on your word processor and spell check it
2. Choose Edit Select all, or just highlight all the text
3. Choose Edit Copy
4. Go to the Kitco posting screen and move the cursor into the Message window
5. Choose Edit Paste

Copy and Paste are also available on your quick menu by using the right click. Good luck.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:03
EJ (TYoung: why do you want to use MS Word or another word processor ) ID#45173:
to post? Seems like a lot of trouble. The easiest way to do it is to compose your post in the word processor and then cut and paste the text into the Kitco post window. Hope this helps.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:03
TYoung (Voyeur Professor-nice counter) ID#17796:
However, I laughed a lot more at EB's post. Away to judge a debate with myself ( does that make three of me? ) . Tom

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 18:03
Suspicious (Silverplate / $ 30,000 Gold) ID#285121:
You made a very good point in comparison to stocks run up.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:59
Poorboys (Platinum or Platapus --You Figure --It's All Gone ) ID#224149:
EB –Slap ---Slap –You Got the Charisma from the voyeur and Ted the carpenter ( Fringe Handles ) Ice cubes please before the ale ----.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:58
EJ (Fred: thx, I enjoy your posts, too) ID#45173:
Copyright © 1998 EJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
There's another aspect of ANOTHER's implicit hyperinflation predictions that are problematic, should it come to pass: if you think Y2K is a problem for financial software, ask yourself whether COBOL or C programmers at ADP thought to write applications to spew out monthly paychecks for $30,000,000 or at MasterCard to bill you for $1,300,000 in monthly purchases. You laugh, but a friend just paid a credit card bill that was initially charged in Thailand where the business dinner cost a 23,000 baht. I guarantee you major dollar currency devaluations and hyperinflation were not on anyone's mind when this software was written. Another interesting dimension to the issue.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:57
EB (V.P.) ID#22956:
I'm kiddin' around here professor. 'They' are tellin me to relax with my favorite to join me? ( gulp ) . And if I told you all I knew we wouldn't get too far into our drinks. Yup.
away...from all nihilistic thoughts & vitriolic tendencies ( today anyway ) ;- )

on your ( D ) mark...get set... ( pull the trigger ) ...... ( bang ) ... ( ! ) .

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:56
TYoung (Ahead of my time) ID#17796:
In order to advance the cause of gold I have purchased three Mounties' for $31,000 each ( not from Bart ) . Wife doesn't seem real happy but now I know the real value of gold-revalued in my lifetime. Boy am I HAPPY. Tom P.S. again, anybody know how to use worperfect OR word OR wordpad to post.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:48
Ted (Poorboys..........................and Platinum) ID#330175:
Have always had a 'warm-spot' for it after one of my rare successful trades in the 80's where I made good $$$ on Platinum...much better long-term ( do we have one ) investment than gold in my stoopid opinion....EB-you have *^&#$%

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:43
Voyeur Professor (EB: I don't know what they say, but I do know what I say. . .) ID#231101:

and I say that like Al Smith, the former New York governor who was defeated by Franklin Roosevelt, I would rather avoid a nilotic shouting match. Smith was irritated by the constant interruptions of an abusive heckler who screeched at him during one of his speeches, Go ahead, Al, don’t let me bother you. Tell everyone all you know. It won’t take you long. Smith responded, If I tell them all we both know, it won’t take me any longer.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:36
EB (Katzenjammer kids......ouch.) ID#22956:
Ted & guys *SNAP* out of it.....NOW. Ted, take a lesson from poorboys. He is jumping right back on the horse.......a glutton for it, if you will......uh huh.
go *PLAT*...yum-yum. the fridge, eh teddo ( ? ) .

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:36
Preacher (Bufford & FCX) ID#227290:
Copyright © 1998 Preacher/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

I haven't read Mr. Doody's letter yet this month. I'll get it tomorrow and then I'll know more about his reasoning.
The market has always punished FCX because it is a one-mine company. The past several months have also seen it punished because it's in Indonesia.
Lately the stock has sprung back to life. Maybe these punishments are being lifted, one or both.
The mine itself is huge, with tens of millions of ounces of gold and copper in it. Rick Rule once said it could go to $200 because of its reserve base. I'll have more later.

The Preacher

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:36
Fred (Hyper inflation) ID#341234:
I have to give Another credit. He does make people think. In general, I think we should be more concerned about getting gold up to $400 rather than thinking about $30,000. I still think we will get to $400 by late 98 or early 99. There may be enough panic in 1999 to bring gold up to $500-800. Time will tell.

To: oris
Another predicted $10-30 k gold within “a few” years. If personally cannot see any way this can happen in 2 or even 10 years. I will surely let you know if I see the light.

To: EJ
I appreciate your dedication to this site. I lurk here a lot and enjoy reading your posts. I agree with you that Another has trouble coming out and saying what he means. Even if the U.S. is at the end of a financial era, how does that tie into oil so strongly?
I like the Eagles also, but I wish the opposing sides were not upside down. I will pass on anything from Mexico. The people are very nice, but the country needs improvement. I spent way too much time traveling there with my last job.

You are right that gold needs to be priced more realistically, but don’t you think $30,000 is going a little too far? Sure, maybe the current value of gold should be closer to $500. Then, there may be a financial and stock market collapse due to Y2K, lower earnings, normal cycles, etc. That could double the price to $1000. Is that a little more realistic? I still think that if the price goes too high, the mining industry would eventually increase production enough to bring it back down.

To: JP & Hardguy2
I agree that hyper inflation is practically impossible. HIGH inflation, on the other hand, could happen again. Thanks, Carter.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:32
crazytimes (@ NJ or Hardcase) ID#342376:
I can't seem to get that article by Martin Armstrong. I don't see a big ship when I scroll down. The site looks very interesting though. Can you post it?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:23
EB (Voyeur Prof....ya know what 'they' say) ID#22956:
You're NEVER alone with a schizophrenic....uh huh. ( ? ) How am I...I am fine...How am I....Fine, thank you. Huh ( ? ) ? I dunno... the rubber room with the Jacket ( the straight one ) .

*go gold*!....Long! cole

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:23
sam (anyone) ID#286279:
What does blue sky mean?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:22
Poorboys (Do Your Ting) ID#224149:
Ted –If you don’t find WW ---Here is a real tip ---Platinum is really scarce ---from the boys up north

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:14
Ted (DUH.............................................) ID#330175:
saw=SAY ( geeze am i stoopid,,or what ) ---typical a carpenter would say SAW,eh!---Freudian I'd SAY,huh

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:10
silver plate (Simple math) ID#289468:
$300 gold times 100 equals $30,000. Most of us think this is a ridiculous price. Yet many many stocks in the last few years

have gone from $1 to $100 and some have yet to show a profit.

Same math but different items. Why is one so easily accepted but

the other ridiculed?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:10
Ted (why stop @ 30,000----how bout infinity-------------*Go Tonight's Gold*) ID#330175:
some saw why----I say why not~~~~~~geeeee,how unusual my E-mail service appears to be down ( will wonders ever cease )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:09
JP (Gold ---Digweep) ID#253153:
Yes, gold is a fantastic hedge against deflation. The move in GOLD has begun. This move will astound you. It will big and long. Big mioney will seek safety in gold. There won't be many other alternatives to gold. Much of the money coming out from stocks will move into gold.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:08
Delphi (A.Goose, 16:19 - is NLG different that NAG ) ID#258129:
Netherlands Antilles is Dutch territory but has own currency - Netherlands Antilles guilder. It is different from Dutch guilder ( NLG ) . Last Friday 1 US$ was 2.08 NLG.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:06
HARDCASE (NJ Re:Martin Armstrong's article) ID#400214:
Really good article. Thanks for the post.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:05
EJ (JP: I tend to concur that deflation is more likely than) ID#45173:
Copyright © 1998 EJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
inflation as the mechanism that erases worldwide debt to get us to the start of a new cycle. ANOTHER implies inflation without stating so explicitly. Evidence to support the deflationary theory is the lack of cheap Asian products washing onto American shores. This we were told late last year would happen as a result of Asian economies working to export their way out of their crisis, taking advantage of strong western economies. In fact, US imports from Asia are down 22% in unit volume over the same quarter last year, is a figure I recall. My wife works for a shipping forwarding company that does most of its business with Asia. In a recent conversation with the owner of her company, my guess was confirmed that the reason we don't see more cheap Asian goods is that manufacturers can't get their hands on enough cash to buy raw materials for manufacturing. This I think is what the chairman of Sony was complaining about last week. The prospect of deflation is what keeps 1/3 of my capital in cash. I take the prospect seriously. Thanks for your thoughts.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:05
Poorboys (Old Cole with Six Figures) ID#224149:
Hardcase ---Too much old cole can hurt that pocket ---- . If Thur and Fri were caused by Jap buying then it will go up. If not I think it will drop by the end of the day.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:03
Digdeep (JP) ID#267276:
Gold does well during deflationary times.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:03
Digdeep (JP) ID#267276:
Gold does well during deflationary times.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 17:01
Spud Master (test) ID#288154:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:59
Digdeep (Ror , oris) ID#267276:
Golitsyn wrote 2 books that I know of, the first in 84 NEW LIES FOR OLD and the next in about 95 THE PERISTROIKA DECEPTION. His first came true as he predicted lets hope he is wrong about his latest. Both books can be found from the American opinion bookstore. I get nervous everytime I hear that WE are going to close another military base but we keep opening them all over the world. As the world watches clintons zipper the rights of the American people are being embezzeled away by stealth. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:57
HARDCASE (oris) ID#400214:
Copyright © 1998 HARDCASE/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Oris I am sorry that I confused you. I grew up in a barn, on a farm, and forget that most did not. An ass is an animal, which shares many attitudes ( towards humans ) with the people that I was refering too.

As to giving names, I would only do that if I was going to file charges with the great Bart in the Sky. My irritation came from finally talking my grandkid into thinking about investment and the future only to have his first exposure to Kitco be full of the crap that went on last night.

Predict the future? Why not. Nothing makes people underestimate you more than appearing stupid. So here goes.

I am a gold bull, but I like most metals.

Monday I will short two contracts of silver. I think it will go up a little right at first then go down most of the rest of the day. The rest of the week it might go up.

Monday I will go long on two contracts of copper. I think it will go up over 50 cents before close.

Gold, I have no clue what it will do. If Thur and Fri were caused by Jap buying then it will go up. If not I think it will drop by the end of the day.

Good enough?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:45
JP ( Hyper Inflation impossible in the US) ID#253153:
Copyright © 1998 JP/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Many of you are making investment decisions based on inflation accelerating. In my opinion, many of you will be wiped out financially .
The market message is deflation. The deflationary IMPLOSION in Asia
will spread to our shores. As Japan sinks further into chaos, the Japanese banks will sell most of their US treasuries in order to survive.
Selling of bonds is very deflationary. Capital shortages in Asia are worsenning. On a recent trip to Japan I found that 3 out of every 4 Japanese companies don't have capital to operate. This is not a regional problem but a global issue. The whole world is facing money shortages ,trade wars, declining economic activity, rising unemployment etc. Think it
out for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:41
SDRer__A (How do YOU read this sentence....) ID#288155:
Copyright © 1998 SDRer__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

SECTION 2. Authorized Capital

( a ) The authorized capital stock of the Bank shall be $10,000,000,000, in terms of United States dollars of theWEIGHT AND FINENESS in effect on July 1, 1944.

BIS and WB both have Gold dollars?

Re: Another--Wish List
1. That Another is, in reality, a task-force from China Futures Engineering Company, Ltd., ‘fleshing-out’ their trading algorithms on paper commodities {:- ) )

From FDI readings--1995 data, for perspective
5. The largest recipients of private flows were the following ( East Asian countries are in italics ) : China ( 24 percent ) , Mexico ( 12.4 percent ) , Korea ( 7.2 percent ) , the former Soviet republics ( 7.1 percent ) , Argentina ( 6.6 percent ) , Malaysia ( 6.0percent ) , Portugal ( 5.7 percent ) ,
Brazil ( 4.7 percent ) , Thailand ( 4.0 percent ) , Turkey ( 3.3 percent ) , Venezuela ( 2.5 percent ) , Hungary ( 2.3 percent ) ,
Islamic Republic of Iran ( 2.2 percent ) , India, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, and Poland ( all between 1and 2 percent ) .

7. China received more FDI inflows than the United States in 1993 and only slightly less in 1994.
[source: World Bank]

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:40
Poorboys (More Unknown Names) ID#224149:
Voyeur Professor –If you might find it ---In your heart ---To project Gold $30,000 ---Vronsky might let you post on the Gold Beagle site ---Away to see Ted find ww

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:33
Rob (George RJ and Another) ID#410114:
George, Another might have risen to RJ's bait, but I think RJ has risen to yours.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:32
Pete (salvatore) ID#222231:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:28
sam (Pete) ID#286279:
Sometimes spelling makes a difference. Is farfel incorrigible or encourageable?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:19
A.Goose (Lurkers plese hlep us fill out the table. We need data from many more countries.) ID#20135:
Copyright © 1998 A.Goose/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
aurator ( cum kilo salis )

1Lb table salt ( with iodine ) = NZ$0.358

chas Morganton, N.C.

4 major stores: range 33 cents to 35 cents/pd. Average is 33.75 c/ pd

my own

$0.265 per pound Cupertino CA USA

.9070 Rands per pound of salt

0.2721 NLG per pound slat ( new data coming Monday )

We this small sample we see:

1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 1.3509 NZ$
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 1.0607 NZ$
Using the yahoo currency converter

Sat Apr 4 2:35PM Eastern U.S. Time -- U.S. Markets Closed.
US Dollar Exchange Rate New Zealand Dollar
1 Apr 3 1.815871 1.82

1usdollar = 1.815871 NZdollars

1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 3.423 Rand
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 2.500 Rand
Using the yahoo currency converter

US Dollar Exchange Rate South African Rand
1 Apr 3 5.0390 5.04

1 us dollar = 5.04 rand

1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 1.027 NLG
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 0.756 NLG

Using the yahoo currency converter

US Dollar
Exchange Rate Netherlands Antilles Guilder
1 Aug 1997 1.79 1.79

( Delphi is NLG different that NAG )

Subj: Price of salt
Date: 98-04-05 10:58:32 EDT
From: Felix

Hi A.Goose,

one kilogram of salt, iodized ( against goiter ) and with fluorine ( for our
teeth ) costs in Zurich, Switzerland SFr. 0.95, that is about 60cents in US$.
You should also consider if it has to be mined, or if it comes from sea
water. ( eg. sea salt costs more here, because it is imported )

Have a good day


Felix Zurich, Switzerland SFr 0.95 per kilogram

SFr 0.4308 per pound

1 USDollar in cupertino CA usa = 1.626 SFr
1 USdollar in Morganton, N.C. usa = 1.20 SFr

Using the yahoo currency converter

US Dollar
Exchange Rate Netherlands Antilles Guilder
1 Aug 1997 1.53 1.53

Felix may have a good point, but I think we should concentrate on trying to get much more data on the general data for the moment.

Please send your information to ( ) . We need price in local currency of a weigh of salt, city and country. I will soon put the data into a table format. Lurkers PLLEASE HELP.

So far ( noting the limited data sample ) the salt standard points to a overvalued us dollar. We need data from Asian countries.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:19
Ted (ROR) ID#330175:
why are YOU no longer WW?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:13
EJ (ROR: your earlier post today about Asian hostility toward) ID#45173:
Copyright © 1998 EJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
American influence on their economies via the $$ are right on the mark. I have spent a fair amount of time there, both on business and visiting my wife's relatives. The Japanese in particular enjoyed for a while the belief that while they lost a military battle against the US, they won an economic war. This is especially true for the generation that came of age in the 1980's, the generation that is now taking over the reigns of power. The younger generation, born in the 1980s, see themselves as much as world citizens as Japanese. This has a mitigating effect on nationalist sentiments against the West in general and the US in particular. However, when push comes to shove, all nations act in what they believe is their own self-interest. Floating the dollar may be one of the first favors that the new Japanese power elite does not feel that they owe to the US in return for peacekeeping guarantees. The net of it is that Asia is a stew of conflicts that have been mitigated by shared prosperity in the '80s and '90s, and a loss of prosperity will enflame these conflicts. The US will get caught in a confusing set of conflicting alliances, and the dollar will most likely be a big loser.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:13
oris (ROR) ID#238422:
Copyright © 1998 oris/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
ROR, it's an interesting idea, but for me it's too
complicated. I do not think that Commies would allow for
lose power to strengthen their future positions. I always
thought that Marxist theory is not PRACTICAL, it's against
the laws of human nature and that is its main week point.
Normal human being wants to be rich and famous ( and powerful )
but in Soviet times only selected ones on the top had it.
Of course, those selected ones needed a lot of guns and ammo
to keep others ( who were not rich and famous ) in happy
condition. Gorbachev decided that he does not need so many
guns and ammo, and you know what happened to the whole
socialist camp. Marxist theorty is a LIE, but honest LIE.

I regard to the statements by defectors - they need some
income...what do you expect from those guys? KGB defectors
are particularly specific breed of people - you should be
careful listening to them. Would not trust them too much
anyway. Golytsin's theory sounds not realistic to me.
It's my opinion and I may be wrong. Thanks for your question.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:06
sam (robnoel) ID#286279:
Well, o.k. then, guess I won't throw out those Maple Leafs after all ;- )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:05
Hardguy2 (@JP...All, RE: hyperinflation is impossible) ID#399119:
unless the U.S. pays it's bills in cash. IMO a FRN is a check, a check is a variable denomination, FRN. The result of: check writing is hidden inflation, the issuance of credit is hidden inflation, the result is head lettuce at $.99lb, and penny candy at $.25

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 16:04
Voyeur Professor (The Parliament of Fools) ID#231101:
Copyright © 1998 Voyeur Professor/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

It is becoming tiresome watching Kitco degenerate into a Soviet parliament or Nazi show trial that serves merely as a catalyst for proving one’s superiority. I don’t understand why views expressed need become ad hominum attacks. I also believe that we have begun to display the classic signs of schizophrenia. Possibly, we could all stand a refreshing look at ourselves via some outside satirist like Johnathan Swift. I'm sure many of you remember his wonderful attack on the British Royal Society in the third voyage of Gulliver's Travels. There, Gulliver visits deep thinkers obsessively preoccupied with projects devoted to building houses from the roof down and methods to extract moonbeams out of cucumbers!
Our present dementia has some of us railing at one another because we have proven wrong in our predictions on gold’s direction. I would submit that this condition has, over the past year, convinced some posters that gold will sink to $35 and others to justify a Valhalla of $3000. Well, I say a plague on both houses! I do not believe there is a valid expectation for either price. Interestingly, the gold bear has acted on us like the sun’s anvil in the North African desert; it has made us delirious. I would suggest that there is as much hyperbole on this site as there is in Abby Cohen’s enthusiasm for the bull market. If financial markets represent a manifestation of human personality and psychology ( as does the confrontation of battle when ordinance over one’s head threatens to test your sanity ) , then we are witnessing squabbles that reflect our superegos and libidos. I for one will be content to regard those posts that avoid the extremes of apocalypse or the second coming. I would also underscore the eclectic character of much thinking here. At times the dominant motif swings from conspiracy visions of a manipulated market to faith in an ineluctable market force that will undo all the evils wrought by paper-debt demons. I have been trained in classical philosophy and have always been fond of the Aristotelian nostrum, embellished by Thomas Aquinas, that affirms . . . a thing cannot be and not be simultaneously. So I would be happy to see gold restored to the status of a reasonable investment in hedging against a market bubble. For me, this means a possible return to $400 within the next year; just a simple recognition of gold’s inflationary worth since deregulation in 1973 would argue for the logic of $400 gold. Any speculation about a rise or collapse from that point needs to be addressed to an almost infinite variety of variables on which we can only speculate. One of the more bewitching forms of argumentation is represented by the so-called post hoc ergo propter hoc postulate. It assumes causality where no cause may actually be operative. Today, Dow 10000 disciples mouth the causality of momentum and liquidity to justify their optimism. Likewise, too many goldbugs, justifiably urged to action by the seeming end of almost two decades of despair, are embracing both vitriolic smugness and utopian dreams as their operative psychic disposition. I think we all need to return to a more sober form of dialogue.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:56
NJ (All : Please read) ID#20748:
Martin Armstrong's article on the Crash of 1997/98. Go to the url below and in the main frame scroll down and click on the picture of the big ship.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:52
Poorboys (Again --I leave it to the Xperts) ID#224149:
ROR –Even Russians eat Big Mac’s ---Everything is fine .

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:48
JP (Hyper inflation in US impossible unless government pays its bills in cash) ID#253153:
The odds of hyper inflation in the US are ZERO unless the US government pays its bills in CASH. So far they are paying their bills with checks. We have a very large bond market in the US and any hints of hyper inflation will send this market to the basement with soaring interest rates. The bond market acts as a proxy for controlling inflation. If rates went up it wil be l because of CAPITAL SHORTAGES and NOT HYPER inflation.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:42
ALBERICH__A (@Fred: US$, Goldprice, Inflation) ID#254112:
Copyright © 1998 ALBERICH__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I don't expect that what's coming will be rosy. But when gold will be priced more realistically, that doesn't mean that all the other commodities and consumer prices and car prices move up together with gold.

We don't know the future but we can play through some scenarios.
Let's assume gold is cornered right now. It will still be priced in US$ for quite a while. The price goes up 100%. That doesn't mean all the other prices will go up 100%. As long as this would happen, goldbugs would have it still really good.

Bad times start when the stock market crashes and the US economy would follow the example of Japan.

What if all paper currencies worldwide lose confidence: relative to all paper based currencies gold will keep shooting up. That would be about the time when governments start becoming dangerous for gold owners. Around that time any price of gold is possible. But that wouldn't mean that a car would cost $20 million. Not necessarily!

All of that is just kind of brain storming scenarios.


Alberich the Dwarf

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:37
ROR (Oris as A Russian) ID#35767:
Copyright © 1998 ROR/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
What do you think of Golytsyn's statements ( KGB defector ) who in 1984 stated that perestroika and the subsequent supposed Commie downfall will be a ruse to take advantage of the west and make the Soviet people REALLY HATE the west and CAPITALISM by making their experience with the same be miserable. I believe Leninism allows FOR ANY LIE to be stated to achieve the end. Nobody wanted to believe Hitler yet right in Mein Kampf his strategy and philosophy were clearly laid out. It was just in the 30's nobody could believe it. Just as now the Marxist Leninist philosophy of the LIE is clear but nobody wants to believe it as it is too inconvenient, yet it is there. Noone can tell me the average Russian or Eastern European loves the West more now than before the Berlin Wall fell. I think the Marxists are achieving their goals and will show their true colors when the current Capitalist bubble bursts. Golytsyn made this analysis and as a top KGB guy he should know. The 90s are the decade of the big LIE. Also this includes the US economy rubbish and the stk mkt. LOOK AT THE DEBT and THE EARNINGS SHENANIGANS for stk option profits. Lenin said the Capitalist will hang himself with his own rope ( I think the rope is called isatiable greed ) and that appears to be occurring now. WAKE UP!!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:36
Poorboys (I leave it to the experts) ID#224149:
Tolerant1-If one pours scotch into an empty glass and then ads water. Does the scotch rise to the top? It seems stronger on the first imbibe ---Away to uncloud the formidable hanker

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:31
EJ (Fred: ANOTHER's predictions about hyperinflation) ID#45173:
Copyright © 1998 EJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
is consistent with my understanding of the broad cycles of capital, where debt builds slowly, usually over the lifespan of an entire generation ( 60 - 70 years ) and then is dissolved either through deflation and default ( e.g., the Great Depression ) or hyperinflation in the next few years, as ANOTHER is implying in his messages. I do wonder why he does not just come right out and say that, tho.

I prefer the beautiful finish on the Eagles. They are a decent rip-off of a St. Gaudens on the obverse, without the same dramatic relief, but have a commemorative look on the reverse I don't like. The Kugs don't do much for me either, design-wise. Kugs have a lower premium than Eagles so I pay for the privelege. If you want to see a really kick-ass coin, I think the Mexicans have it. I love my Guanajatos. I think that's how it's spelled. A really big, bad coin with an intricate design. Maybe it's just nostalgia; I lived in Mexico ( Guadalajara ) for a while as a kid.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:29
DJ (XAU/spot) ID#215208:
Donald - Hmmmm.... On second thought, in a gold bull market, it doesn't matter whether XAU is going up at 3x the rate of gold or 5x, a person would always do better with stock than physical. It would never make sense to switch from stock to physical.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:22
DJ (XAU/spot) ID#215208:
Copyright © 1998 DJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Donald - I was trying to understand the logic behind your strategy of making buy/sell decisions based on the XAU/spot ratio.

I think we can agree that both XAU and spot move in the same direction, ( albeit not at the same rate ) , either up or down depending on whether we are in a gold bear or gold bull market. I admit I haven't had time to follow all your thinking on this subject. Have you determined that a high XAU/Spot ratio preceeds a gold bear market, and vice versa?

If this is not the case, in a general gold bull market, it seems the ratio would tell you when to shift your assets between physical and stock, but you wouldn't necessarily sell either for cash.

I apologize if I am asking you to repeat things you have already posted.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:20
oris (Fred) ID#238422:
Fred, my friend, ask yourself a question:
Is it possible that gold will rise to
$30,000/oz in the period of nearest 10 years?

If you say to yourself: Yes, it's possible!
then ask yourself a question: But why? But how?.

If you figure out why and how, please let me know.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:18
TYoung (RJ-OLD posts revisited) ID#17796:
very bullish for gold. Tom

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:10
oris (Hardcase) ID#238422:
Sir, is this kind of talking dirty stuff I just
heard from you - take ...ass...out of their mouth...?

Also, give us names of those who talk dirty, we got
to ban them. By the way, what's your outlook on precious
metals future? You got to give us your understanding, sir.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:09
Fred (Who is Another?) ID#341234:
Is Another?

1. An insider who knows the future and generously wants to help the gold bugs on Kitco.

2. Someone who believes what he is saying but has no idea if any of it is true.

3. A trickster who is having fun playing off people’s greed.

Another’s posts are thought provoking, and $30,000 gold is a bold prediction. If you chose #1 above, please continue to the second question.

What will happen when gold reaches $30,000?

A. The dollar looses most of its value with 9,000% inflation. All wealth and debt in dollars is erased. Financial chaos results with the U.S. thrown back into the dark ages with no need for oil.

B. The dollar maintains most of its value, and half the people in the world get jobs as gold miners. More people live under ground than above, and eventually more gold is produced than aluminum.

Sam & EJ: I kind of like the look of the Maple Leaf. It has a brushed background with a shiny image in the foreground. I think there is no ringing because pure gold is too soft to set up a resonance frequency within the coin. The 22 carat coins are much harder and able to vibrate.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:08
BUFFORD (Preacher GSA adds FCX to top 10 list any thoughts) ID#253246:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:05
Poorboys (*Go Platinum Dmark too *) ID#224149:
TYoung –Ya –My wife never loses –In fact –Out spending me ---Forever and ever

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 15:00
TYoung (Poorboys-It don't matter) ID#17796:
I only get the loses, the ORACLE of OZ gets the gains. Tom

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:56
Poorboys (Yawny Afternoon) ID#224149:
TYoung –Most post here to read their own posts ---Try Old Gold –He just made Six figure’s last week.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:50
HARDCASE (Donald_A) ID#400214:

When you don't hear back about a post, that means that Kitcoites are thinking real hard about it.

Otherwise they would tell you, IMMEDIATELY, one of the following:

1. How smart you are.

2. How stupid you are.

3. How this has nothing to do with anything.

Keep up the good work.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:48
2BR02B? (@y2k hints from heloise for after the millenium) ID#266105:

Woodbine, the fragrant flowering vine once planted around
outhouses to mask the smell. Mr. Fisk, of infamous Fisk & Gould
when asked in congressional testimony where all the customer's
money went after collapse of gold pyramid scheme--

the classy Mr. Fisk: Gone where the woodbine twineth.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:45
EJ (CEAUX-DUTHEIL Stéphane: fascinating analysis...) ID#45173:
...wish I hadn't had a window seat in French class. From what I can make out, there's a new channel in the DOW started in 1995 that will break in May 1998 that terminates at 6000. Can you translate for me? What's the thesis of this analysis? Thx.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:44
robnoel__A (Sam,all coins have different sounds,it's the ones that go THUCK..Coins that are pure gold) ID#411112:

Mapels,kangaroos,pandas...24crt......eagels,krugs,sov's,...22crt..alloys change the sound....its the ring

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:42
HARDCASE (Free Speech - You get what you pay for.) ID#400214:
Copyright © 1998 HARDCASE/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Isn’t it amazing that when some Kitcoites talk about precious metals they sound so educated and intelligent. Yet when they talk about each other, even my 14 year old grandkid thinks they are sick.

Perhaps he is right. They may be victims of PMS ( Precious Metal Syndrome ) . After all these years of a bear market in gold, we may be seeing the destabilizing effects that a bull market has on gold bears.

All in all, a few dirty talking Kitcoites might want to take their ass ( and/or other things ) out of their mouth and talk about precious metals.

They might appear less diseased that way.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:32
OLD GOLD () ID#238295:
ROR: Anything can happen of course, but I feel much safer only buying significant dips. Of course, I already have a large position and that colors my thinking. If I had very little invested now, I too might be tempted to chase rallies.

Even if POG does go ballistic one day, nobody knows when. And if you buy into the top of a big rally, you could be hit with serious losses for awhile even if the trend is now your friend.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:27
2BR02B? (@recipes: wringneck mallard, poached) ID#266105:

1. length of stovepipe, sealed on one end

2. trail of corn leading in

3. they don't have reverse gear

Might work with golden pheasant, I don't know.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:26
TYoung (Emotionally Distraught) ID#17796:
I posted yesterday regarding my various plans on furures contacts if gold hits $315. I get one response-Poorboys! Thanks a bunch you people!!! I am emotionally crushed. Only one person here would tell me I was crazy. Fortunately, the ORACLE of OZ ( a/k/a my wife ) was not so shy. In discussing my plans with her the first response was somewhat negative and degenerated thereafter. Taken aback and caught off guard I referenced hitting a home run and getting up to bat ( courtesy you know who ) since I had no original response at hand. Then a discussion on risk/reward ensued. Suffice to say my ORACLE politely pointed out I was not going to move the market by myself. That I had been up to bat so many times she had lost count. No outs had yet occurred and all the hit balls were still in the air going toward the outfield looking at worst to be singles or doubles with home runs still possible. I'll buy in @$315 but on the same basis as before. Having an ORACLE is nice even if your bubble does get popped. SMILELY THING. Tom P.S. anybody know how to use wordperfect to post

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:23
oris (Mozel) ID#238422:
Copyright © 1998 oris/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
1.Waco was a terrible tragedy, and I remember...
2.China? - ask Chinese people and draw your conclusions
later, but blood is generally not welcome in the civilized
3.Red October II - Junior asked you to check your facts...

I'll tell you this - you used Russian source of info,
which represents a curious mix of Russian fasicsts, Russian
nationalists, Russian hard core communists, and everybody
else who hate the U.S., Jews, West in general, but who love
Saddam Hussien and Arab brothers, also in general because
they ( SH and brothers ) hate the U.S., Jews, and West...
This tells me a lot about your own views, which I can
tolerate easy - we all gonna die some day...

But your biggest problem is that you were not there and
you do not know. For this reason I'm not upset with you
for posting this bull sh*t about Moscow October of 1993.

4. Post what you know, sometimes it's really interesting..

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:22
sam (EJ) ID#286279:
Yeah, and them Maple Leafs don't ring like the other coins either, maybe robnoel can tell us why. Or maybe I have a bucket of bad MLs?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:16
DJ (Channels) ID#215208:
Copyright © 1998 DJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
In the linked chart I have included Friday's spot closing as the last data point. All others are the London P.M. fix.

Great week! All four metals appear to be trending up.

Gold. After a little head fake downward, gold headed north. Clearly indicating the trend is up. The channel I show is not as steep as for the other metals, however, the sope is still about 30%/year and the channel top hits around 340 by year end, and close to 450 by year 2000. Not so bad!

Silver. The channel is still not well defined, but the direction seems clear. This run could take it up to 7.30 or thereabouts. I think we can learn a lot about potential peaks in one metal by watching the others.

Platinum. Missed 400 by 5 bucks on the London close. I really did think it would touch the channel bottom before it reversed, but it seems the gold rally pushed it up. I think we should watch for gold and platinum to peak at the same time, probably along with palladium. If platinum hits the top of its channel, it will peak around 430.

Palladium. Turned back up with platinum, magnifying platinum's move as usual. If platinum hits 430, we could easily see 310 for palladium. The minimum spread to-date is around $120.

Keep in mind all the prices discussed herein relate to the London afternoon fixes. Interday spot and futures usually exceed these numbers, after compensating for any futures bias, such as backwardation.

My best wishes for all Kitco-ites to glow, crow, and prosper in the coming weeks. No matter what your PM poison, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:04
Isure (EB) ID#368244:

Just thought you might find it interesting, a 1927D Saint in MS60, is worth

over $150000 US.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 14:00
robnoel__A (tolarent1 sorry that went over my head,guess I should use spell check, taling should be talking) ID#411112:

off to soak up some sun,have been a little anal

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:57
Argent (Spelling ) ID#255217:
The spelling in the posts on this forum is atrochus. Why don't about 80% of you invest in a dictchunery? ( Get one with a gold cover. )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:55
robnoel__A (tolerant1...the WILD WILD west...cigarette smoking,gun totting,land owners who drive SUV'S,that's) ID#411112:

what Iam taling about

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:55

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:54
Selby () ID#286230:
223: I don't know anything about the grain market but thanks to the el nino winter you can buy cottages all over southern Ontario for real cheap and all you have to do is replace the inner walls and probably some of the floors. In Toronto el nino has been a finacial dream come true--atleast in percentage terms. Virtually no snow, no road salt, and about half the heating bill.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:52
Poorboys (Spring Cleaning) ID#224149:
Cant get rid of this hangy ---Guess I better delete those 5000 posts of Vronsky and his sheep promoting SA stocks ----I am sure the hard disc would appreciate it -----#-@-&_##-~~

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:52
2BR02B? (@din't raise no fools, she called'm) ID#266105:


-our shoreline is pink granite


Expecting RSVP's when it hits $500/oz.

Freshwater out front here, beaver, otter, elk.
Variety of fish...saltwater across the road
out the upstairs windows...crabs, clams, salmon.

That's a good pot of dungeness to be picked up
on a tack, wind & waves humming from stays to stern.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:39
tolerant1 (robnoel_A - trail attorneys?) ID#31868:
You do live out west by gosh.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:37
EB (ISURE) ID#22956:
Just as I suspected...I'll call the guy and tell him to pack it up. I guess that's why he only sold one. Damn late night ripoff artists. That seems to be quite a price discrepancy....hmmmmmmmm.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:35
robnoel__A (Suspicious,Truth they can't handel the truth...someone famous said that,the tobacco deal is) ID#411112:
Copyright © 1998 robnoel__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

a scam, it does nothing to stop teen smoking
it puts billions of dollars into TRAIL
ATTORNEYS pockets,biggest socialists plenty
of proof on that,robs the poor and causes big
time crime ask Canada...... a semi trailer of
cigarettes worth $550.000.00....gangs will be
lining up for a shot at that.....Republicans
are just as differance....and
they wonder why we are so pissed off....this
mornings talk shows also a bunch of liberal
lies......all of them say Clinton is doing
the job of the people....which a
book printed in 94 The Second American
Revolution....written by two heads of major
advertising.....James Patterson & Peter
Kim..they spent months feeling Americas
pulse,from New Hampshire to California asking
folks what do you demand in a President,79%
said Honesty....75% said Good
Judgement....70% said Trustworthiness...63%
said Put countrys interest ahead of
politics.....and the mush heads think I
believe them when they say he has a 70%
approval,I think I know a lot of real
Americans who are decent patriots who questin

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:33
tolerant1 (The Hatt - I do not know about the particular stock you are posting about, but...) ID#31868:
Copyright © 1998 tolerant1/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I think at this point you should buy physical, or increase your position in a producer you own or want to purchase. The lure of discovery and turning a nice profit is strong. But the producers will fly in these first go-rounds IMHO - If the producers go up sell some of your profits and throw them at the explorer stock ( s ) if it has not moved up at all or too much if you think it is viable.

My gut tells me you should sit tight with what you have in the stock currently. If it goes to $2.00 - great, dump it and decide what to do with the money then. Sell half at a $1.00 if you want and let the rest ride.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:29
Isure (@ EB) ID#368244:

MS62 Saints should be around 500. Rare dates can be much higher.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:29
Pete (Poorboys) ID#222231:
Tut tut, showing your true colors again eh!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:28
EB (btw) ID#22956:
I is a kitcoholic. What is the Temp in the Cape?
Nick@C, you're one funny sheep doodler.....uh huh. enjoy sunshine....the bright thing in the sky to all CA'ers

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:22
EB (anyone care for a Dell not pickles.......) ID#22956:
it is forming a nice pennant.....and wants to go north. Check it out. Good for a few bucks......

oh yeah....go gold.

GO PLATINUM~~!! ( $$ ) ! ohmy ( ¿ ) ( ? ) search the archives to *bury* GSC if he wants to play ( he is consistent ( wrong ) , gotta give him that )


almost forgot....after SNL last night I watched a coin auction. They were selling silver gold, etc. This guy had about seven ( or so ) St. Gaudens between 1903 and 1915 MS62.... He was gonna sell the whole lot in the area of $740 that a good price or not? I wrote down the #. 800.959.8889 If you like give call....he could only sell one @ 740, I think he still has some. StudioR? LGB? ( where are you dude? ) others Good price? or bad?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:22
Isure (Dollar devaluation) ID#368244:

If I borrow 30 millon US at current rates, I take this money and buy 30 millon in gold. Gold goes to 30000oz. , the dollar is devalued by a factor of 1000, would I still owe the original 30 millon?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:17
Suspicious (WHAT !!! $ 30,000 Gold ?) ID#285121:
What have you guys been smoking this morning?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:17
Carl (Simple questions to clear my head:) ID#341189:
SDRer and Donald or anyone: Is the backing by gold being decided by the EU for the euro really backing or is it just a decision about what will make up reserve bank holdings? Am I right to infer from Another's statements recently that he thinks the euro may actually be BACKED by gold, that is, its supply will be pegged to the gold on hand at a fixed conversion rate?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:10
Suspicious (Auric / EMU ) ID#285121:
Not sure but the last date I caught was July 1 98 for gold backing determination of the EMU.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:10
fiveliter (Donald_A) ID#341312:
I don't do much with the XAU as I prefer to buy physical rather than stocks these days but I very much appreciate the daily Comex stock reports you post. Keep it up and thanks!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:09
tolerant1 (Auric - On May 2nd the folks in Brussels report on the qualification round) ID#31868:
of nations for inclusion. ( Thank The Privateer for that tidbit ) So at least we know it won't be in the begining of May. From there it goes to someplace else and then I guess something might happen. Maybe, woulda, coulda.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:07
Suspicious (Robnoel / Socialism ) ID#285121:
The most amazing thing I believe I've ever seen is our Government's headlong dive toward socialism while watching it fail all over the world. The best thing about the market crash that is just around the corner is that the liberals will be the most burned as they generally believe everything this administration touts including a wonderful economic future. Liberals never visit alternate news sites. The truth confuses the hell out of em.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:06
Poorboys (* Go Platinum Go *) ID#224149:
Pete –Learning new words? Another Fraud falsehood and charlatan

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:05
ROR (US Gold SAles) ID#35767:
Copyright © 1998 ROR/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
That would be the end. It looks like the US will soon be in competition re reserve currency status. With all the liqudity if the sentiment changes towards YOU NEED GOLD TO HAVE A QUALITY CURRENCY the sky is the limit and any US sale will be lapped up quick. With gold and US dollar dominance the key IS AND HAS BEEN TO NOT LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG. Once it is out it wont go back in. The currency crisis and how everyone in the world except Wall St is getting hurt by the dollar std along with the Euro and Japanese anger at the US tells me the head and two paws are out and the claws have grown long and are ready to lash.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:04
PH in LA (another E-MAIL FOR PETE) ID#225408:


If neither works I will check with tech support tomorrow and get the problem fixed then.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:02
tolerant1 (Auric - I do not think they know) ID#31868:
May is apparently the month, the day upon which an announcement is made is still a fleeing suspect.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:01
A.Goose () ID#20135:
$30,000 usdollar per ounce gold might ...

just might still have gold at

470 Swiss Franc per ounce.

A crash in the U.S. dollar may not cause a crash in all currencies around the world.

The currency table could just make room at the bottom for the overinflated usdollar.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 13:00
Auric (EMU) ID#255151:

Does anyone know when the percentage of Gold backing for the EMU will be officially announced?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:55
tolerant1 (KCTrader) ID#31868:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:53
Poorboys (Chilly Weather *Go Gold Go Platinum *) ID#224149:
Ted --Got ANOTHER hangy Only 3 Miles today ---I hate 222's

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:49
RJ (..... OLD GOLD = George S. Cole .....) ID#411259:
Copyright © 1998 RJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

But he changed his handle after an unbroken string of miscalls. I told you that you could not win this, George. Your past haunts you. You also seem to think I will be hurt badly by further price rises in gold. I covered some of my shorts last week and all the rest is against long silver or platinum. Let gold go up, my long whites protect me. Actually a real strong rally in gold would be the best thing for me. I'm rooting for it……. Go Gold……….. That I put in short term sell trades seems to irk you all to hell. Why should it bother you that I put in a few shorts? You should be jumping with glee that I took some losses last week, albeit a very small percentage of the profits in silver and platinum.

I promise 2 posts, but as I will be busy the rest of the day, here are several for the price of two. Took me about 5 minutes to dig these up. All these posts were made when gold was between 338 and 341. I'm saving the really juicy ones for George's inevitable reply. Set the trap, place the bait, and wait…….

Give it up, George……… Let it go………

Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 05:50

George S. Cole ( outlook ) :

Reify: I do suspect that spot gold will break $340 before moving up, but I doubt it will go much below that or stay there very long. As Steve Kaplan has observed huge physical buying comes out of Asia every time the price dips below $340

Date: Thu Jun 05 1997 16:30

George s. Cole ( Big Trader ) :

Note that today's wild upside action occurred right after Big Trader's latest post. Coincidence? I don't think so. Big Trader must be taken seriously.

Date: Fri Jun 13 1997 14:30

George s. Cole ( gold bear ) :

Gold stocks now down modestly after giving up early gains. August gold off 30 cents. This bear is going to end shortly, but may have a few more loud growls left.

Date: Wed Jun 18 1997 11:07

George s. Cole ( stock market ) :

Bullion flat today, but gold stocks continue to drop. Their relentless decline even on days when bullion rallies, probably is signaling a final break in the yellow metal quite shortly. I suspect that when gold does break below $340, the gold stocks will hold up quite well. That will be the time to buy.

Date: Thu Jun 19 1997 10:19

George S. Cole ( gold action ) :

August gold up $1.40 and gold stocks finally staging a decent rally. As Steve Kaplan has pointed out, Asian gold demand soars every time bullion dips below $340; looks like this may be happening again. Real tug of war right now. The bears ae going all out; if they cannot trigger a sharp drop in the next few days, a strong rally above $350 is in the cards. Even if they are successful in driving bullion to $330 or so, this still looks like the final spike down.

Date: Wed Jun 25 1997 07:05

George S. Cole ( gold stocks and gold bullion. ) :


August gold up 50 cents this morning as dollar weakens. Gold stocks performed considerably better relative to bullion yesterday -- a positive sign. IF THIS CONTINUES for a few days the stage will be set for a decent rally. With many gold bulls capitulating as evidenced in rising put premiums and mine closures likely to escalate if bullion drops much below $335, a long-term bottom is getting close.

From me:

Seems like you have been humming the same tune for a long time George. Your attacks on me will bring you embarrassment and shame. Give it up George, you can not win. Let it go………………….


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:48
Pete (OLD GOLD) ID#222231:
You wrote:
( Buying into rallies enables clever shorters like RJ and EB to pick your pockets )

You forgot to mention others of the same ilk. Observe those that dislike ANOTHER'S THOUGHTS!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:36
Bill El Zebub ( al...knock...knock...Are you home?) ID#261352:
Au thoughts?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:34
AZAU (US Govt) ID#247273:
As long as we are talking what if's here, consider the counter move that may be played by US Govt. In the face of a rapidly escalating gold price, and changes as suggested by ANOTHER, the US Govt would naturally try to take drastic steps to control the situation. One alternative would be to sell US gold reserves. US Govt current administration has not stopped at anything to maintain control and power. They have sold our morals, our industry, our future, and who knows what else. Of course, if the secret were revealed, then it would be as gasoline upon a fire.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:33
Pete (Cherokee) ID#222231:
I forgot to mention your spelling of ( bastardazation ) . If my inferior spelling traits do not fail me should be BASTARDIZATION.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:25
Pete (PH in LA, Cherokee) ID#222231:
PH in LA-It's still bouncing. I've checked my system and everything seems ok save your address.

Cherokee. Try to be nice for a change. I would'nt try to bite you. I'd probably get poysanned. ( Phonetics in case you don't know! ) ( You should be more tolerant and kind to those of less intelligence. ) He He.
Talk about bastardization! Back to my cave.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:20
KCTrader (tolerant1) ID#275307:

Thanks for your assistance. KCT

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 12:08
robnoel__A (Socialism,a study in failure,will also be the cause of a market crash) ID#411112:

Rupert Murdoc,in a speech last year said that the new face of socialism,was rather than control a countrys asserts, regulate them to death,have all the benefits of ownership,without all the hassel,Clintons current policy on the tobacco fits that descripton,who's next,gun manufactures is obvious,SUV owners........the golden goose will die from carefull out there

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:57
ROR (OldGold) ID#35767:
Copyright © 1998 ROR/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I hope you are right about a gradual gold assent. Howwever, I believe it will be sudden and eye popping. There is too much paper floating around for it not to be. Seems Euros and eventually Asians will not want a dollar basis as it is screwing them. I feel there is growing resentment against US arrogance. Of course this is not reported in press. Recently in the Ukraine there was and election with 36 parties and The Commies got 24.7% and their Marxist allies 8.6% and finished 1-2. The rest was split between disparate groups. THEY REALLY LOVE US. I think Russia is on the verge of a return to Communism in some form as was predicted by KGB defector Anatoly Golitsyn in 1984. Our pols dont want to hear it but it is hjappening. The Yeltsin cabinet showdown may be setting the stage for something.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:52
tolerant1 (proper english is King's English and the King and Queen can both) ID#373288:
kiss my subwoofer.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:51
Isure ($30000 Gold) ID#368244:

If gold goes to $30000 an ounce, I don't think you would have more money, I just think you want have less. If you have gold that is.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:45
OLD GOLD ($30,000) ID#238295:
EJ: I for one do not want to see a world of $30,000 gold. This would be a world of war, gold confiscation, chaos, revolution, and unimaginable suffering. But the thought of $3,000 or even $1,000 POG gets my greed genes excited, real excited.

Bernatz: I and many other here would greatly appreciate your thoughts on where POG is headed from here. Can it possibly be that our best gold forecaster DOES NOT KNOW?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:41
tolerant1 (EJ - not quite correct at to the amount of dollars needed.) ID#373288:
Copyright © 1998 tolerant1/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
The United States has become no different than Argentina, in that what I mean is they will simply say $1000.00 old dollars are now equal to $1.00 new dollars. An so forth and so on. The politicians are smart enough to realize that $30,000 gold would mean a lynching in the White House and any other governmental seat. So they change the number, blather about the good of the people, exactly like Clinton has been babbling now for several months. I just want to get back to my work, the work of the people. Its not even a good tactic for someone with the brain of a flea to figure out. Lots of fleas out there.

Individuals that do not hold metal get slaughtered.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:41
The Hatt (Claimstaker Resources on the VSE need your opinions!) ID#294232:
Have been following this stock for some time now and i have either found a true diamond in the rough or am missing something. Two mines ready to go into production, 300 ton mill already in place with permits, Standard Bank prepared to issue gold loan and rumors of blue sky! This stock trades for $.25 and has 14,000,000 shares issued. Based on my calculations they have enough drill proven reserves to justify $2.00 per share. If anyone follows VSE would appreciate your comments please as I am about to double my position!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:40
PH in LA (e-mail to Pete) ID#225408:

Been checking my e-mail in vain...thought my own address would have come through but in any case:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:34
tolerant1 (KCTrader) ID#373288: if this url does not work look on the digest page under Oracle of Alberta.

If you do not want to wait for the page to load, it is the 7th box on the left in the rows of three images.

don't forget to take the en off of gold to make the url work.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:33
ALBERICH__A (@mozel (from Apr. 5, 00:36 (YELTSIN's RED OCTOBER II)) ID#254112:
Dear Sir:

Thank you for sharing this historical eyewitness document with us.

Very respectfully yours

Alberich the Dwarf

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:33
Ted (To Another...............................ding-bat) ID#330175:
don't you think gold @ 30,000/oz is a little on the low side--thankx for yer answer in advance~~~~~~

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:33
OLD GOLD () ID#238295:
Copyright © 1998 OLD GOLD/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Bufford; Burt Dohmen has long been a fanatic gold bear. When the yellow was around $290 not long ago, he was calling for a drop to $200 this year as deflationary forces gathered momentum. Bearish at the bottom.

Having crossed swords with the bears I now take issue with the more extreme bulls. Dangerous to expect too much too soon. Generates a sense of overconfidence and encourages one to chase rallies. Very risky. This gold bull will have lots of sharp setbacks as it climbs A MOUNTAIN OF WORRIES. Buying into rallies enables clever shorters like RJ and EB to pick your pockets

Keep your long term hopes sky high, but don't expect to get rich overnight. Buy the dips. Limit leverage. Have patience. And don't let the bears rattle you.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:32
robnoel__A (Bufford,great post last two paragraphs say's it all,US market is like a deer in the headlights of ) ID#411112:
semi driven by Japan/Russia coming down the road at full carefull out there

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:29
Ted (BUFFORD(4/4 -9:10)----'You got MOI babe'.......*go GOLD*(TONIGHT!)) ID#330175:
Poorboys: I got my 'hangy' today---time for the daily ( ugh ) walk ta try and bring some clarity to a very unclear picture...

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:28
EJ (Nick@C: you got me) ID#45173:
Copyright © 1998 EJ/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I went to bed late last night after a long Kitco session. Got up this a.m., grabbed some coffee, and now while my wife goes through her excercise tape on the VCR, I log onto Kitco once again and read your post on Kitcoholics. The second funniest thing I read this morning is a post that references prognostications from once-jailed credit fraud perpetrator Lyndon LaRouche.

The most interesting discussion for me last night was ANOTHER's $30,000 per oz gold price prediction. The long and short of it, if you'll excuse the pun, is that $30,000 gold means 10000% inflation, which means your car will cost $3,000,000 and your house $30,000,000 and you'll get paid $8,000,000 a year. So, it's nothing to get too excited about, except that if you don't have gold or property, you'll lose all your money.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:10
cherokee__A (@------semi-literate-posing-as-illiterate...........SWAT!) ID#344308:
Copyright © 1998 cherokee__A All rights reserved


there you go again...made me say it again by painting all
with the same brush......

bite me..

the problem you allude to-----spelling not being a problem----
is exactly the problem...the bastardazation of everything we
have that is good......ebonics with the spoken word....
what will you call the bastardized written word...

oh, i cared not for the correct spelling, THEY know what i mean.

not only is it proper to be proper with english, it allows
those who are mentally challenged to GROW. you know, with
spelling, enunciation, syntax........

never take ANYTHING for granted about man's greatest invention....
you will pay dearly for doing, back to your cave!~

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:08
STUDIO.R ('re sure.....) ID#288369:
right. BBL.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:03
STUDIO.R (Teddo...that's settled.....okay.) ID#288369:
If it's cool with's cool for me. But...shoooweeeee.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 11:02
Isure (@ StudioR ref. When The Dealing Is Done) ID#368244:
Copyright © 1998 Isure/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

As with all things, there are those who think they know much. I value the wisdom of those who have built their lives on hard work, not those who have taken advantage of others. I will be the first to admit that my formal education does not equal some on this forum. Although in real life, I see that many have much to learn. Yes, I listen to learn, others might be well advised to do the same. Does making one seem small, make another great ? Remember, it takes fork-truck drivers as well as astro-physicists, to make this country great. Each, in his own way, has something to contribute, and is just as important because of his unique talent.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:59
Ted (Studio.R..................I thought it was funny-----I must be sick too!) ID#330175:
can't we have a sense of humor....or is that banned too?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:57
Ted (Juice outage in Cape Breton...........................go ABX(arf arf arf)) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:56
STUDIO.R (@Ted.duh.........) ID#288369:
Bernazz coming out with his I'm a fartin' Homo routine....I don't think I would've told 'em that one. Poor sick puppy, bernie, myohmy! He's under a lot of pressure obviously.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:53
Suspicious (Donald_A / I Appreciate your sharing your research with us. ) ID#285121:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:53
BUFFORD (market maven bert dohmen, cautious on stocks, gold comments) ID#253246:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:52
Ted (Studio.R----------------just scrolled back in time & what do YOU mean) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:50
TYoung (Donald_A) ID#17796:
Waiting for you to finish the ratio's up to date. Tom bbl

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:49
Ted (Selby...................are you sayin my new house might soon be under water) ID#330175:
huh?...Yeah,I agree this weird weather could reek havoc on the ole crops this summer....I have no fear ( brains? ) and am putting the new home 100 feet above the high water mark ( wanta get that real ocean experience,eh ) --our shoreline is pink granite so that won't wash away for a year or two anyhoo...P.S. The snow finally stopped in Cape Breton!--Hi Studio~~~~

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:41
Carl (Donald - strategy) ID#341189:
Copyright © 1998 Carl/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
I saw it and printed it out and have been studying it. As you mentioned in a previous post, this backward testing is during a long term bear market. Sharefin responded to our conversation yesterday and sent me up to date XAU and Gold files and GOLD/XAU ratios, so don't bother to send yours unless you already have done so. ( I'm curious about Pardox anyway. ) At this point, I guess my reaction is that your strategy looks remarkably good if we are to remain in the gold-price-trading range of the last 15 years. But, that's the big question isn't it? I'm still trying to get a look at the ratio of ROC's for gold and shares historically. Sharefin is helping, so maybe we'll have something to share.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:39
STUDIO.R (@Isure.......with just a few exceptions.................) ID#288369:
It's all pretty funny to me. Kitco feels really good ...I think for you also? yesno? We love to spend time listening.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:37
223 (Selby, Ted, and all re rain) ID#26669:
Copyright © 1998 223/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Do you folks know that the pre/post ice age high water marks for the great lakes are several hundred feet higher than the present shore lines, as are the ones for the Dead Sea in Palestine, the Lake Baikal in Russia and the Great Salt Lake in the US?

On a more mundane note, don't you think that it is odd that all the rain isn't drawing attention re price of grain? One would think that when it gets so soggy in the upper Midwest that tractors sink out of sight that it would be inflationary for cereal food products? The same should apply too for on-the-hoof foodstuffs from the southern hemisphere due to their drought, but again there's not very much press about such things?

Perhaps a panic will come this summer?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:33
Isure (@ StudioR) ID#368244:

I am envious of you sense of humor. Life is short my friend, you seem to have figured this out. That may well be worth more than all the gold in SA.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:31
chas (Haggis re Yamana Res) ID#342282:
Did you get my post re Yamana's PNG deal? Would appreciate a comment. Thanx, Charlie

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:27
Donald__A (Repost: Spent hours on this gem and not a single comment.) ID#26793:
Copyright © 1998 Donald__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 20:50
Donald__A ( Impact of the XAU/Spot Ratio strategy on the 1987 crash ) ID#26793:
Copyright © 1998 Donald__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Someone asked the other day about the behavior of gold stocks during the '87 crash.
Using the strategy I mentioned the other day, sell half your XAU or XAU proxy
position when the XAU/Spot Ratio reaches .300 and the second half when it reaches
.320 you would have had the following results:

8/3/87 XAU/Spot Ratio .306 ( XAU 145.76, Spot 477.10 ) sell half
9/2/87 XAU/Spot Ratio .323 ( XAU 150.13, Spot 465.30 ) Sell 2nd half
You are fully in cash on 9/3/87

10/20/87 XAU/Spot Ratio .207 ( XAU 96.07, Spot 463.20 ) buy back half
10/26/87 XAU/Spot Ratio .194 ( XAU 92.29, Spot 476.20 ) buy second half
You are fully in XAU or XAU proxy

That position can be maintained under the strategy rules until:
1/2/90 XAU/Spot Ratio .306 ( XAU 122.00, Spot 399.60 ) Sell half position
1/29/90 XAU/Spot Ratio .325 ( XAU 136.27, Spot 419.10 ) Sell 2nd half
You are back fully in cash.

That is a far as I have the data back tested.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:23
STUDIO.R (@Isure...of what?) ID#288369:
Okay, I fess up......over the last three nights, my total winnings for maj jong play has been....let me see here...uh...roughly $43 million. Envy me.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:19
Isure (Kaboom) ID#368244:

Not the sound of the market bubble exploding, rather the sound of EGOS
bursting. I want to follow the example of he who is making money. Come on, you know who you are. FESS UP!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:17
STUDIO.R (@Teddopolous.....) ID#288369:
What's with all this Greekee talk last night? It thought is was distasteful and a slam on all that hold dear...duh?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:08
STUDIO.R (Ah yea, I was bornt to lye, cheat and steel....) ID#288369:
but Momma beat it plum outta me.

Bernazz...that was very tasteful conjecture on your part last night. Congrats & Relax! You win the Xavier Hollander award for rare odor.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 10:06
Ted (Nick@C(4:42)....................................*go Gold* tonight!!) ID#330175:
'Another' Kitco-classic~~~~~Cape Breton today= grim

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:59
Bully Beef (Pretty wild discussion last night. Full moon?) ID#259282:
I think The Venter is an incarnation of the Raven in Northwest Native Folklore. He's a trickster, a joker ,or a fool in Elizabethan Stage.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:57
Ray (450+) ID#411149:
Copyright © 1998 Ray/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Repost of cherokee- dad gum, dad gum cherokee are you and I and a FEW others the only ones that understand this. You readin the charts
and me lokin out the winder! Tally Ho

Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 23:46
cherokee__A ( @---utilize-their-resources----- ) ID#344308:
Copyright © 1998 cherokee__A All rights reserved


interesting perspective..looking at the historical
chart for pog.....the trend is our friend..and there
is a definite trend....all up-ward...this last decline
from the $800 highs should have re-traced approx 50%
of the move up to $800----technically speaking----
looks like we over-shot a bit. i'm looking for a few
quick moves to a least the $450 level....but probably
well beyond due to hugely over-sold conditions---AND----CHAOS AND
gold to $7500/oz when the paper-tiger collapses and the
money flows to gold....the talking heads at cnbc are
already hawking the possibility of a 'flight to quality'
the implications are obvious...the amount of $$$ that will
be flowing out of paper will over-whelm the supply in an
instant.....there will be no riding the gold-train with-out
tickets...physical, options, or futures, if fortunate to be
long when the throats of the shorts are cut.

ink is fixing to fill the streets as the paper beast is slaughtered....
the life-time accumulation of hundreds of millions will vanish into
that from which it came..thin air...the circle, and cycle of life. as
it has been with gold...she has been down, as the beast has trampled
upon the truth. no more, no more...the truth is out, the asians KNOW
NOW! the american peopleo don't want to know. the pseudo-wealth
by the international banking community-----made possible by
currencies from gold------IS AN INVERTED PYRAMID! this sucker
was designed to fail....pressure is added daily....there are cracks from
the far eastern side...extending into s and central america...canada
is poised on the brink...she cannot service her mexico cannot..
the recent drop in oil prices has sounded her death knell tam bien.

speaking of oil---and the us supplies...the us is awash in oil. i personally
capped wells in the 80's that were marginal--strippers---gas-lift tertiary
wells with production of less than 15bbl/d....there were hundreds of
thousands of these wells shut-down
nation-wide...they are still capped...think about is in the best interest
of the us to IMPORT as much oil as they can. why use our vital
resources and destroy the environment, when we can utilize the
resources of other countries at incredibly low prices? the shallow wells in
the desert areas are producing oil at their cost of $2 to $5/bbl..the cost
per/bbl in the us is much greater---let the arabs sell every drop of their
oil to the was planned this way.

this is going to be a chicken-choker-gold-bull the likes of
which will leave 99% of all at the gate....the riders of the
gold-tiger....we will decide who ends up inside-her.

yes....the limb...has always been my friend.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:43
KCTrader (Oracle of Alberta?) ID#275307:

Last week, I read an article that I believe was from the 'Oracle of Alberta' titled 'Demystifying Gold and Oil Trading ...'. I've looked for it on golden-eagle but can't find the URL. Can somebody assist me? Thanks.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:37
Pete (PH in LA) ID#222231:
Are you awake yet? I have a message for you. Need correct address.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:33
Pete (Junior) ID#222231:
To hell with those that nitpick about spelling errors. It's what you say, my good man.

Thank you,


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:07
Junior (Mozel & Others ( Spelling its')) ID#248180:
Sorry for my spelling errors - what da ya expect from a 60's Uni dropout?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 09:01
Junior (@J.Disney & Oris & Nick@C) ID#248180:
Copyright © 1998 Junior/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
All this serious discussion - sorting out all the world problems in one night has given me a headache and has made me very thirsty.
Last nights discussions about Fine Food, Excellent Wine, Wonderful Friends, Style, Vodka & Pickles, Camels, Blondes and Brunetts, Blue eyes and Green eyes- Russian Women. Now these are topics of Golden & Platinum Nature that require years to perfect and search the subtle qualities of these topics with the background of Russian composers ~~~~~~~AHHH
Good night

Bart this is a great site sober or otherwise.

Nick@C - you are right Kitcoholics are we. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:48
Junior (@ Mozel - Red October 1993) ID#248180:
Copyright © 1998 Junior/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Mozel - welcome home.
Please check your facts very carefully. I was in Moscow all of October 1993. I was one city block away form the Russian White House during the period. I was amazed as to what was reported by CNN on cable TV in my H/room compared to what I had been witness to in the streets.
I to value human life as it is most precious. I also cannot think of any government in recorded history that has not committed crimes against it's citizens. What is your point? I also remember Kent State in the 60's. The New World Order plot is evil and we agree. Not much difference in the leaders of governments. Holy Scripture states that: The World love it's own. Yeltsin or Clinton not much difference, only a few beasts stand grossly worse. What scares me is a phrase in Australia, we get the government we deserve.
One might argue that our choices are never for the Best One rather we often must choose the Best of Two Evils. Red October 1993 is some what that choice. There were no Saints on either side. Have you concidered the vermin that B.N.Yeltsin blasted out of the Russian White House. The alternatives were not so good.
Why did I mention Kent State- it still saddens and sickens me greatly.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:27
Junior (@ANOTHER - US$ - Oil & Gold) ID#248180:
Copyright © 1998 Junior/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Friend, Thank you for your contribution to this most stimulating discussion. In retrospect I should have offered some explanation with my question regarding the possibility of the USA hegemony withstanding very low oil prices. My understanding as you have answered is that the USA economy and dollar must be supported by high oil prices. High oil prices support and make viable alternate high/cost expensive oil supplies that are not near the M/East. Example is the UK North Sea oil. Why is the UK so reluctant to move quickly to the EURO? The UK is dancing between the USA hegemony and Europe. Reports of the UK's US$ currency reserves prove this.
I agree that the USA is in the M/East to limit supply and maintain a high price. Please correct me if this assumption is wrong.
I also agree with your concept of paper currency as an idea of payment. It is very difficult for Westerners to imagine any other form or idea of currency of exchange. Paper is understood and valued. The Electronic Computer Age has accelerated this belief and love of paper and digits appearing on paper; Without any real understanding of a Store of Wealth that does not decay and remains constant.
I am certain that the US$ will one day soon go the way of Rupiah or Russian Ruble. The USA/IMF con will be exposed. One day, if not as we speak the rest of the World will apply the same scrutiny and close examination of the USA economy as it has inforced upon Asia and East Europe. We will then see a devalued US$ and other countries Revalued.
$10,000 - $30,000 oz Gold is not impossible, after devaluation of the US$.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:25
sharefin (Haggis - have a look here) ID#284255:

Behre Dolbear & Company [Behre Dolbear], founded in 1911, is the oldest, continually operating, mining consulting firm in North America.

Seems like big money is getting involved.

Pour us another scotch please.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:22
sharefin (Falling yen may export chaos far beyond Japan ) ID#284255:

Tectonic plates are grinding under the solid ground of the world economy. Danger looms when top industrialists warn of global depression, the yen falls to a 6.5-year low and the world's biggest surplus nation sees its debt downgraded.

Once again, Japan is sending shudders through world markets.

We are almost inured to a Japanese economy lurching from crisis to crisis. We comfort ourselves that Japan is rich enough to avert disaster. Sooner or later reform will happen, but on its own terms and pace - even the US Government seems to have given up forcing radical change.

All well and good, but how do you contain the world's second-largest economy? A prolonged weakening of the yen would export economic chaos far beyond Japan.

While the US goldilocks economy got new legs from a flood of cheap Asian imports, it cannot play importer of last resort forever. Deflation remains the ultimate demon.

Yesterday, the yen fell through 135 to the dollar as recession fears mounted.

Japanese savers are becoming increasingly free to invest outside of Japan; the big worry is if enough of them take flight from puny interest rates and a currency in which they have lost confidence.

We are at the top end of most economists' near-term forecasts for the yen. Should it continue to fall we are entering unknown territory. Asia will feel the heat with Japanese trade and investment pivotal to recovery.

Forced into a competitive devaluation spiral, last year's chaos could easily be repeated. Rest assured Asian currency traders won't be shy in enforcing economic reality.

Beijing is known to view the yuan-yen rate as its key target. Should a super-competitive Japan emerge, Premier Zhu Rongji could yet turn tail on earlier promises not to devalue. Should that happen . . . well, who knows, it definitely won't be pretty.

That is the standard Asia exports the final crisis of capitalism monologue keeping bankers awake at night.

It has a rigorous logic and most of them seem to be crossing their fingers and hoping the average Japanese buys another stereo and keeps her savings at home.

Rather, like Mexico's reliance on its northern neighbour, common sense dictates Asia needs a strong, or at least functional, Japan to recover. An intriguing diversion from this orthodoxy comes from Merrill Lynch.

Surprisingly, it argues a weak yen and enfeebled Japan might help an Asian recovery. Confused? Merrill reckons Asian currencies can avoid the envisaged spiral of decline. Economic shock means shrunken consumption and monetary growth, bringing current accounts into surplus. In short, Thailand, Malaysia and others no longer rely on Japanese investment and lending.

What Asia needs is not fresh money, but deals to convert pressing short-term obligations to longer tenures. Recovery in Japan might hinder this process as banks there pull the plug, preferring to chase profitable domestic lending, Merrill argues.

The trouble with this is it ignores a key fact in why Asian trade accounts have recovered. Not only has consumption collapsed, killing imports, but exporters got a boost from currency devaluations. Japan remains a giant market for those exporters and a dramatically weaker yen must hurt. What is more, Japanese multinationals running downstream manufacturing are likely to close and dust down mothballed plants back home.

All of this, of course, assumes the rest of the world sees no substantial fallout from a much weaker yen and Southeast Asia exists in splendid isolation. The harsh reality is that market rebounds have been driven by plentiful liquidity conditions causing surplus foreign investors to seek opportunities in an Asian rebound. All indications are that their commitment remains conditional.

Japanese policy-makers retain significant capacity to coerce firms into keeping their currency onshore. US silence on a weakening yen should not be mistaken for disinterest. Should it go into an even sharper decline expect concerted help because we will be facing more than a little local disturbance.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:16
OLD GOLD () ID#238295:
Copyright © 1998 OLD GOLD/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Gold Bulls; Do not be concerned about RJ's never ending trashing of the yellow. Just as with Andy Smith his day is dine. His bear case is very weak.

He says gold will again drop under $300 because there will be more CB selling. So what else is new? The Dutch and Portugese probably are selling right now, but the price is still going up. And the very pro-gold Italians, Germans, and French will dominate the forthcoming European CB

He also tells us that this rally will bomb because there has been a lot of short covering. And one of RJ's financial ten commandments is that such rallies are doomed to fail.

Nonsense. The shorts ( in the aggregate ) have been the smart money in this market. The fact that they covered heavily BEFORE THIS RALLY STARTED is bullish not bearish.

Now if RJ had credible information that the Euro will have little or no gold backing, then he would have a believable bear case. But right now gold bulls should view his posts and those of some other big shorts here as ENEMY PROPAGANDA. Part of the psychological war still being conducted against gold bulls.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:13
Haggis__A (This may well be stating the OBVIOUS, BUT.............) ID#398105:

That will send the big Cheesehead into fits of depression.....

Is his HEAD full of holes ?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:10
Leland (Korea is Hurting, Hurting....Scroll Down to Consumer Goods) ID#316193:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:10
sharefin (ANOTHER's transcripts updated) ID#284255:
Precious Metals
Stop-loss buying fuels gold's rise

Gold rose sharply in early European trade yesterday, fuelled initially by stop-loss buying and spurring silver higher in its wake, as platinum group metals added to gains made in Asia.

Gold fixed higher at US$305.95 an ounce after its earlier rise, way up on Thursday afternoon's $300.30 fix and causing dealers to eye resistance points up as high as $310.

Silver took off shortly after gold's rise, jumping from $6.58 bid to $6.75 in minutes. It was quoted at $6.74-$6.78 an ounce from its New York close of $6.56-$6.59.

Hong Kong gold ended higher, aided by short covering and stronger sentiment about central bank gold reserves.

Gold closed at US$304-$304.50 an ounce and tael gold finished HK$46 higher at $2,804.

Platinum group metals were also sharply higher in both Asian and European buying, with one London dealer attributing the purchases mainly to the commodities trading arm of one United States investment bank.

Platinum was quoted at US$413-$415 an ounce, from its previous New York close of $405.50-$407.50, while palladium was at $281-$283 an ounce, from $270-$272.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:08
Haggis__A (I NEVER have this problem with SCOTCH..........) ID#398105:

sharefin ( Scotch can dribble down your chin - but you shouldn't waste
it. )

Raised on the stuff.............Mothers Milk.............

I have been doing a wee bit of reasearch on GOLD in Northern Queensland,
its still there because the Queenslanders are STILL there.....

Och Aye the NOoooooooooooooo

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:05
Haggis__A (Their was once a Scotsman and Cameron Diez............) ID#398105:

Terrible movie, but she was all right.........

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:03
Haggis__A (Last one for tonight.................who are.............) ID#398105:

Behre Dolbear and Company Inc of Denver ?

They have been appointed to the East Coast Minerals NL silver-PGM project at Elizabeth Hill near Karratha in the Pilbara of Western Australia....

The Worlds richest silver mine

Western Australia....untouched !!! 1.5 million people living in an area 40% the size of the US - excluding Alsaka. Whooooowwwwwww

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 08:00
sharefin (Scotch can dribble down your chin - but you shouldn't waste it.) ID#284255:

With the way gold went up this weekend on Kitco from 300 to 30,000.

We'll be able to pave a yellow brick road from Cairns to Kalgoorlie soon.

Then we'll dig a tunnel under the sea and dig under that motherlode at Lihir Island.

Get a great big pump going so we can pump it all down to you guys who know what to do with it.

That will send the big Cheesehead into fits of depression.

And we can have a tipple ( tripple ) of scotch and say what a good job us guys have done.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:56
Haggis__A () ID#398105:


It has its role, it may not live to Old Age, but it has its role.....

GOLD, my friend, GOLD

And, the funny thing is.....when people invest and get themsleves a GOLD mine, it may not necessarily make money.......

You have got to be in IT, to win IT............

GOLD go West young Man.........go West

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:50
Haggis__A (A little bit of Trivia........) ID#398105:

I am establishing a Geographical Information System ( GIS ) on 240 Goldfields in Australia......

We might even put FARFETCHED FARFEL on the straight and narrow......

Only need one mine out of that..........

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:50
Cage Rattler (IS IT TIME TO REASSESS THE IMF?) ID#33184:
Copyright © 1998 Cage Rattler/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
( c ) Businessweek

It's time to have a full review of the International Monetary Fund. Not the kind of IMF bashing that passes for review in Washington, where Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott ( R-Miss. ) calls the organization's head, Michel Camdessus, a French socialist and then heads for lunch. What's needed is a real top-to-bottom evaluation of the agency and what it stands for in today's sophisticated financial world. Does it do its primary job of lending well? Has it outlived its purpose? Can its role be filled by a much smaller, leaner, more responsive agency? Would it be better to let markets make all the decisions and close the IMF's doors?

The IMF today has ranged far from its original mandate, which was to lend short-term funds for balance-of-payments crises. In Asia, it is writing rules for reforming whole economies, governments, and cultures. As a lender of public money, it has a responsibility to make sure the money gets used effectively and doesn't wind up in Swiss bank accounts. But no one knows how well it is doing on this score, or whether any of its longer-term programs make economic sense.

The IMF is also supposed to sound an early warning to prevent financial crises like the Asian catastrophe. Instead, the 1,000 economists on its staff were thumping the tub for the Asian development model just months before the whole region came crashing down. Here, the IMF's accountability is clear. It failed as spectacularly as the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency did in missing the collapse of the Soviet empire. The IMF is now pretending to assess itself by leaking self-serving reviews of its performance to the press. That's the wrong approach. The U.S. Treasury, the IMF's largest contributor, should lead a full investigation of the institution's performance. Congress should insist on an independent review before it approves any new funding.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:46
Haggis__A (Sharefin......just because there were few cyclones this season.......) ID#398105:

sharefin ( THE COLLAPSE IS ON )

No reason to speculate, BUT you may well have a point.........


I hope Old Slick enjoyed his trip to South Africa....

The Cape Town Ladies sing this song..........

God damit, reminds me of Arkansa........

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:44
sharefin (Asian nations forge new ties with Europe to help battle crisis) ID#284255:

Leaders from 10 Asian nations and their 15 European Union counterparts last night issued a worldwide call against protectionism, and urged much greater economic vigilance in a bid to ease the financial turmoil in Asia.

In an unprecedented separate statement released at the Asia-Europe Meeting, that was devoted exclusively to the economic situation in Asia, the leaders wholly endorsed a plan that envisaged substantial reform of the International Monetary Fund, and a major strengthening of links between the two groups.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:41
Haggis__A (That WA wino collapso was very good................just back from dinner) ID#398105:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:40
sharefin (THE COLLAPSE IS ON ) ID#284255:
IMF bails out the speculators and enforces austerity on the people. Its prescription reinforces the very affliction it seeks to cure.
As we have now entered the second quarter, the crisis Lyndon LaRouche forecasted is proceeding. U.S. Treasury official Lawrence Summers is quoted in the press attesting to the fact that the Asian contagion is hitting U.S. wages, savings, etc. The Asian markets fell yesterday across the board, the yen continued to decline, the 5th largest real estate company in Japan was declared insolvent, the oil price is still falling despite cuts in production, with at least $20 billion in debt coming due this quarter, South Korea is a disaster waiting to happen and Eastern Europe, beginning with Russia, is about to be hit hard.

stated Bundesbank board member Edgar Meister in an interview with the German daily {Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung}, after being asked where he sees the biggest risks for banking supervision and for the international financial system.

In the interview, Meister essentially repeats his strong warning against the proposed pre-commitment self-regulation approach, the which he had issued at a recent international conference on this theme in New York.

This approach would allow the internationally operating banks to establish their own risk assessment methods, thereby further reducing public supervision. Meister argues that this is nothing but the promise of a bank, not to go bankrupt. Beyond the arguments Meister used in New York, he places a particular emphasis on the systemic risks. He said, The default of one big market participant can trigger a chain-reaction and in the worst case can threaten the stability of the international financial system.

The systemic risk in almost all cases belongs only to the global players. If the international financial system should, in effect, become endangered, the public households -- that is, in the end, the tax payers -- would have to face the consequences. All the international risk models of banks completely failed when Asia was hit by the collapse of currencies. And even the leading rating agencies, which are supposed to provide warning before such events occur, acted, says Meister, according to the request, Please follow me, I am right behind you.

Meister concludes his interview by comparing the pre-commitment approach with a jumbo jet that flies without a pilot. Technically, this is absolutely possible. But nobody is proposing to abolishing pilots from airplanes.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:38
Haggis__A (Och Man, you go away for a week.........and look what happens......) ID#398105:
Copyright © 1998 Haggis__A/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

GOLD slowly coming right......time you Bhouys thought about a trip to Kalgoorlie and Western Australia.........


JAPAN, it really is time that they started to buy gold, and dis-invested from the US$.soory Lads, you have got to be cruel to be kind....

Rothschilds are surely surely sending some Comapnies here in Western Australia into the prisoners.....

And, we have just acquired ANOTHER ( sorry about that ) , thousand square kilometers of tenements.......

AND, last but not least, just acquired new Tosiba 750DVD, powerfull little prick...........

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 07:37
sharefin (Income tax cut may not be cure for ailing Japan) ID#284255:
``People have lost confidence in the future and...when you think your job is not assured, you don't spend money,''
FOCUS-Japan fends off criticism on economic policy
``Considering the Asian issue as a whole, it is not possible for Japan to support this by itself,'' Hashimoto said after the meeting of the 15 European Union and 10 Asian countries which make up ASEM.
``Japan is not in danger of collapsing at the moment but obviously it is not as strong as it used to be,'' Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Saturday. ``If Japan collapses it would have a damaging impact on Asian countries.''
Singapore's Lee says Japan reform crucial for Asia
HAMBURG, April 4 ( Reuters ) - The world economy could plunge into turmoil if Japan does not reform its economy and financial system to stem the tide of Asia's financial crisis, Singapore Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew said in an interview in Germany.
``If Japan doesn't revive its economy, it could come to worldwide deflation,'' he said according to a pre-publication of an interview due to appear on Monday in newsweekly Der Spiegel.
``Then Tokyo would get its dollar bonds out of the United States. The crisis is still limited to Asia, but if Japan continues to fail to muster the the political will to get its economy in order, the problems will spill over,'' said Lee.
FOCUS-Malaysia urges global anti-speculation drive
LONDON, April 4 ( Reuters ) - Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad urged the world's financial leaders on Saturday to join forces to prevent damaging currency speculation.
More than $1.0 trillion per day is traded on the world's foreign exchanges, and a large share of that represents short-term bets by banks and investors rather than longer-term money for trade and business investment.
Kohl told a news conference: ``I don't think there's a magic cure on offer. International capital flows will not obey legislation or political orders.''
``What's clear is that the more open the international monetary system is, the more its fragility can be a problem for all countries involved.''
He told an Asian-European business conference that the exodus of investors from Asia in mid-1997 represented a herd-like mentality.
``They may claim to be disciplining these governments but the effect is to destroy the countries while making huge profits.''
Mahathir said the total loss to Malaysia due to a 60 percent currency depreciation was around $200 billion. ``If you consider the number of Asian countries experiencing currency devaluation, you may be able to appreciate how much wealth and purchasing power has been destroyed.''
S.Korea's Kim hails Asia, EU summit success

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 06:26
2BR02B? (auric) ID#266105:

aye, bud. The roses are leaving and blooming. Better'n
some's, in my conceited opinion, than knocking on every
but the one that answers. --g'man Charlie brown........
& regards to the missus past present a/o future.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 06:19
Auric (2BR02B?) ID#255151:

That is a good question. Actually, I consider Nick of Canberra ( aka the Wizard of OZ ) to be my mentor/therapist. He has awarded me a ThD, Doctor of Thinkology. ( I am getting better at ignoring that man who always hides behind my curtains! )

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 06:10
2BR02B? (@KROQ 24hr country-- all inbred, all the time) ID#266105:

Auric, have you seen your therapist.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 06:05
Auric (Nick@C) ID#255151:

You could be right about the cows, mate. I'll have to ask ANUDDER for his THOUGHTS!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 05:55
2BR02B? (@letterman) ID#266105:


1. slippery when wet

7. curves ahead

5. twisted sister

batadumbarmtumtum ( drum roll )

first-- dead end.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 05:45
Nick@C (Time change) ID#393224:
Can't change the clocks mate. The cows won't know what time to get up. BBML.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 05:41
Auric (Times Are Changing) ID#255151:

We just went through the semiannual time change at Kitco. You know, Spring ahead, Fall back. Notice that all markets will begin one hour earlier, that is, unless you change your clocks too, which will then make it the same, unless you live in Indiana which NEVER changes their clocks... well I hope this explanation is clear.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 05:36
Nick@C (G'day Auracious.) ID#393224:
All these big moves in gold happen on Saturday our time. Not fair. I'm hoping for good things tomorrow morning after all the bragging up north of squillion $$ gains on Friday. Hope the move was completed successfully. Will send more candles tomorrow. Cheers, N.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 05:18
aurator (Hi, my name is aurator I was born under the sign Bus Stop) ID#255284:

Well I have no idea what you are talking about. This kitco addictive additive thing. Is it like Iodine in our salt? ( Rumoured to make us all v lusty ) I have moved house, the second thing, after the cat-door, was a second telephone line devoted to da net, read kitco. I'm in line of site with the casino tower, and could get a satellite data stream. Mayhaps

Third thing was to connect up. Voilå No Problemo. Into Kitco where I quickly developed a stomache ache, a real belly ache, reading all the bun fights. There was the Lime loving RJ and Old Gold Bug. And they had their dukes up. And I heard the bell a ringing, and somewhere someone was singing. You put the Lime in the Old Gold Bug and you put the both together. Let's try it again. You put de lime in de coconut an mix em bot up.
Is there nothing I can take?
I said Doctor!
To relieve this belly ache?

He said
You put de lime in de oldgoldbug an mix em bot up
You put de lime in de oldgoldbug an mix em bot up
You put de lime in de oldgoldbug an mix em bot together

Call me in the morning


I am looking for a Big Spike Down in POG, to scare the pants off the longs, to below 280, oh ho.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 04:42
Nick@C (Kitcoholics Anonymous) ID#393224:
Copyright © 1998 Nick@C/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Hi. My name is ( ( your name here ) ) and I am a Kitcoholic.

Repeat every morning, evening or whenever the urge to post on Kitco strikes.

1 ) I will not log on to Kitco first thing in the morning to read the night's posts.

2 ) I do not care what the weather is like in Cape Bretton.

3 ) I promise to let my son/daughter use the computer once in a while.

4 ) I do not know or care what pgm's or their prices are.

5 ) I promise to talk to my wife/husband/significant other once in a while.

6 ) I do not care if the Indonesian Rupiah becomes worthless.

7 ) I do not care if the Japanese economy collapses.

8 ) I realize that Sue Herreira is really Andy Smith in drag.

9 ) I do not care about DOW 9000.

10 ) I realize that Kitcoholism is for life and that I can't make even one little post.

11 ) I realize that beer, vodka, pickles and Kitco do not mix.

12 ) I do not care about Y2K as it is nothing but media hype and will not effect me.

13 ) I do not care about DOW 3000.

14 ) I do not care what dottsmfatim means.

15 ) I will disregard all posts made from New Zealand until they develop the technical competence to light a light bulb.

16 ) I promise to learn my kid's first names.

17 ) I will limit myself to one hour of lurking before noon and will only lurk socially thereafter.

18 ) If I have a relapse I will not waste Bart's bandwidth by getting into slanging matches with other posters ( unless they are from New Zealand ) .

19 ) If I have a relapse I will not tell jokes that depend on ethnicity, race or gender for laughs ( Kiwi/sheep jokes excepted ) .

20 ) I will pay close attention to step #18 if I have already violated step #11.

21 ) If I am reading this on a Sunday morning I will immediately turn the computer off and go play with my kids. If I have no kids then I will go play with myself.

22 ) If I have read this far, I realize that there is absolutely no hope for me and I shall disregard the other 22 steps.

and finally,


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 03:47
Schippi (Fidelity Select Gold Charts) ID#93199:
Fidelity Select American Gold & Precious metals Charts
5 Years, 120 day, 30 day and hourly charts at:
Click on Gold Sectors

Gold BREAKOUT in Progress!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 03:22
Hardguy2 (@G-nutz, Yes, seeds of heritage types that) ID#399119:
Copyright © 1998 Hardguy2/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
open pollinate are a good idea. The possession of large quantities also allows for sprouting, an indispensable addition to stored food, as well as trading and barter. This subject could be considered to be a bit off subject but it is a scenario that should be kept in mind. If Y2K is disruptive, it will be very much so. I base this upon the U.S. Govt's. own statements that they will only have 60% compliance by 00. Using my GOVT. INVERSE-VERITY formula, that means 30%. Also we must keep in mind the, frequently asserted, urban food supply is only 5 days. This could get ugly rather quickly. So if you have a snug, out of the way place, with a small town neighborliness, set it up for self-sufficency and defence. It's possible to go it alone, one family wise, but a cohesive larger number of like-minded people, with some military know-how, would have much better prospects. Well I'm outa here, to the bunker to hunker, as always; a Hardguy too.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 03:21
John Disney__A (Jarhead's mind has finally snapped) ID#24135:
To Selby
Regarding the twisted singing klepto-rat - I think
Im gonna throw up. ... He's all YOURS

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:51
snowbird (Craig Corcran comments on Michael Campbell Moneytalks program (Canada)) ID#285392:
Copyright © 1998 snowbird/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Michael Campbell the host of the show described CC as the GOLD TIMER OF THE YEAR. He usually refers to The Gold Timers Digest for this rating.
FYI--CC says
A Nikkei below 14500 is scary in that it will cause the Japanese to sell their US bonds causing a rise in US interest rates and a drop in the Dow.They have sold 25-35 billion of US securities already.

He expects the S&P to drop 60 to 80 points momentarily and if it does not he feels that it will have a bull market peak in either June or July followed by a large drop. His reaoning is that the market is twice as expensive as at any other major market top and the risk is higher than at anytime in our lifetime.

He states that the first opportunity to get out is now and the 2nd one will be in the June or July period.



IT IS READY TO BREAK OUT OF IT'S PATTERN @ $310. He says it is a bear market rally up to $330-360 and if it breaks this it will anchor up at $400-410.

He states that the mining shares have broken out and he recommends Newmont as it is the least unhedged.

BGO and TVX have suffered such devastation that it will take longer to recover.

There it is for whatever it is worth

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:40
Ted (Good night all &) ID#330175:
thankx for the laughs!! har har har

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:38
Ted (Selby----nope----sold my kayak) ID#330175:
boatless in CB----will get a new kayak once I get settled ( ? ) in Maine

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:33
Selby () ID#286230:
Ted: do you still have a boat?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:32
Ted (Selby...I'm on 'high-ground'....and besides I don't own this place anymore so--) ID#330175:
who cares....supposed ta clear ( for five minutes,eh ) on Wednesday...never seen soooo much rain-sleet-hale-snow ...

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:28
G-Nutz (Bernatz?) ID#42365:
whatd you do find some lame site with lyrics to lame played out songs?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:26
Selby (Keep a bucket ready) ID#286230:
Ted. While on my walk along the shore of lake Ontario Sat morning I noticed the water is about 4 feet higher than usual from all the flooding here. Guess where all that water is heading

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:24
G-Nutz (hardguy.. besides those, what about seeds?) ID#42365:
not hybrids either, man they might be as valuble as PMs eh?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:22
Poorboys (Some Stones Are Dark---) ID#224149:
Mozel – Oh Yes and Remember the page of GREED ---Good Night.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:21
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney, where are you?) ID#182192:
I miss your lovin

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:19
bernatz du ventadorm (Mozel, here's a dedication going out to you) ID#182192:
Copyright © 1998 bernatz du ventadorm/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
So long ago I can't remember when
That's when it seems I lost my only friend
Well it seems she died easy of a broken heart disease
Something about cemeteries and trees

I seen the sun coming up and I'm getting behind
so we're going to cut to the chorus

This song is too unfamiliar to transcribe, so
we're going to rededicate the next one to
all your friends killed in that massacre or
whatever it was since I ain't no English teacher
and don't read so good nohow, specially long
stuff tends to make me want to read a book
that has been edited and carries the imprimatur
of a major publishing house and reviewed by
those of my kind. This is quite a long song
that I really am not familiar with, but we're
coming to the hook again.

C'mon nothing lasts forever
There's got to be something better than in the middle
Me and Cinderella, Could someone help me
out here
Jangly guitar fade out

Okay, here's a song I've heard before:
She says it's cold outside and she hands me a raincoat
She's always worried about things like that
She says mumble my fault
She only sleeps when it's raining
And she screams, and her voice is something

She says baby, it's 3 a.m. I must be lonely
She says baby, well I can't help but be scared
by that old oak tree or something
Well, sorry, Mozel, I just don't have the
energy to keep typing for whatever cause it
was you just promoted with your 10 page post

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:14
Ted (Who's unfriendly on this forum) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:10
eck333 (mozel) ID#150172:
Welcome back!!

We do have some unfriendly people here these days though.

Electronic forums can become very nasty. Even email within
a company can degenerate. Oh well..

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:10
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney this is fun) ID#182192:
Let's dance
put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let's dance
To the song they're playin on the radio

Let's sway
While colour lights up your face
Let's sway
Sway through the crowd to an empty space

If you say run, I'll run to you
And if you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you would
break my heart in two

If you should fall into my arms and tremble
like a something that sounds like flower
only with a lot of reverb.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:09
mozel (@Poorboys) ID#153102:
Not even one whole line of digital text, a few bytes of cyber storage, for each of the otherwise unremembered, unknown murdered men, women, and teenage children seemed a modest cost to me. Still does.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:07
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney - if you had a playlist) ID#182192:
I get knocked down
but I get up again
You're never going to keep me down

Pissin the night away
Pissin the night away

He drinks a whisky drink He drinks a vodka drink
He drinks a lager drink He drinks a cider drink

He sings the songs that remind him of the good
times he sings the songs that remind him of
the better times

I get knocked down but I get up again
You're never going to keep me down

If X=10, then goto 20

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:06
Ted (evening) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:05
Poorboys (See You --When Morning Breaks) ID#224149:
bernatz du ventadorm ----So they came—The Big “A” and never a peek from the Peek –squeaks ---Good Night ----Away to find Ted with Be manners

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:03
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney - Where are you?) ID#182192:
Copyright © 1998 bernatz du ventadorm/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Never again is what you swore the time before

I can't believe I found you in bed with the
other Bernatz.

Welcome to your life
there's no turning back
even while we sleep
we will find you
acting on your best behavior
turn your back on mother nature
Everybody wants to rule the world

It's my own desire
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
of freedom and the pleasure
nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world

Something goes in here
Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
When they do I'll be right behind you
So glad we almost made it
So sad I can't transcribe fast enought
Everybody wants to rule the world

I can't stand this indecision
married with this lack of vision
Everybody wants to rule the world

All last summer in case you don't recall
I was yours and you were mine
Blah blah blah
Sad enough to make you lie
Can't make it out

they seemed to come so easily
something else

whispers at the bus stop
nights at the schoolyard
I found out about you

Rumours follow everywhere you go
When you left and I was last to know

Whispers at the bus stop
I heard about nights at the schoolyard
I found out about you
I found out about you

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 01:00
tolerant1 (mozel) ID#373288:
Glad to see you posting again. I have printed out your post below. I will read it in the morning.

I do hope all is well with you.

Evening folks.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:57
Ted ('Kitco News'--------had the pleasure of talkin to a Mr.EB today ------------) ID#330175:
On the telephone ( he seemed like such a nice young gentleman ) ...BUT I stll suspect he might be one of those 'gold-shorters'.....evil people,eh...

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:52
bernatz du ventadorm (EJ - sounds like all that money you spent) ID#182192:
on college from your gold sales went to waste,
since you ain't no English teacher.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:50
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney) ID#182192:
Copyright © 1998 bernatz du ventadorm/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Sometimes I feel I've got to ( bump-bump ) run away
I've got to ( bump-bump ) get away
from the pain you drive into the heart of me
The love we shared seems to go nowhere
And I've lost my light oh I toss and turn
I can't sleep at night
Once I ran to you
Now I run from you
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not livin
Oh, Tainted love
Oh oh tainted love
Don't touch me please I cannot stand
the was you tease
I love you though you hurt me so
now I'm gonna pack my things and go.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:44
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney - you put a song in my heart) ID#182192:
How's it gonna be?
When you don't know me, anymore.
How's it gonna be?
How's it gonna be?

Kiss the rain
Whenever you need me
Kiss the rain
Are you hot and thirsty?
Might as well be walkin on the sun

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:44
EJ (Hardguy: g'nite to you, too) ID#45173:
I don't mind the spelling and grammar errors. I ain't no English teacher. If things really get as ugly as you are suggesting, my best protection is the closeness of my neighborhood. No one goes in and out of here unnoticed, there's no crime as a result. We look out for each other. Anyone attacks any one of us and they're going to have problems. That's better protection that I can dole out by myself.
Best to you, until next time.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:44
Ted (ya gotta have somethin) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:42
Poorboys (Mozel--Idiot) ID#224149:
Take it all

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:40
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney) ID#182192:
And I said What about Breakfast at Tiffany's?
You said I think I remember the film
and as I recall I think we both kinda liked it
and I said Well, that's the one thing we got

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:39
RJ (..... Duncan Heinz frosting .....) ID#411259:


Got MY spoon...........

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:37
bernatz du ventadorm (Actually, John Disney) ID#182192:
Because the night belongs to lovers
Because the night belongs to us

Let's make mad, passionate love on a SA beach
somewhere. Think what a blow that would strike
for interracial homosexuality.

P.S. What color are you?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:36
Ted (Bernatz.................................................) ID#330175:
Ya got MOI rockin & rollin----keep up the good work!

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:36
mozel (@oris Remember Waco) ID#153102:
Copyright © 1998 mozel/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved


Russian Waco and Tiananmen Square Massacres Combined


An Orwellian Plot: Defending Democracy by Killing Pro-Democracy
Demonstrators - and with Foreign Assistance?

PHOENIX - Remember the bloody images of Red October II, the massacre at
the Russian White House ( parliament ) in October 1993, carried out by the
Boris Yeltsin government and recorded on live TV? The New World Order's
Russian quislings killed scores of their own people who wanted real
democracy. Yet they did it in the name of democracy, CNN and others in the establishment media would have us believe.

But you'd have to be brain-dead or stone-drunk to buy that. Just as you'd have to be brain-dead or stone-drunk to think that the U.S. officials acted properly at Waco or at Ruby Ridge.

Yet the western leaders, starting with Bill Clinton, declared their
immediate support for this Yeltsin government's crime against humanity. In doing so, Clinton acted more brazenly than did George Bush regarding the Tiananmen Square massacre in June 1989. At least Bush stayed silent for a while before declaring that the U.S. needs to stay engaged in China. Which only goes to show us how much more CRIMINAL our government has become in the last decade or so.

What brought this on? Well, we've recently received the following excerpts from interviews with the Red October II eyewitnesses and survivors conducted by Natalia Raduga, a correspondent for the Russian Cause, a Russian patriots' publication. Her story was translated by Yuri Kirienko. As you read it, we suggest you keep thinking, could this happen in America?

Our correspondent has accomplished a big job, the 'Russian Cause' the editors wrote. She has gathered an eyewitness testimony about the horrible events which took place in Moscow between September 21 and October 4, 1993. Some of her witnesses took an active part in those
events, and fearing prosecution, chose to stay anonymous. However,
that anonymity does not in the least reduce the testimonial value of what
they had said, since their statements were made at a time when both
their fears and the events that caused them were still fresh in their

And now, here's Ms. Raduga's story, edited only for English grammar and
spelling. But we have to warn you: Some eyewitness stories are quite gory, as they describe scenes of shocking violence. Reading them is not
recommended for the faint at heart.

A solemn memorial service was held for the fallen defenders of the White
House 40 days after the tragic events, according to Russian traditions.
That event took place on the November 13, 1993, in an open air ceremony in Drujinnikovskaya Street. That place is near the Red Presnya stadium, not far from the ( Russian ) White House ( the parliament ) . About 50,000 people gathered there to pay their respects to the murdered compatriots.

[Where were the CNN, ABC, NBC or CBS cameras then? TiM Ed.]

This stadium, near Drujinnikovskaya Street, was a home to many terrible
memories of mass executions of the Russian patriots in October 1993. Many Cossacks, militiamen, officers of the Army - all taken prisoner by the Yeltsin government for acting as defenders of the White House - were lined up and executed in cold blood along the walls of this stadium.
Commemorating this tragic event, thousands of candles were lighted, and
many fires were lit along the wall of these martyrs for democracy on Nov.
13, 1993.

The wall of this stadium is a silent witness to a heroic act of a 75
year-old woman. Defying the bullets whistling over her head, Varvara
Petrovna, saved the lives of eight executed, but still alive Russian boys.
She moved them away from the Presnya Stadium's wall of death to her
apartment. There she bandaged their wounds, treated them as best as she
could, and kept trying to help them find their friends and relatives.

Story of Two Young Men

Other people at the Stadium of Death told me similar stories while
warming up their freezing hands over wood fires on a cold November-night.
Two young men approached me. One was about 20. The other, perhaps 19...

We were among those who lived in the tents near the White House to protest Yeltsin's closing of the Supreme Soviet. During the night of October 4, we quartered in a nearby sporting hall. At approximately at 6:30 in the morning, without a warning, snipers opened fire on the people manning the barricades and the dwellers of our 'tent city'.

The fire came from the roofs of the nearby ( four ) buildings. They were the roofs of a residential building No. 11, along Drujinnikovskaya street, near the hotel Mir. And from the high-rises in the Barricade Square and of the City Hall buildings, formerly occupied by SEV, the western-sponsored Council on Economic Cooperation between the former socialist countries. Gun fire also came from the direction of the American Embassy.

At 6:45 a.m. ( Oct. 3 ) , all defenders of the White House were alerted, and
gathered in the Freedom Square in front of the building of the Supreme
Soviet. At 7:30 a.m. a large caliber machine gun opened fire from the
direction of Kalininskiy Prospect. Everybody on the perimeter of defense
outside the tent city, who was without weapons and could not escape on
time, was placed inside the building. A squall of sniper fire on the ground level forced further evacuation into the underground passages. The evacuees were moved to the third floor because all windows of the White House were raked with bullets from 'Yeltsinoids.' Those who were armed took up defenses from the sixth floor up.

At 7:15 a.m. BTRs ( armored personnel carriers ) pulled up at the City Hall
building and opened fire from a heavy machine gun.

At 10:00 a.m., helicopters started firing at the White House, and at 11:30 a.m. tanks began shelling the building. Yeltsinoids announced to the world that firing began at the deadline set in their ultimatum. This is a lie -we were under fire long before that. At the time when the building was shelled, somewhere around 12 o'clock, Cossacks caught two spies wearing Spetznaz uniforms ( Special Troops ) . They coordinated enemy fire by radio and, it must be specifically pointed out, spoke Yiddish between themselves. Cossacks executed them. Then a word of warning was passed around on the possibility of saboteurs being inside the building.

Story of a Belgrade Writer

Your TiM editor needs to interrupt the young men's testimony at this point.
Notice that the two spies who coordinated enemy fire by radio spoke
YIDDISH to each other? Until now, Americans had no reason to believe that the Red October II massacre was anything other than one Russian power group ( Yeltsin's ) battling for against another faction ( the deputies ) . But the above incident raises a possibility that FOREIGN elements were also involved in the White House battle, evidently on Yeltsin's side.

This writer first became aware of such allegations in February 1997, during the pro-democracy protests in Belgrade, Serbia. Dragos Kalajic, an accomplished writer and editor of the DUGA magazine, gave a speech at the Writers' Club in Belgrade in which he explained why he chose not to join the demonstrators in the Belgrade streets. Here is an excerpt from his talk, which was also published in the DUGA magazine:

One of the important ethical reasons for not participating in the ( Belgrade ) protests is a sense of duty I feel toward my friends.
During the night between October 3 and 4, 1993, the pro-American
and Russophobic Kremlin government... used military force against
democracy; against the representatives of the political will of the
Russian people in the Russian parliament.

The West, of course, had shown then how much its leaders and media
care about 'democracy,' as they applauded this crime and atrocity. A
legion of foreign mercenaries, led by the CIA colonels, and with the help
of the snipers from the Israeli division, 'Uerihon,' killed at least
1,500 Russian defenders of freedom and state. Among the killed were
some of my friends. I do not forget or betray my friends - not when
they are alive, and especially not the dead ones.

So here we have again a reference from another source to the role foreign
mercenaries played in Red October II. Mr. Kalajic even names the Israeli division from which some of the snipers were deployed. This could help explain why the two spies who were directing by radio the outside fire at the White House were speaking Yiddish.

And now, back to the story of the two young Russians, as retold by Ms.

One more episode. When the shooting began, we were still in the sports
hall. At approximately 6:45 a.m., a horrible-looking shell of unknown
nature burst into the room. The object looked like a fiery red ball the
size of a kitchen pot. It bounced around the room noisely, sending sparks in every direction. Then the ball got into the box stuffed with socks and set them on fire. I do not know what happened next because we ran out in a hurry.

Story of a Russian Deputy

U.A Birukov, 62 years of age, a deputy from the Tagansk district of the
city of Moscow, testified that in early September 1993, a rumor had spread among the deputies that they would be crushed militarily.

The rumor had it that the President ( Yeltsin ) had already ordered
artillery to be deployed in September, and ground forces in October. We
were expecting extraordinary events every day and they finally came on
September 21.

It was the Presidential Order No. 1400. Everyone was outraged and surprised by that ease with which the President reneged on his solemn oath. The oath bound him to abide by the Constitution he swore to uphold.

Everyone was also stunned by the ease with which he violated the mandates
of the lawfully elected deputies and the statutes of the lawmaking body.
Functioning of the parliament is outside of his jurisdiction, and in doing so, the President crossed the boundary prescribed by law. He broke the law, exceeded his authority, and thus put himself in the position untenable with his staying in power much longer.

A session of All Peoples Vetche ( the Russian version of the House of
Representatives ) was planned for October 3. Notice of this event was
dutifully filed a month and a half in advance. The time and the place of
such a session was coordinated with the government authorities.
Nevertheless, this event was banned on October 2.

On that day, I happened to be among half a million demonstrators who were
moving from Kalujskaya Square toward the White House. The demonstration was lead by deputy G. Urajtsev. Initially, we planned to hold a meeting near the Kremlin wall. Yet instead of stopping the column on the approaches to the Red Square, Urajtsev led it directly to the Krimskiy bridge.

OMON ( Special Police Detachment ) troops, positioned on the Krimskiy bridge, shot some tear gas into the crowd and retreated. They yielded to people in order to stir up their passions. Coordination between OMON and Urajtsev was obvious to an experienced eye. Demonstrators quietly proceeded to march along Sadovoye Circle, passed Smolenskaya Square, Arbat, finally reaching Kalininskiy prospect. That's where they turned toward the White House. It was already nearly 4 p.m.. Looking through the windows of the White House, deputies waved their hands welcoming us.

When we finally reached the White House, someone opened fire on the column from the direction of City Hall, killing two policemen. Such an audacious provocation outraged everyone as it was clear that the death of the policemen would be attributed to the defenders of the Supreme Soviet.

I climbed on the balcony of the White House where five military men and
several deputies had already gathered. They took turns checking out the
City Hall and the hotel Mir through binoculars. They were looking for the
place from which the fire had come. Soon they located the scum hiding
behind a window pane on the upper floor of the hotel Mir. His machine gun could be seen clearly through binoculars.

We’ve got to nail the bastard, I told the guys around me. How? We do
not have a single sharp-shooting rifle, someone replied. All our
submachine guns were fitted with shortened barrels effective only in the
shooting range from 20 to 30 meters. If we had had at least one real
Kalashnikov, we could have taken that sleaze bag out right then and there.

That day, I returned home after midnight. A telephone message from my
District Council was waiting for me -- a new session was scheduled for
tomorrow at 9 a.m. In the morning on the October 4, however, I discovered that the building of my District Council had been taken over by OMON. On what legal basis? It turned out that all other offices of the opposition deputies had been also occupied during the night on orders from the government. Then I went to the White House to find out what was going on.

I arrived on the bridge around 11:00 a.m., and observed a large crowd of
peaceful citizens had already gathered there. A machine gun set on the roof of the building No. 19, along the New Arbat street, was firing at them. I decided not to risk my life needlessl,y and turned back to Chaikovskaya street. Around noon,a sniper began shooting at passersby from the rooftop of the house located across the street from the American Embassy. Obviously that spot was deliberately chosen to give the foreign gentlemen a better view of the gory spectacle. It enabled them to see the bloody face of the opposition close up.

Policemen swarmed around the building shooting from their short-barreled
machine guns. Yet nobody surrounded the building, and nobody even tried to capture the sniper. That means that the whole affair was again nothing but a show played out on the real life stage of Moscow streets...

Olga's Story

Olga P.: We spent most of the night of October 4 sitting around a wood
fire. By 6 a.m., only three of us still remained there: Yuriy, a 15
year-old boy from the Communist Youth League, and we, two women. The rest
of the group melted away. Some had gone inside the building to warm up;
some to have a short nap. In the neighboring tents, there were several
other Communist Youth League girls from Kaluga.

A sudden pop broke the morning stillness. ( I took it just for a snap as I
did not know yet what a sniper shot sounds like ) . In front of my eyes,
Zinaida, who sat next to me, began disintegrating into a bloody mess.
While my consciousness could not yet fully grasp what was happening so
close to me, the sight of so much blood caused animal fear in me.

The boy, Yuriy, jumped to his feet and ran for cover toward a building.
Instinctively, I followed him. The pops began sounding in rapid succession from all directions. Suddenly, running ahead of me, Yuriy jerked and fell flat on his face. I ran up to him and noticed a small bullet hole on the back of his coat. The building was only 30 meters away, and I wanted to lift him up and help him to carry on toward it. When I turned him around I saw a huge gaping bloody wound in his chest. To be exact, there was practically no chest left. Indescribable horror overwhelmed me. I dashed aside, fell, then ran to the White House again. I do not remember how I reached it. The sniper was shooting from the residential building No.: 11 on the Drujinnikovskaya street.

An Old Man's Story

A 70 year-old witness, who lives close to the White House, across the
street from Krasnaya Presnya stadium, testified as to the following:

The night between October 3 and 4, 1993, we could not even think of
sleeping. Both I and my wife were looking through the window of our second story apartment. We saw a man trying to run away captured and executed in cold blood inside a personnel carrier. All night long, troops in uniforms were chasing and shooting the people who attempted to escape from the White House.

In the morning of October 4, while walking out with my dog, I counted
eighteen ( 18 ) dead bodies in our yard. In the following 10 days,we observed strange activities taking place inside the stadium. By the morning of October 4, authorities had closed the entrance gates to the stadium. On that and all other days, tanks kept driving in circles, and water tank cars were moving in and out. What that meant I can only guess. Ask those who live on the upper floors.

An Alpha Soldier's Story

Suddenly a soldier approached the fire around which we were sitting, Ms.
Raduga, the Russian journalist, said. He introduced himself as being from
the special forces group Alpha. For a while he stayed silent, but by the
morning, he also joined the general conversation.

I am telling you this because I am flying out today anyway. There was very extensive destruction within walls of the White House. The tanks shot fougasse shells, which means that their detonators were set to go off inside the building. I counted 300 bodies in the parts of the White House that I could see myself.

I figure that another 500 to 600 people were executed against the stadium
walls. In my position of a rank-and-file soldier, I estimate that the
overall number of people murdered is between 1,500 and 2,000.

[Interesting, isn't it, how this jives with the figure which that Belgrade writer used? TiM Ed.]

The morning of October 4, I saw the deputies and others captured with them in White House being arrested and crowded together. It should be noted here, that they ( Yeltsin's troops ) did not execute just anyone captured in the White House, but separated them first into groups. At the stadium wall they executed only the officers of the Army, the Cossacks, and the officers and rank-and-file policemen who took the side of the people. The same fate also befell those who took part in the fighting in Prednestrovye and other hot points.

In such a tumult, without a master roll in the executioners' hands, it
would not have been possible to separate those people for immediate
execution so fast. That means that the list with the names of the White
House defenders, and generally of everyone inside the building, had been
passed outside long before the storming began. The White House leadership
betrayed the people who trusted them even before the actual events took
place. That treason doomed the best patriots of Russia to death!

Also, various military detachments conducted themselves quite differently. Memorize it and inform whoever you can that an exceptionally savage behavior was displayed by the OMONs of cities of Vladimir, Omsk, and Tomsk. With similar savagery also acted Taman division and some other detachment called PPS No.:2. I do not know how to spell it out but that unit is quartered close to Lefortovo.

Sankt Peterburg and Moscow OMONs took a different stance and refused to
take part in the executions. I watched three members of the Tomsk OMON
execute two 17 year old girls on one of the White House floors. My friend and I finished them off on the spot...

And in general, there were plenty of those who enjoyed the savagery. If it were not for our group Alpha, I doubt that, aside from the deputies, anyone would have been left alive. The bandits feared us.

I continue to gather evidence, is how Ms. Raduga signed off her report.

[TiM Ed]: So could something like this happen in America? You bet.

Who was the first world leader to give Yeltsin his full and immediate
support for the Red October II massacre? ( Answer: Bill Clinton ) . Didn't the FBI assault at Waco follow less than six months later? Hasn't our government been trying to disarm Americans, the Second Amendment
notwithstanding? Aren't they now using the Jonesboro, AK, juvenile
killings as another opportunity to put the guns on trial, rather than our
Hollywood-induced violent society?

Just as importantly - why has no western media outlet ( as far as this
writer is aware ) ever reported the full story of Moscow's Red October II? Such as the snipers' killing of two policemen so as to blame the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, and later justify a turkey shoot of civilians and occupants of the Russian White House? Why didn't they tell us in this land of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press, about the presence of foreign mercenaries who took part in the massacre of the Russian people? Or about the summary, and later, mass executions at the Red Presnya stadium?

And even if the media were too skittish or subservient to the NWO elite to tell us the full truth in the pitch of battle, where were the western
correspondents when 50,000 people gathered at this Moscow stadium 40 days
later for an all-night wake on Nov. 13, 1993? Where have the famed western investigative reporters been since that time?

Did they withhold the full truth about the Red October II from us to keep us, the American lambs, dumbed-down and ignorant so when our turn for slaughter comes we'd be just as unprepared as the Russian patriots were?

If so, now you know why we felt it was important for America and the world to know what really happened in Moscow in October 1993. And to realize that the same people are still in charge of both the Russian and the American governments.

Bob Djurdjevic

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:35
EJ (tolerant1, Nick, ANOTHER, et al) ID#45173:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Another informative evening. I go to bed feeling good about 1/3 stocks, 1/3 gold, 1/3 cash strategy. As tolerant1 says, inflation, deflation, stagflation, or more of the same... who knows. Since the start of the year, I am 25% up in stocks, 7% up in gold, and of course running at money market rates in cash. So far so good. Next week I put more of my stock profits into gold. No more Maple Leafs, tho.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:34
bernatz du ventadorm (RJ - If you ever need to find ANOTHER) ID#182192:
He hangs out down at the 7/11 where I work.
Buys Marlboro Lights and Duncan Heinz frosting

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:33
Ted (I miss Another---------------*go Gold*) ID#330175:
when he's here,eh~~~~~~~~

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:32
Hardguy2 (@EJ, Please forgive my typos') ID#399119:
and spelling, I wish Bart could graft spell-check to the site

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:32
bernatz du ventadorm (John Disney - This is the last time I will ever) ID#182192:
direct a post at you until the next time I direct a
post at you.

Since you have so much leeway with Bart as far
as calling people retarded and such and hiding
behind handles, do you think you could lobby
him to change my handle to John Disney's
Bi-Curious, Smelly Best Friend?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:31
Ted (Aurator............& Swans Island is only 30 days away-----* go gold*---*go Dow*) ID#330175:
G'Day's been alooong day,huh...finished the daily-walk by 8 AM---and YOU know the rest of the story,eh....Looks like we got about 5-6 inches of snow today but I'm sure summer is right around the corner...Lookin forward to livin on a 'country road' again!...

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:29
Hardguy2 (@EJ, I'm interested in the facts) ID#399119:
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I seem to recall that the FED provided the money and low rates, but the banks would not lend it! We now have such a massive Govt., compared to then, with in-place direct Federal beureau, loan programs. MORE FEDERAL CONTROL will result. In disregard of the 10th amandment and all powers not granted being reserved to the states, and the People.I urge ALL to stock up on PM's, Food, defensive tools & ammo, ect. If nothing much happens; no harm done, if it gets crazy; you'll thank the Lord you were ready. Above all cultivate the emotional and mental attitude to SURVIVE AND YOU AND YOURS WILL. with-out the mind-set you are lambs, and it only takes one wolf to decimate a flock.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:26
RJ (...........) ID#411259:


I will miss you for a time, yes?

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:25
Ted (Poorboys ...& who are we really dealin with) ID#330175:
huh.....Can't beat a late-night fix of another,eh....I feel a nightmare comin on...

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Copyright © 1998 GOLDEN CHEESEHEAD/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Part of his final statement at the Asia Summit 2 Conference in London! Heilige! How's this gonna' play in Washington DC, not to mention Tokyo, Seoul, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong etc! I'll bet AG, Rubin and Camdessus are sweatin' bullets big time now! In effect Japan is telling the world, you either ante up BILLIONS MORE US BUCKS, Deutschmarks and Pounds or flush Asia down the toilet! We either can't or won't do it by ourselves! $30,000 gold may be the LEAST of our problems before this mess sorts itself out!

PS HERR DWARF--I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT! Yeh! Herr Goldener Kaesekopf! Danke sehr mein Herr!!

PS HERR POLARBEAR--LIHIR's latest quarterly report can be found by simply typing in the LIHIR symbol ( LIHRY ) on the quote line of MY YAHOO! and scrolling past the day's detailed trading activity to recent news reports on the stock. I think you would find it well worth your while to read the most recent quarterly report and the unique qualities of LIHIR island which makes it quite unique in the world! Fascinating stuff! Also VENGOLD
( VENGF ) which owns 10.4% of LIHIR has an interesting history of the mine on its website with pictures of the operation at! Thanks for responding to my request and keep us abreast of any major changes in your chart! Danke schoen!

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robnoel__A (G_NUTZ,very funny... WebTV $ don't freeze, it don't crash) ID#411112:

it dont cost big bucks...almost as good as a MAC

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:24
aurator (Swans Island ) ID#255284:
ANOTHER day of food-fights at kitco?
What's gold going to do now? I'm living in contrarian city - AUckland sure miss the sound of cows farting.

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RJ (..... The past is there .....) ID#411259:
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Posted from a self professed Hard Fella' this night.

Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 22:50

Hardguy2 ( @ clone, RE: the direction of the posts ) ID#399119:

My opinion was stated 20:01 today, I think that compliance to this sites rules is in order. the need to shun BOOR'S is necessary and proper. Maybe Bart should privately ( or publicly ) re-state the rules emphatically to those who have de-evolved to adolescent invective and non-productive wasting of band-width, and just block their access after suitable warnings.


Date: Sat Apr 04 1998 20:01

Hardguy2 ( @ALL, & BART, RE: BERNATZ, I'm tired of this child, ) ID#399119:

I wish to point out the discussion group guidelines we all must have read and tacitly agreed to, by posting here. Please, All, re-read the THINGS TO AVOID points # 3 & 4, then the final guideline: What to do when somebody breaks the DON’T rules; IGNORE THE REMARKS………..

Is this the same guy who posted this?

Date: Tue Mar 31 1998 01:27

Hardguy2 ( @ RJ, IMHO, Your arrogance is ) ID#399119:

only exceded by the crass smugness you've exibited in your many cheap shot comments that avoid real substance. I care about the human condition, our future, the future of our childrens children. Will they have Liberty? or Corporate Facism disguised as Democracy. Do you care?

Hardguy -

First, you misspelled exceeded, exhibited, children's, and fascism. Smugness does not appear as a conjugation in any dictionary I consulted.

It seems as if another crusader for cleaner laundry is found to have soiled undies.


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:23
G-Nutz (hey i know. whatever the dow peaks at, we should set the price of tha G-Muney.) ID#42365:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:22
Poorboys (Even Sleep is More Intersting) ID#224149:
POLARBEAR –Are you serious? Do you know whom you are dealing with? The killer of dead thought.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:15
Ted (Another------------------how's things in Newark) ID#330175:

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:14
Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:01
EJ ( ANOTHER: what do you expect as the timetable for the shift?

With or without the Euro, we will change in the next few years or less!

Money does never change, as do dreams of wealth
So we search for our future, but find out true worth from the past

I will be gone for a time.

Thank you

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:13
G-Nutz (robnoel...) ID#42365:
say man with all that gold you can buy a cputr one day maybe frum asia. maybe for a small 1/10 oz coin or so.. hheheehe a big phat P2-450 ( with MMX! of course ( hahahah ) ) and 2 Diamond Monster 3d 2's in an SLI config. ( cutting edge 3d cards new Voodoo2 chipset from 3dfx ( TDFX ) Ohhh man, games in 1024 x 768 at more than 100 Frames per second.. muh dream machine... quake, quake2, lotsa flying games.. 3d tech is comming along great..

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:13
tolerant1 (EJ - Hmmmmmmmmmmm) ID#373288:
Gold is real, paper is a risk. Silver is real, paper is risk. Nick pointed out some excellent thoughts in his post where he rearranged things. $7000.00 seems crazy right. Does DOW 9000 seem sane to you. I don't think so. Deflation, inflation, stagflation, disflation, who knows, which one, when, and what happens when they all start colliding in the same country and all over the world all at once.

America won't be the first or last country to revalue its currency overnight while its loyal citizens are sleeping.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:09
G-Nutz (-=Another=-) ID#42365:
U say Just Ahead... how far do you think.. ahead.

If Y2K ( sorry guyz bout runnin this into the ground ) is a real or percieved problem, could this be a catalyst for the change? or if its a non event, would it be a gradual trend toward a golden future. Chaos or the lifting of the fog..

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:08
John Disney__A (BAN THE BUM) ID#24135:
for Klepto-rat

Speaking of parallel universes ... please go to one.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:06
robnoel__A (G_NUTZ,it was tongue in cheek,just having a little fun,) ID#411112:


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:05
Interesting Times (Value) ID#423355:
ANOTHER, tolerent1, Alberich:

Paper money, we agree, has no 'intrinsic' value. Many on this forum think that gold does, but I am less certain. I would argue that the value of gold ( and of all other physical objects ) is *assigned* by the buyer and seller. The dollar for example has value because people think it does -- and nobody cares what it's made of.

If gold is to greatly gain value ( in terms of other assets ) this will result from a shift of perception. Such shifts have, of course happened many times before...


Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:03
John Disney__A ( Sport of KINGS ...) ID#24135:
For Polarbear ..
I have plenty info on Lihir. Ill post it after the
races are over.. I mean .. Im not just a pretty face.
Saturday and Sunday racing .. how ADVANCED can a
country GET

For Selby..
You seem to admire Klepto-rat. You can have him.

For klepto-rat.
Ive seen better handles than G-Nutz, but at least
he thought it up by himself. You had to steal yours..
For Junior
Drinking Grange Hermitage .. Like your attitude.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:02
bernatz du ventadorm (This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow) ID#182192:
Copyright © 1998 bernatz du ventadorm/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved
Panel 1: Imagine, if you will, an infinite number of parallel
universes -- each nearly identical to our own, yet
strangely divergent -- universes where this cartoon
features an auk rather than a penguin..or where the
Spice Girls promote Coke instead of Pepsi...

Panel 2: Now, imagine that residents of one universe are
sometimes unwittingly transposed with their counter-
parts in another! Most things would look the same to
these accidental tourists -- yet they would possess
memories of events which had not occurred in their
present universe!

Panel 3: For instance, consider Gary Aldrich -- the former
FBI agent who claims to have seen Hillary Clinton
decorating the White House Christmas tree with
sexual and drug-related paraphernalia...and maybe
he did -- in some parallel universe.

Panel 4: Or -- on the other hand -- consider the president
himself...perhaps his inability to adequately
explain his relationship with Monica Lewinsky is
due to the fact that there really wasn't one --
in his universe of origin, at least...

Panel 5: Of course, it's important to remember that it's
just a theory.
O.J caption: Well, it certainly sounds plausible to me
Marv Albert caption: I think it is a major breakthrough
in our scientific understanding!
Frank Gifford caption: Tom Tomorrow deserves a Nobel Prize
if you ask me..

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:01
EJ (ANOTHER: what do you expect as the timetable for the shift) ID#45173:
of the world monetary system from a dollar reserve currency to another form of currency based on gold? It seems to me if it is over a period of less than 20 years, the impact will be severe for the West.

Date: Sun Apr 05 1998 00:01
G-Nutz (eh?) ID#42365:
robnoel: neversaid i wanted webtv guys out, just was thinkin bout a realtime thing but said it wouldnt benefit them...

bernatz: sorry hidin behind a nick such as mine ( Gold-NuTz ) but.. anyways didnt suggest a belief system, just wonderin why you whine whine whine... noone else does.

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