Barron's Gold Mining Index - BGMI - Long Term Gold Index Chart .:.

Seven decades of recorded price history found in the Barron's Gold Mining Index

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Barrons Historical Database
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Economic Growth & Investment
Durable ManufacturingS/TermLog
Capacity UtilizationS/Term
GDP % ChangeS/TermL/Term
Industrial Total OutputS/TermL/TermLog
NonDurable ManufacturingS/TermLog
Personal IncomeS/TermLog
All Fixed InvestmentS/TermL/TermLog
Non-Residential InvestmentS/TermL/TermLog
Residential InvestmentS/TermL/TermLog
Electric PowerS/TermL/TermLog
Petroleum Daily RunsS/TermLog
Petroleum Related CapacityS/TermL/TermLog
Rotary Rigs RunningS/TermL/TermLog
US Business BarometerS/Term
Steel Rated CapacityS/TermL/Term
Electric & Gas UtilitiesS/TermLog
Consumption & Distribution
Autos, Domestic Units SoldS/TermLog
Autos, Import Units SoldS/TermLog
Business SalesS/TermLog
Consumer SpendingS/TermLog
Durable GoodsS/TermLog
Factory ShipmentsS/TermLog
Instinet RedbookS/Term
Light Trucks, Domestic UnitsS/TermLog
Light Trucks, Import UnitsS/TermLog
New Home SalesS/TermLog
Personal ConsumptionS/TermL/TermLog
Retail Store SalesS/TermL/TermLog
Wholesale SalesS/TermLog
Business InventoriesS/TermLog
Domestic Crude Oil InventoriesS/TermL/TermLog
Factory InventoriesS/TermLog
Gasoline InventoriesS/TermL/TermLog
Inventory-To-Sales RatioS/Term
Wholesale InventoriesS/TermLog
Durable GoodsS/TermLog
Factory Orders, BacklogS/TermLog
New Factory OrdersS/TermLog
Nondurable Goods OrdersS/TermLog
ISM Manufacturing IndexS/TermL/Term
Balance Of Payments, ServicesS/Term
Balance of Payments, GoodsS/Term
JOC-ECRI Industrial Price IndexS/Term
Consumer Price IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Gross Domestic Product DeflatorS/Term
Producer Price IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Rate Of Inflation (Annual)S/Term
Civil Labor ForceS/TermL/TermLog
Employment Cost IndexS/Term
All Non-Farm PayrollsS/TermL/TermLog
Government PayrollsS/TermL/TermLog
Goods Prod PayrollsS/TermL/TermLog
Help Wanted IndexS/TermLog
Initial Jobless ClaimsS/TermLog
Service PayrollsS/TermL/TermLog
Unemployment RateS/TermL/Term
Avg Duration UnemployS/TermL/TermLog
Building ContractsS/TermLog
Total Construction SpendingS/TermLog
New Housing PermitsS/TermLog
New Housing StartsS/TermL/TermLog
Non-Residential BuildingS/TermLog
Public BuildingS/TermLog
Residential BuildingS/TermLog
Consumer ConfidenceS/Term
Federal Reserve
Gold Stock (Mils $)S/TermL/Term
Gold Stock (Mils Oz)S/TermL/Term
Bought OutrightS/TermL/TermLog
Total Fed CreditS/TermL/TermLog
Currency In CirculationS/TermL/TermLog
Feds FloatS/Term
FR Members ReservesS/TermL/TermLog
Foreign Holdings Of US DebtS/TermLog
Total ReservesS/TermL/TermLog
NonBorrowed ReservesS/Term
Required ReservesS/TermL/TermLog
Excess ReservesS/TermL/TermLog
Borrowed ReservesS/Term
Free ReservesS/Term
Money Market FundsS/TermLog
National Public DebtS/TermL/TermLog
Personal DebtS/TermL/TermLog
Money Supply
M1 SAS/TermLog
M2 SAS/TermLog
M1 NSAS/TermLog
M2 NSAS/TermLog
1 Year Treasury BillsS/TermLog
2 Year Treasury NotesS/TermLog
3 Year Treasury NotesS/TermLog
5 Year Treasury NotesS/TermLog
10 Year Treasury NotesS/TermLog
20 Year Treasury BondsS/TermLog
30-Year Treasury BondsS/TermLog
Discount Rate (NY)S/TermL/TermLog
Prime Rate (Base)S/TermL/TermLog
Fed Funds RateS/TermL/TermLog
Broker Call RateS/TermL/TermLog
Bankers Acceptances 3mS/TermL/TermLog
Prime Rates CanadaS/TermLog
Prime Rates GermanyS/TermLog
Prime Rates JapanS/TermLog
Prime Rates SwitzerlandS/TermLog
Prime Rates BritainS/TermLog
Freddie Mac Home Loan 30yS/TermLog
Best Grade BondsS/TermL/TermLog
Intermediate Grade BondsS/TermL/TermLog
Confidence IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Lehman T-Bond Index S/TermLog
Lehman US Credit IndexS/TermLog
Bond Buyer 20 Bond IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Bond Buyer Municipal IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Stock/Bond Yield GapS/TermL/Term
DJ Corp Bond IndexS/TermLog
DJ Corp Bond Index YieldS/TermLog
Consensus - Bullish OpinionS/Term
AAII Index - BullishS/Term
AAII Index - BearishS/Term
AAII Index - NeutralS/Term
Market Vane - BullishS/Term
Market Vane - T-BondsS/Term
Market Vane - Euro$S/Term
Consensus Inc - T-BondsS/Term
Consensus Inc - Euro$S/Term
Consensus Inc - EuroFXS/Term
Barrons50 Index
B50 Average Price IndexS/TermL/TermLog
B50 Projected Quarterly EarnS/TermL/Term
B50 Annualized Projected EarnS/TermL/Term
B50 Annualized Projected P/ES/TermL/Term
B50 Year-End EarnS/TermL/TermLog
B50 Year-End P/ES/TermL/TermLog
B50 Year-End Earn Yield, %S/TermL/TermLog
B50 Bond Yields/Stock Ylelds, %S/TermL/TermLog
B50 Actual Year-End DivsS/TermL/TermLog
B50 Actual Year-End Divs Yleld, %S/TermL/TermLog
DJ Industrial Average
DJ Ind AvgS/TermL/TermLog
DJ Ind Avg P/E RatioS/TermL/Term
DJ Ind Avg EarningsS/TermL/Term
DJ Ind Avg Div Yield %S/TermL/TermLog
DJ Ind Avg Mkt To BookS/TermLog
DJ Transport Average
DJ Trans AvgS/TermL/TermLog
DJ Trans Avg P/E RatioS/TermL/Term
DJ Trans Avg EarningsS/TermL/Term
DJ Trans Avg Div Yield %S/TermL/TermLog
DJ Trans Avg Mkt To BookS/TermLog
DJ Utility Average
DJ Utility AvgS/TermL/TermLog
DJ Utility Avg P/E RatioS/Term
DJ Utility Avg EarningsS/TermL/Term
DJ Utility Avg Div Yield %S/TermL/TermLog
DJ Utility Avg Mkt To BookS/TermLog
S&P 500 Index
S&P 500 IndexS/TermL/TermLog
S&P 500 Index P/E RatioS/TermL/TermLog
S&P 500 Index EarningsS/TermL/TermLog
S&P 500 Index Div Yield %S/TermL/TermLog
S&P 500 Index Mkt To BookS/TermLog
Barron's Gold Mining IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Gold, Troy OunceS/TermL/TermLog
Silver, Troy OunceS/TermL/TermLog
S&P Ind IndexS/TermL/TermLog
Nasdaq CompositeS/TermLog
Russell 1000S/TermLog
Russell 2000S/TermLog
Russell 3000S/TermLog
Russell ValueS/TermLog
Russell GrowthS/TermLog
NYSE AdvancesS/TermL/TermLog
NYSE DeclinesS/TermL/TermLog
NYSE UnchangedS/TermL/TermLog
NYSE New HighsS/TermL/Term
NYSE New LowsS/TermL/Term
Nasdaq AdvancesS/TermLog
Nasdaq DeclinesS/TermLog
Nasdaq UnchangedS/TermLog
Nasdaq New HighsS/Term
Nasdaq New LowsS/Term
NYSE VolumesS/TermL/TermLog
30 Dow Inds VolumesS/TermL/TermLog
20 Dow Trans VolumesS/TermL/TermLog
15 Dow Utils VolumesS/TermL/TermLog
Nasdaq VolumesS/TermLog
Weekly VolumeS/TermLog
Member Activity
Specialist BuyingS/TermLog
Specialist SellingS/TermLog
Floor Trader BuyingS/Term
Floor Trader SellingS/Term
Other Member BuyingS/TermLog
Other Member SellingS/TermLog
Total Member BuyingS/TermLog
Total Member SellingS/TermLog
Short Sales
Floor TradersS/Term
Other MembersS/TermLog
Customers Odd Lot Activity
NYSE Margin
Customers' Margin DebtS/TermL/TermLog
Customers' Credit BalancesS/TermLog
Free Credit Cash AccountsS/TermLog
SP500 Earnings/Gold Ratio L/Term

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